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Create random Valentine's from youth responses.


  • 1. Fractured ValentinesCreate random Valentinesfrom youth responses.

2. Game MaterialsA Valentine Design 3. Game ObjectiveCreate random Valentinesfrom youth 4. CreativeHolidayIdeas.comGame PreparationBefore the party, design a crazy-looking valentine, listing four partsto the message: (Be sure to leave plenty of space between the lines.Youll want to experiment with different valentine designs andchoose the one that works best. See the example in the next slide.) 5. 1. Dear2. I want you to be myvalentine because3. The thing I like most aboutyou is4. Love, 6. Game Play1. At the party. hand out theblank valentines and instructeveryone to write his or hername in blank 1.2. Then fold and tape the topover his or her name. It isimportant that no one sees 7. 3. Valentines are then gathered and randomly redistributed.4. Everyone fills in blank 2 with a funny message. Fold down the top to cover blank 8. 5. Gather and randomly redistribute again6. Everyone then fills in blank 3 and signs his or her name in blank 9. 7. Gather all valentines.8. Read the valentines aloud to the group. Be alert to edit any portions of the valentine that might be embarrassing or inappropriate to the 10. For More Holiday Ideas Visit our page at