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  • 1. Valentines Day
    Customs and Symbols

2. Love is STRONG
Let me squeeze the love right out of you.
3. February 14th
Valentines Day is on February 14th.
The picture to your left looks like it says 74 instead of 14
4. St. Valentine
Saint Valentine was murdered on February 14th between AD 269 and263.
5. Wall Calendar
These children are marking Valentines Day on a calendar.
These children only want candy so the dentist will give them new toothbrushes.
You can tell how much a child is loved by how many cavities he/she has.
6. Valentines Day Card
This Valentines Day card is pink
It has two hearts on it.
Someone will sign the card, put it in the envelope, and give it to a special person.
I didnt get you a card.
7. Cards are made of paper
More on Cards

  • Paper factories pollute the environment

8. Paper comes from trees 9. Greeting cards pollute the environment and kill trees