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Valentine Valentines Day in the U.S.

Susan Lopez Departamento De Ingles

-St. Valentines Day/Valentines Day -Celebrated Febuary 14th -The holiday of love and friendship

-How it started is unknown -There were many Christian Saints named Valentine -Not sure how the day became associated with love.

-One legend says that Saint Valentine was a Christian priest -He lived when Roman Emperor Claudius II was in power

Emperor Claudius Saint Valentine

-Claudius made a law making marriage illegal. -He believed that marriage made weaker soldiers -He felt this would make his army stronger.

-Saint Valentine believed marriage was a holy right -He started performing secret marriage ceremonies -Claudius found out he threw him in jail to be executed.

-Valentine wrote a letter the night before his execution -It was to his secret love: the jailers daughter -It included a poem and he signed it your valentine

My heart is filled With what I feel for you, Im so glad I knew A love so true.

-This was the first valentine -Now Valentines Day is the day when people share their love

Valentines Day Sweets

Valentines Day Movies-Valentines Day Movies are very popular in the U.S. -One of the most popular came out last year -It was called Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Cards-Very popular! -You give them to everyone

-Very popular greeting card company in the U.S. -Sell paper cards and E-cards -Two of their most popular characters are Hoops andYoyo

E-Card: entines-day/hoops-yoyo-heart-sounds

Yoyo learns I love you:

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Review Questions1.)What is Hallmark? 2.)What are some of the things you see on Valentines Day? 3.)Who are Hoops and Yoyo? 4.)Who are Valentines cards for? 5.)What day is Valentines day celebrated on? 6.)Who was St. Valentine? 7.)Who was Claudius II?

The End

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