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Football UpdateJune 25, 2015FACA Fall Sports Summer Conference

Football Advisory Committee MembersSection 1 Yusef Shakir Lincoln Section 3 Chuck Kenyon Martin CountySection 1 Jarrod Hickman Florida HighSection 3 Bill Kramer NaplesSection 2 Darrell Sutherland Bartram TrailSectoin 4 Dan Marguriet TaravellaSection 2 Stephen Field North MarionSection 4 Mike Rumph American HeritgateFACA Representative Randy Bethel

Congratulations to the 2015 State Champs1A Port St. Joe2A Victory Christian (Lakeland)3A Trinity Christian (Jacksonville)4A Booker T. Washington (Miami)5A American Heritage (Plantation)6A Miami Central7A St. Thomas Aquinas8A - Apopka

Important Dates for 2015First practice date - non contact (Week 6) Aug. 3First practice date - contact (Week 6) Aug. 8Preseason classic competitions (Week 8) Aug. 19-22EL7 & EL12 forms due to AD (Week 9) Aug. 2First regular season playing date (Week 9) Aug. 26-29Last district playing date (Week 18) Oct. 28-31District tiebreakers (Week 19) Nov. 2Official entry list due (Week 19) Nov. 2Last regular season playing date (Week 19) Nov. 4-7

Required Before Participation (By-Law 9)EL2 must be current within the past 365 days completed by appropriate health care providers see Policy 40.2/By-Law 9.7EL3 & EL3CH signed by all parties. See By-Law 9.8Birth Certificate on file (By-Law 9.6)

Academic Requirements minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale (See By-Law 9.4)All other pertinent By-Laws and Policies that apply to eligibility.

Key Reminders for CoachesAll Head & supplemented coaches are required to successfully complete the online Concussion in Sports and Sudden Cardiac Arrest courses which both may be found on Follow the Heat Acclimatization Policy 41 procedures. Have a plan for every circumstance.Dont ever think it wont happen on your watch, because it will.Hold yourself and staff to the same standards you would expect from any other professional. Enjoy the moment. Remember it is ALL about the kids!

DayAttireMax Practice TimeTwo-A-DaysWalk Through1-2Helmets3 hoursNot AllowedYes see policy 41.3.4 3-5Helmets & Shoulder Pads3 hoursNot AllowedYes see policy 41.3.46-7Full Gear3 hoursNot AllowedYes see policy 41.3.48-14Full Gear1 practice 3 hours2 practices 5 hours totalAllowed but must follow 2-1-2-1 policyYes on days with 1 practice. Not allowed on two-a-days. See policy 41.4.10Practice Policy*****Days refer to actual practice days.****

2015 NFHS Rule ChangesRule #Explanation2-20-1cSpearing definition revised. Spearing is an act by any player who initiates contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of their helmet. The shaded area is the crown.

5-1-1b (NEW)Added authority to the referee to correct the number of the next down prior to the ball becoming live after a new series is awarded.6-1-3; 6-1-4(NEW); 6-1 PENALTYFree-kick formations revised. At the time the ball is kicked, there must be at least four players on either side of the kicker. The player beyond the five yard mark is the only person eligible to kick the ball.9-4-3gUpdated unnecessary roughness to include defenseless player and added excessive contact.9-4 PENALTYRoughing the passer penalty clarified. An automatic first down is not awarded for a 5 yard incidental face mask infraction against the passer.10-2-5Dead-ball penalty enforcement modified. Equal number of 15 yard penalties will cancel each other. Remember to enforce the penalties in the order in which they occurred.

Spearing is an act by any player who initiates contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of the helmet. The shaded area is the crown.Spearing Rule 2-20-1c

Spearing Rule 2-20-1cNumber 61 is guilty of spearing because the crown (top portion) of their helmet was used to initiate contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below.

In MechaniGram A, K has only three players on one side of the kicker. If K4 shifts to the other side of the kicker by going more than five yards from the free kick line after the ready-for-play signal (MechaniGram B), it is a dead-ball foul for encroachment.Free-kick Formation Rule 6-1-3; 6-1-4 NEW; 6-1 Penalty

Number 54 grasps but does not twist, pull or turn the passers face mask. The foul is incidental face mask, and is not roughing the passer. The penalty is five yards administered under the all-but-one principle, and no automatic first down.Roughing the Passer Rule 9-4 PENALTYIllegal Personal contact Rule 9-4-3gNo player or nonplayer shall make any other contact with an opponent, including a defenseless player, which is deemed unnecessary or excessive and which incites roughness.1-5-1b(2) NOTE and 1-5-1b(3) NOTEFurther clarified and standardized the rules language on the American flag and the use of commemorative or memorial patches on the uniform.Table 1-7 (8)Added Rule 1-7 on accommodations to the Table of State Association Adoptions. 2-8Clarified that Encroachment also occurs when a player violates the free kick restrictions as in 6-1-4. 2-20-1a, bClarified the rules language on Butt Blocking and Face Tackling.3-6, 7 PENALTYStandardized the PENALTY section.5-1-1Changed the format to Rule 5-1-1.2015 NFHS Football Editorial Changes

6-1, 2, 5 PENALTYStandardized the PENALTY section.6-5-4cFurther clarified the rules language on the Fair Catch.7-1, 2, 3, 5 PENALTYStandardized the PENALTY section.

9-3-1Added in rules references.9-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 PENALTYStandardized the PENALTY section.

9-4-3hClarified by adding to the rule, incidental grasping of an opponents face mask, helmet opening, chin strap or a tooth and mouth protector attached to the face mask.9-4-3iRevised the rules language on Illegal Helmet Contact to note that it may be judged by the game official a flagrant act.

9-8-1mDeleted.9-9 (NEW)Added a new Section on Failure to Properly Wear Required Equipment.10-2-1Standardized the rules language on a Double Foul.Football Fund. IX-5Clarified nonplayer and unsportsmanlike fouls.Six-Player Rules Differences (Rule 6)Clarification from a 2014 rules change on free-kick formation.Penalty SummaryRevised the Penalty Summary to reflect the 2015 NFHS football rules changes.2015 Points of EmphasisRisk Minimization

Facilitating NFHS Football Rules

2016 NFHS Rules Proposal FormDue to the FHSAA Office by October 16, 2015 for approval.

Examine the teams playing and assign a neutral association to work the game. (A neutral association may be one both teams are under contract with.)Try to place the better crews on the games that may be issues.Sometimes the top crews may be assigned to an easier or no game to save for later rounds.Every effort is made to assign crews to games with the least amount of travel.Assigning Officials

Things to Consider/DiscussPlan for limiting contact at practice during the seasonLength of Spring FootballDirection of 7-on-7District Assignment Size or Travel?How do we attract the Independent schools back into the State Series?

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Thank you for all you do! Good luck this season!Craig DamonFHSAA Director of Athletics352-216-1214