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The Sports Unlimited 2012 Football Catalog, which I wrote and co-designed.


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    Dedicated to the Game...Devoted to the Gear

    YOU GOt Game. We Got Gear.

    Loving football is a full time job. You train hard in camp, play your heart out during the season, and spend off time practicing, staying sharp, and making your old weaknesses your new strengths. Along the way, parents and coaches push you, teach you, support you, and help hone your skills to keep you hungry for perfection.

    You demand that type of dedication from yourself, so why demand anything less from your gear?

    At SU, we dont mess around when it comes to football. We live up to our name, bringing you the widest variety of football gear, protective equipment, training aids, and accessories that no matter who you are, how you play, or what you need, were ready to suit you up with the perfect gear for a great football season!

    Sports Unlimited is a family owned, full line Internet-based sporting goods store located in Hatfield, PA. First opened in 1983 as a brick and mortar shop outside of Philadelphia, SU has since grown into a fully online sport-ing goods retailer with hundreds of thousands of products, sports merchandise, and equipment. But even as we have grown in many directions, the company has maintained our founding family values and commitment to the local community. In the sometimes impersonal world of online and catalogue shopping, we strive to pro-vide you with excellent customer service, outstanding product expertise, and the highest quality gear from the best brands in the game.

    More gear, more options, and more variety than anywhere else!

    The highest-quality authentic gear, at the best prices around!

    The most comprehensive product and technology information, to keep you up-to-date with the latest innovations in the game.

    A knowledgeable staff of product experts to help match you to the gear that best fits your needs, skill level, size, and budget.

    The latest and greatest gear from all of your favorite brands, like:

    When you shop Sports Unlimited, you can always bank on a few things:

  • 2012 Football Catalog

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    THE premier football helmet, loved and trusted for ultimate protection and performance, the Schutt ION 4D is a true game changer. Designed with the innovative TPU cushioning system and a large offset shell, this helmet absorbs more impact energy and holds up where others falter.

    Perfectly balancing performance and protection, speed and safety, Riddells top-of-the-line Revolution Speed keeps players on the field, and one step ahead of the competition. Built with innovative Revolu-tion Concussion Reduction Technology, the Revo speed protects you where it matters most.

    Large standoff polycarbonate alloy shell Thermoplastic Urethane Cushioning (TPU) for better impact absorption, heat management and hygienics SUREFIT air liner features two parts: lateral and crown air liner for a comfortable fit right out of the box AiR-LOC dual lock inflation valves for both air liners, Velcro attachment system keeps valves in place Energy Wedge Faceguard Attachment unique to ION 4D absorbs up to 15% more impact from frontal hits Faceguard is integrated with the helmet shell for greater durability and allows for wider field of vision Removable Moisture Management pad wicks sweat away from the forehead for clearer vision Standard nose bumper with loop straps for ease of use and better performance AiR Maxx TPU low profile jaw pads: TPU cushioning wrapped inside the comfort of a traditional jaw pad 6 large crown ventilation holes, multi-functional ear hole design Meets NOCSAE Football Standards Includes: Schutt hard cup chinstrap and one pair of 7/8 AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads

    Concussion Reduction Technology: Specially designed cushioning has proven to reduce the risk of concussions in players by 31% when compared with a traditional helmet

    Quick Release Face Guard System: cuts face mask removal time in half, compared with conventional cage attachment designs

    Inflatable S-Pad jaw pads provide the same protection to your jaw that parts of the helmet liner provide to your head

    Inflatable air liner delivers outstanding comfort and a secure fit to your head (Riddell helmet pump required) Advanced helmet overliner delivers superior comfort and performance moisture wicking, keeping your head clear, dry, and comfortable all game long

    Oversized ventilation holes for extreme detailing and improved breathability Includes Riddell S2B gray facemask

    ADULT: 251-2031

    ADULT: 615-R41190

    YOUTH: 251-20360

    YOUTH: 615-R41191


    $264.99 $285.99



    Colors: All Colors (pg.9)Sizes: S, M, L, XL

    Colors: Most Colors Available (pg.9) Sizes: S, M, L Size: XL

    Colors: All Colors (pg.9)Size: S, M, L, XL

    Colors: Most Colors Available (pg.9) Sizes: S, M, L, XL

    ION 4D Sizing

    Size Head Size Circumference

    Small 6 - 6 19 - 20

    Medium 6 - 7 20 - 22

    Large 7 - 7 22 - 23

    X-Large 7 - 8 23 - 25

    Revo Speed Sizing

    Size Head Size Circumference

    Small Up to 6 Up to 20

    Medium 6 - 7 20 - 22

    Large 7 - 7 22 - 23

    X-Large 7 and up 23 and up

    Custom Fit Liner

    TPU Cushioning Large Offset Shell Energy Wedge

    Offset Shell Deisgn Quick ReleaseAn inner liner with multiple inflation points lets you quickly and easily adjust the helmets fit, creating the most comfortable, customized, snug, and safe helmet possible.

    TPU reigns over traditional foam padding, with superior impact protection, heat management, and hygienics. It wont break down and is naturally resistant to bacte-ria and molds.

    Larger and more spherical than traditional shells, a large offset creates more space between the head and shell, allowing for more TPU cushioning and better impact dispersion during collisions.

    This unique connector turns the facemask into a shock absorber, dispersing up to 15% more force from frontal hits than traditional face-masks, while also allowing for a wider field of view.

    The offset shell creates room to absorb a wide range of impacts, from different angles and at different levels of force, all without compromising the performance of the helmet.

    A push-button facemask release system lets you remove your facemask from your helmet in half the time. A great benefit for athletic trainers in case of emergencies.

    FREE SHIPPING! on all Adult Football Helmets

  • 2012 Football Catalog

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    ADULT: 615-R41177ADULT: 251-204000

    YOUTH: 615-R41172

    $374.95 - $389.95$289.95 - $299.95

    $334.95 - $354.95

    Colors: Select ColorsSizes: M, L, XL Colors: Select Colors

    Sizes: L, XL(Medium available at a later date)

    Colors: Select ColorsSize: M, L, XL

    Vengeance Sizing

    Size Head Size Circumference

    Medium 6 - 7 20 - 22

    Large 7 - 7 22 - 23

    X-Large 7 - 8 23 - 25

    360 Sizing

    Size Head Size Circumference

    Small Up to 6 Up to 20

    Medium 6 - 7 20 - 22

    Large 7 - 7 22 - 23

    X-Large 7 and up 23 and up

    Completely new 360 shell, facemask system, and materials combine to reduce impact from frontal hits, to improve concussion prevention Flex Face Guard absorbs shock from front impacts Newly designed Face Frame enhances mandible and frontal protection Utilizes all Riddell Concussion Reduction Technologies, including the hexagonal liner system made of energy-managing foam New lightweight facemask and shell materials keep you faster and more agile than the competition Aggressive new shell design Includes gray Riddell 360-2BD facemask

    Dual Compression TPU (DCT) - Two newly developed types of TPU cushioning work together to enhance protection

    Mechanical attachments in the front of the helmet stabilize the TPU in sta