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NOLA Valentines:. Very Funny and Punny. You must have fallen into Jimmy Graham’s hands, because you are a perfect catch. —  @ allimacika. I must be Nagin , because I am guilty of loving you! —  @ mrszombieprom. CBD : Cuddles Before Dinner?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


NOLA Valentines:

NOLA Valentines:Very Funny and Punny You must have fallen into Jimmy Grahams hands, because you are a perfect catch.


I must be Nagin, because I am guilty of loving you!


CBD: Cuddles Before Dinner?

Be mine forever? Valentines Day is just lagniappe.


Without you Id parish.

Will you brees my valentine?


You have a heart of purple, green and gold.


Lets flirt de lis, valentine!

You make me ferry ferry happy.

I love you to doubloon and back.


All roads Algiers Point to you, Valentine.

Your world is my oyster.


My valentine wears black and gold.

Ill be your gal, if youll be my gumbo.


My love for you is a category 5.

Can I holla atchafalaya?


Im a Lucky Dog to have you by my side.


Is there a Mr. Maes?


Lets Neville be apart.

Will you K&B mine?


I never want Toulouse you.


I love you to Kenner and back.

Say sugar, will you beignet mine?


I only have Popeyes for you.

No levee can hold back our love.

Im Sucre-zy about you.


Id like to pinch your tail!

Youre the Besh thing thats ever happened to me.


Youre one in a bouillon.

You cant Prytania dont love me.


Theres no neutral ground for how I feel about you.

You showed me how to fil-gain.


Below sea level but on cloud nine.

I love you a muffulotta.

You make my heart Abitafaster.


I cant spell Tchoupitoulas without u.

My love for you burns brighter than a flambeaux.


I would take you home to mama & dem.

Lets get bonnet carried away.

One look at you and Im randazzled.

Our love is off the Chartres.


You and I are thicker than a roux.


Youre first in my second line.

Our love is hotter than Tabasco.

Youll always be at the Smoothie King Center of my heart.


Will you Marigny me?


You can always praline on me, Valentine.

What would I fais do do without you?

Even Bob couldnt Breck us apart.

Be my Manning.


Will you be Plaquemines?

You are Boutte-ful.

You fill the pothole in my heart.

My love for you blossoms like a dozen tchoupitoulips.


LaPlace or mine?


Id like to bayou dinner and a movie.

Love is a Tulane street between Harmony and Desire.


Youre sweeter than condensed milk on a snowball.

My heart is where yat.

You are the red beans to my rice.

Will you be my krewe du boo?

Will you a gris-gris to be my valentine?


Zulu know how much I love you?


Happy Valentines Day, you guys! I hope its LOVEly! My treat for you today is that you will not be having a quiz. Youre welcome

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