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In this hour-long webcast we explored best practices that contribute to creating a foodservice environment that’s responsive to allergens and helps meet consumers evolving dietary needs without compromising on quality or service. Members of the foodservice community came with their questions and our panelists did their best to provide practical answers based on their years of experience.


  • 1. Food Safety Webcast: The Ins and Outs of Allergen Management

2. Objectives Discuss allergen management to: Develop a better understanding of how it impacts foodservice Share some best practices to help create a food-safe environment for people with foodborne allergies Explore the role of training Answer your questions2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 3. Meet Our Panelists David Crownover National Restaurant Association Product Manager, ServSafe2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 4. Meet Our Panelists Kathy Egan College of the Holy Cross Registered Dietitian2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 5. Meet Our Panelists Gordie Morris Kamehameha Schools Director of Food and Nutrition Services2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 6. These slides are part of a free webcast available until Sept 2014. There is also an accompanying CEU quiz. Click here to view: 7. HELPING FOODSERVICE OPERATORS AROUND THE WORLD SERVE SAFE FOODPRODUCT resafe 8. 9. Allergen ManagementWhy allergen management matters: 15 million people have a food-related allergy 170 food items can cause an allergic reaction Failure to properly handle could lead to death Its a food safety issue that is here to stay2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 10. Allergen Management Why allergen management is important: Falls under ADA requirements Its a medical condition and not a matter of dining preference2012 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 11. Allergen Management How to approach allergen management: Understand what the allergen is and whether the restaurant can accommodate that person Understand your ingredients and read their labels. Communication between front-of-thehouse and back-of-the-house staff is critical.2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 12. Allergen Management Kamehamehas Approach: Kamehameha serves 3,100 meals daily All-you-care-to-eat program Scratch kitchen on four-week cycle with in-house recipes Daily production records identify allergens 2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 13. Allergen Management Color-coded cards help teach nutrition Eat a rainbow each day Coordinates with USDAs My Plate Program2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 14. Allergen ManagementThe Final Step: Meal Service Up to 900 students served in 90 min. Nutrition and allergen cards paired on the food shields Proprietary guards help eliminate cross contact2013 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 15. Allergen ManagementServing Line Before2013 Foodservice Equipment & SuppliesServing Line After 16. Allergen ManagementCollege of the Holy Cross Approach Smaller school only 2,800 students allows for a more personalized approach. Only having one dining hall makes it easier to manage. Standardized recipes. No substitutions without manager approval. 17. Allergen Management College of Holy Cross Allergy Kitchen Special, locked pantry area contains specific food items that fit dietary profiles of the students with allergies Students go through special training to make sure they dont introduce other allergens 18. Allergen ManagementPrepping, Cooking & Plating Food: Use properly cleaned and sanitized utensils and equipment Look for alternative methods when you cant clean or sanitize enough Communicate special orders so everyone knows whats happening Delivery options include bringing meal separately to the table or use different bowl/plate or a colored ticket to indicate special handling 19. Allergen Management College of Holy Cross Ongoing Efforts: Highest ranking culinary person makes the meals. Uses color-coded knives, pans, cutting boards 20. Allergen ManagementKamehameha Schools Ongoing Efforts: Reviews HAACP plan annually Staff reviews daily production record and takes appropriate actions Emphasis on cleaning and sanitizing Having long-term employees helps with consistency and understanding roles and responsibilities 21. Allergen ManagementThe Role of Staff Training in Allergen Management First and best weapon. Should address: Cleaning and sanitizing Personal hygiene and washing hands Cross contact Operators can choose from many online options, including ServSafe 22. Allergen ManagementKamehameha Schools Approach to Training: Entire staff is ServSafe certified Formal training with outside speakers Trained to use EPI Pen Educate students on nutrition and allergens 23. Allergen ManagementHow the College of the Holy Cross Tackles Training: ServSafe is key component Hosts hour-long training sessions twice a year Employ a variety of tactics Reinforce training through brochures and kitchen signage 24. Allergen ManagementOngoing Staff Communication Is Key No training solution is 100 percent effective. Everyone cant know everything about every dish. Training on cleaning and sanitizing is critical. 25. Questions from the Audience2012 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 26. Closing ThoughtsDavids Advice: Understand the consequences when substituting ingredients. Manage staff turnover effectively. Know what to do when a mistake happens with a meal. 27. Closing ThoughtsKathys Advice: Managers need to let staff know this is not an option. Its the law. Then work together to determine the best way to provide these services. 28. Closing ThoughtsGordies Advice: Having a well-defined program and well-educated staff is essential. Its equally important to have a system that communicates with your clients. 29. HELPING FOODSERVICE OPERATORS AROUND THE WORLD SERVE SAFE FOODPRODUCT resafe 30. 31. Future Webcast IdeasWe are listening: Send your ideas for future webcasts to:Joe Carbonara joe@zoombagroup.com2012 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies 32. Keep in TouchVisit FE&S online at: Follow us on Twitter: @FESmagazine, @FES_Editor2012 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

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