from anne frank: the diary of a young girl vocabulary

From Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Vocabulary

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Slide 2 From Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Vocabulary Slide 3 Superb: of unusually high quality The pasta carbonara that I ordered at Olive Garden was superb. Slide 4 Restless: never still or quiet While waiting in the doctors office, the young boy became restless. Slide 5 Affectionate: showing loving, fond feelings for someone Most parents are affectionate towards their children. Slide 6 Reigns: rules or controls In early America, the King of England reigned over the colonies. Slide 7 Incessantly: without stopping Micaela talks incessantly about Justin Bieber! Slide 8 Latter: the second of two things mentioned Given the choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, I prefer the latter. Slide 9 Circumstances : the way someone lives You should not make judgments about another person; you may not know his or her circumstances. Slide 10 Stifled: choked or smothered The young girl felt that if she couldnt write down her feelings, she would be stifled. Slide 11 Misunderstand: take in a wrong way Did you misunderstand what the math problem was asking you to do ? Slide 12 Affected: false; used to impress others In my opinion, most school fights are affected. Slide 13 Harmony: agreement My husband and I get along so well because our personalities are harmonious. Slide 14 Adolescent: a teenager or young person I hope that some of Joeys silly behaviors are due to him being an adolescent. Slide 15 Prejudiced: having an unfair opinion In our society, there are people who continue to show prejudice against those with different beliefs. Slide 16 Exaggerate: make something greater or more serious than it really is In order to stay home from school, Susie often exaggerates her symptoms. Slide 17 Adroit: skillful When having construction work done on your home, it is ideal to have an adroit contractor to ensure that the work will be done correctly. Slide 18 Innermost: most personal; deepest I write about my innermost thoughts and feelings in my journal. Slide 19 Waver: be unsure When I saw the opposing team practicing before the game, my confidence in my own abilities began to waver. Slide 20 Cherished: kept fondly in mind I keep all of the cards and pictures I have received from my children in a special box to cherish when they are older. Slide 21 Misery: great pain Many Jewish people endured misery and suffering at the hand of Adolf Hitler. Many Jewish people endured misery and suffering at the hand of Adolf Hitler. Slide 22 Cruelty: something that causes pain or suffering Bullying causes others to suffer cruelty and abuse unnecessarily. Slide 23 Tranquility: calmness; peace Listening to waves crash against the shore gives me a feeling of tranquility. Slide 24 Uphold: maintain; keep It is the duty of law enforcement officers to uphold the law.