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Presented a session at Tech Insights 2011 - Kuala Lumpur, malaysia on free tools from Microsoft to help you through assessment, deployment and managing of a Windows 7 migration.


  • 1. Twenty Windows ToolsYou Never Knew Existed..and more Raymond Chou Principal Consultant Redynamics Asia

2. Discover & ExplorePilot & Deploy Manage 3. Microsoft Assessment1& Planning ToolkitMicrosoft Application2 Compatibility ToolkitApplication Compatibilty3List for Windows4 Application CompatibiltyList for Internet Explorer 4. Microsoft Deployment 56DISM ToolToolkitWindows Deployment7 Windows AIK 8 ServicesInternet ExplorerInternet Explorer910Administration Kit Compatibility TestVolume Activation Security Compliance11 12 Management Tool 2.0 Toolkit 13 Internet Explorer Deployment Blocker 5. Problem Steps 14 Recorder Windows 15Troubleshooting16PowerShell17Resource Monitor Data Encryption Toolkit19Network Access Windows Performance 1820ProtectionAnalysis 6. Questions & Answers