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This is a 15 year-old girl's diary about the process to purchase stuffs she needs including shoe jacket and prom dress.


Page 1: A Prom Girl Diary

A Prom Girl Diary

Page 2: A Prom Girl Diary

Dear diary,Today I am so excited. Because my Mom bought you for me and she Told me that I can write anything I Like. Suddenly I realize that I haveSome thing in common with CarrieWho become a famous writer and Have a happy family in the future.But I am happier than her that I haveA dear mother. Today is my 15th birthday. And three Moths later, I will have my first promNight.

Carrie’s black dress

and denim jacket

January 3,2013

Page 3: A Prom Girl Diary

Having seen Carrie’s cute and fashion Baby doll dress, I ask my mom if I Can buy such a dress. And she says Yes. So I just start to search…..

February 7,2013

I found my pump for that night.

My cutout black shoes

Page 4: A Prom Girl Diary

It is bought when mom and I goShopping together. It’s a sunnySaturday. When I saw this shoesAnd I fell in love with it. MomAlso like it for it’s simple designAnd reasonable price. But this is just our first step.

January12 ,2013

To save paper, I decide not to change Another page. Today is Sat. Still no Progress, start to search dress on web.

I still can’t save paper.

Page 5: A Prom Girl Diary

January17 ,2013

After school, I find this lying on my bed.

It’s a green denim jacket.

I even can’t believe my eyes.

How does mom know my

thought? Did she look my

diary?Mom says that she just knew

I want one jacket like this

when I asks her. Maybe

sometimes I can’t help

revealing my ideas to mom.

Anyway, it’s a wonderful


Page 6: A Prom Girl Diary

January22 ,2013

Everything goes well till today. ButI am still sad about not finding anySuitable prom dress. Even dad asksMe what kind of dress I want.“A black baby doll dress with a layer Organza on the down part.” I said That to him. But I am worrying whether he can understand that.

Hope …..


Still hope…..

Page 7: A Prom Girl Diary


Still hope…Mom start to go shopping especiallyFor my dress.

Do you see that dress? Isn’t

Perfect? Today when my dad

Show me a picture on one

site. I am excited to see this. And

When I ask him how can he

findSuch a dress, he says that

one of His colleague's daughter

bought a One dress from a online

shop. So When my dad was talking

about myDress problem, she just

suggest dad

To search that site. In a

words, I love My dad and

mom and this dress, too.


Page 8: A Prom Girl Diary


After talking with their customer Service worker, I make an order And tell them my size and Requirement about that dress.They will make my dress right away.

So I am just waiting for my dress.And since it’s a peak season for Prom, so I can receive my dress Around 30 days. They said that to Me. It’s okay for me. If there is anyProblem on the quality, color or size, I can return it with full refund. And then I have enough time to order another one.

Mom does this for me and the whole

Family.Kiss for her