FRM/EDPD/552 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS 46i4 ?· may 2017 . frm/edpd/552 . caribbean examinations council…

Download FRM/EDPD/552 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS 46i4 ?· may 2017 . frm/edpd/552 . caribbean examinations council…

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May 2017 FRM/EDPD/552 C A R I B B E A N E X A M I N A T I O N S C O U N C I L CARIBBEAN SECONDARY EDUCATION CERTIFICATE SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET FOR SOCIOLOGY UNIT 1 NAME OF CENTRE: __________________________________ CENTRE CODE: _____________YEAR OF EXAM: ________ NAME OF CANDIDATE: _______________________________ CANDIDATES REGISTRATION NUMBER: ______________ TOPIC OF ASSIGNMENT: _____________________________________________________________________________ Projects Teachers Mark RESEARCH PROJECT SECTION ONE Introduction (5 marks) (a) Background (b) Definition of Research Problem Aims and Objectives of Study (5 marks) Literature Review (8 marks) Communication of Information (2 Marks) RESEARCH PROJECT SECTION TWO The Research Design/Plan (4 Marks) The Sociological Perspective (3 Marks) The Sample/Selection of Subjects to be Studied (3 Marks) Data Collection: Instruments/Techniques (3 Marks) RESEARCH PROJECT SECTION THREE Presentation of Findings (5 Marks) Analysis of Findings (8 Marks) Communication of Information (2 Marks) RESEARCH PROJECT SECTION FOUR Discussion of Findings and Conclusion (7 Marks) Bibliography (3 Marks) Communication of information (2 Marks) Penalty for Exceeding Length Specifications (-10% of Cand. Score) Total May 2017 M1* M2* M3* TOTAL SCORE (60 Marks) * To determine Module Scores, divide Total Score by three. No fractional scores are to be used. If there is a remainder of one mark, allocate it to Module 1; if there is a remainder of two marks; allocate one mark to Module 2 and one mark to Module 3. Teachers Signature**: ________________________________ Date: _________________________ ** Please note that there is a choice to either print and then manually sign this form or the next option is to digitally sign the form when the Teachers Signature field is clicked. It should be noted, however, that once the signature has be digitally created in the field, it cannot be removed and therefore it is strongly suggested that a blank copy is saved for further use. Also please note, that if you create a digital signature, it generates a signature file on your PC that can be used to sign other editable PDF forms. Name of Centre: Centre Code: Year of Exam: Name of Candidate: Candidate's Reg No: Topic of Assignment: Introduction: Aims: Lit Review: S1: Communication: Research Design: Sociological Pers: Sample Subjects: Data Collection: Presentation: Analysis: S3: Communication: Discussion: Bibliography: S4: Communication: Penalty: Initial Total: 0Mod 1: Mod 2: Mod 3: Total Score: 0Date:


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