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FANTASY SPORTS “FOOTBALL”. Learning Target: I can define “Fantasy Sports” I can apply the rules of the FFFL by competing in the FFFL competition without being penalized. What is “FANTASY SPORTS”?. The simplest way to enjoy sports on a whole new, interactive level. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • FANTASY SPORTS FOOTBALL Learning Target:I can define Fantasy SportsI can apply the rules of the FFFL by competing in the FFFL competition without being penalized.

  • What is FANTASY SPORTS?The simplest way to enjoy sports on a whole new, interactive level.

    Each year Fantasy Sports generates billions of dollars in revenue.

    Fantasy Sports allows you to be in control.

  • F.F.F.L.s Rules/GuidelinesI (Mr. Florimonte) am the league Commissioner

    Prior to each step, you will be given an Assignment Sheet/Rubric

    Each week you will submit your weekly starters to me (must use FFFL Starters Sheet) prior to the first NFL game of that week

    Upon the conclusion of each NFL week you calculate your stats by gathering the players weekly stats and inputting them into your FFFL database (you will turn in a copy of that each week)

  • S.M. 2012 FANTASY FOOTBALLStep 1 Form a partnershipStep 2 Name your team, Create team logoStep 3 Begin (ongoing) Player ResearchStep 4 Create your teams database (Excel)Step 5 Mock Draft AssignmentStep 6 FFFL 2012 DraftStep 7 Begin the season!!!!

  • Form a partnershipSelect a classmate to team-up withOnly 2 people per teamEach team member will assume the role of co-G.M.1 co-G.M will be head of the Salary Cap1 co-G.M. will be head of the RosterAll other FFBL related decisions will be made as a joint effort

  • How do I keep track of everything?Utilizing the tools within Microsoft Excel each team will create a Team DatabaseTeam RosterCalculate Team/Player StatisticsSalary Cap BudgetingTracking (Player Moves)

  • Who are we?Name your FFFL team

    Design a team logo


  • Do your HOMEWORK!!Player ResearchFantasy MagazinesESPNLocal News (Sports)InternetNewspaperEtc.

  • Draft DayBe prepared

    Have a back-up plan

    Pay attention to the Salary Cap

  • Who do I draft?Team RosterEach team must have a roster consisting of the following position player the entire season:2 QB2 RB2 WR2 TE2 K1 OPENFailure to keep the roster at 11 players at anytime during the season will result in the lowering of team points.

  • DRAFT DAYWednesday August 29th

    We will have 11 Rounds

    Each team will have 4-minutes to select their player

    Failure to select a player within the allotted time will result in skipping to the next team in the draft

    If your team is not present on Draft Day they will pick players from the Free Agent Pool

  • SALARY CAPEach team is allotted a salary cap in the amount of $250.00 to be used on their roster.

    Teams maybe under the salary cap but at no time during the season should a team be over the salary cap.

    Failure to stay within the set salary cap will results in reduction of your teams points.

  • OFFENSE SCORINGPts Value Passing 1ptevery 1yd gained1ptevery completion-10ptsevery Ints thrown10ptsevery passing TD2ptsevery passing XPPts Value Rushing 1ptevery 1yd gained15ptsevery rushing TD2ptsevery rushing XPPts Value Receiving 1ptevery 1yd gained1ptevery completion15ptsevery receiving TD2ptsevery receiving XP

  • KICKING SCORINGKicking every PAT kick made 1pt every PAT kick missed -10pts every FG 1-19 yds made 3pts every FG 20 - 29 yds made 5pts every FG 30 - 39 yds made 10pts every FG 40 - 49 yds made 15pts every FG 50 - 59 yds made 25pts every FG 60+ made 50pts every FG missed -3pts

  • Daily OperationsUpdate team/player statistics weekly

    Keep looking to improve

    Be creative

    Communicate with your partner

  • WEEKLY STARTERSPrior to the start of each new NFL week every FFFL team must submit a Weekly Starter Sheet.

    Each week the owners must start the following position players;1 QB1 RB1 WR1 TE1 K

  • FFFL WEEKLY RANKINGWeekly Team RankGrading Points1st1pts2nd2pts3rd3pts4th4pts5th5pts6th6pts7th7pts8th8pts9th9pts10th10pts11th11pts

  • FFFL PROJECT GRADEClass Participation

    Group Involvement

    Week-To-Week Improvements

    Staying Current

    Abiding by the FFFL Rules

  • F.F.F.L.s Important Information

    FFFL Draft will held on Wednesday August 29th

    The FFFL starts on the NFLs Week 1 Sept. 5th (Wednesday Night Game) Cowboys vs. Giants

    The FFFL ends on Dec. 16th last NFL week will be Week 15

    NFL BYE Weeks Week 4 thru Week 11

  • NFL BYE WEEKSWeek 4 Indianapolis, Pittsburgh Week 5 Dallas, Detroit, Oakland, Tampa Bay Week 6 Carolina, Chicago, Jacksonville, New Orleans Week 7 Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego Week 8 Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston Week 9 New England, New York Jets, San Francisco, St. Louis Week 10 Arizona, Cleveland, Green Bay, Washington Week 11 Minnesota, New York Giants, Seattle, Tennessee