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Samantha Brown and Kate Taylor, CAADA South West Regional Group: Digital comms for less



2. About CAADACAADA is a national domestic abuse charity working to save lives bytransforming the way victims are supported.We provide practical help to support professionals and organisationsworking with domestic abuse victims. Our aim is to protect the highest riskvictims and their children those at risk of murder or serious harm.Our goals:To work in partnership with professionals and organisations to: Halve the number of victims experiencing high risk domestic abuse from 100,000 to 50,000. Halve the average time it takes victims to seek help from 5 years to 2.5 years. 3. About CAADAOur approach: Second tier no direct service provision to victims Funding = statutory grants and fee income B2B marketing v important, voluntary fundraising not Move towards local commissioning of stat funded programmes over the next 3 yearsOur audiences: Local commissioners National and local policy makers Domestic abuse sector organisations and professionals Multi-agency public and voluntary sector professionals (police, social workers, health workers, housing, drug and alcohol etc) 4. About CAADACommunication and digital challenges:Policy focussed = dry and theoretical subject matterWebsite uses web 1.0 static html web pages edited through Dreamweaver - v retro (not in a good way!)No ability to upload images or video on our current websiteNo funding for new website and very limited digital marketing budgetNo CRMThe solution? Use free / low cost digital tools to build engagement and market ourservices in the interim Produce a digital strategy to shape future approach Apply for funding using strategy as evidence of thinking 5. Digital Marketing Lifecycle Source: 6. Digital Assets - SEM Search Engine Marketing (Paid & Natural) Google Adwords (free charity grant) What we are using it forBuilding website trafficMixed paid and unpaid BenefitsMost common source of trafficFree / Low costs Tip: Link your adwords and your analytics, particularly around goal tracking 7. Digital Assets - Website Website What we are using it forEducate audience about who we areand what services we offerPromotion and marketingInformation and support for yourcustomersImprove customer relationships Benefits 24 hour global presence Builds customer confidence 100% CAADA brand 8. Digital Assets - Blogs Blogs - Wordpress What we are using it forProviding relevant and up-to-datecontent to readersProviding content that integrates withother channelsProviding a forum for dialogue Benefits Low cost Ability to position ourselves as thought leaders Community building Media and Public Relations Competitive differentiation SEO enhancement Brand building 9. Digital Assets Email Email Marketing Mailchimp Up to 2000 subscribers, 12000 emails free. What we are using it forSegmented and tailored marketingcommunicationsPolicy and news announcements Benefits Low cost Personalized/targeted Quick to deploy and receive response Measurable results Opt-in or unsubscribe options (focus only on interested parties) High sales conversion, including repeat sales, up-selling and cross- selling Tip: Have HTML templates designed and developed 10. Digital Assets - Social Social Facebook, Twitter What we are using it forProviding relevant up-to-date content to audienceAs a forum for dialogue and feedbackBuilding or expanding our online communityBuilding integrated product/service marketing andbranding effortsProvide content that is integrated with otheronline channels Benefits Direct conversation Connecting to peers Community building Media and Public Relations Ability to demonstrate thought leadership SEO enhancement Brand building Tip: Sharing news articles is a quick and easy way to communicate with your sector. 11. ContentTypes of Content Research Briefings Interviews News from the sector Policy updatesBenefitsDemonstration of thought leadershipPoint of differenceLead generationShortening the sales cycle through listsubscriptionsBetter search engine rankingsTip: Use Add-this or Share-This buttons onyour pages. 12. Benefits of AnalyticsAnalytics can inform your digital strategy byimproving your understanding of your audiencein the following ways: what content they like what devices they like to view it on conversion rates (so that you can work toimprove them!) where you are losing customers which channels perform best for which activity 13. AnalyticsEvent Tracking 14. AnalyticsEvent Tracking 15. AnalyticsOverall Conversions by Channel (Custom Report) 16. AnalyticsAssisted Conversions (Multi-Channel Funnel Report) 17. AnalyticsDevice Usage (Standard Report) 18. Looking AheadIdeas for the future include: New website! (optimised for multipledevices) Online course registration Video using animation Image library Social: Infographics, twitter feed forCAADA research Email marketing / CRM integration Private social networks Customer research Content curation 19. Contact 317 8750Kate TaylorDigital Marketing Executive, BrownHead of Communications,