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Dec 13th 2014, if you make and serve food you will be required to disclose any of the 14 common allergens contained in each dish on your menu. Discover an easy way to comply.


  • Comingready or not!

    NEW REGULATIONS requiring y

    ou to

    disclose the 14 common allergen

    s in the

    food you prepare and sell.

    We dont know what allergens are in our food

    Our food may contain allergens

    Is not enough!

    YOU NEED SOMETHING THATS Cost-effective Easy to use And more importantly makes trackingallergens in all your outlets dishesreally straightforward.

    Easily Comply with CaterCost Minimise error Optimise best practice common




    From Dec 13th 2014 you will needto know the detail of what is in thefood you provide.

    That's easy for the big chains with theirprescriptive menus, big budgets and bighead office back-up

    But what about you?As a lean and creative independent operator you knowthe value of not being tied to a standardised menu.

    You know that unique twist to your food offer givesyou the edge over the faceless chains.

  • FAQs What ar

    e the allergens?

    Peanuts, tree nuts, molluscs, fish


    crustaceans, mustard, celery, glu


    soya, sulphites, milk, eggs, lupin

    , sesameAnswer

    What are your responsibilities?When the new FIC rules come in, you will have a legal responsibility to providethe correct allergen information about the ingredients that are in the food youmake or serve to your customers.

    How do I need to make this informationavailable to customers?Upfront and in writing.Communicating this verbally via a staff member is fine but this needswritten backup.

    What can we do to COA (Cover our ...)Create accurate dish specifications for every sub recipe and dish on yourmenu. An accurate dish specification is at the heart of managing this newregulation effectively.

    What if I don't want to put all the infoon the actual menu?Where allergen information is not provided upfront in writing, signposting a customer to where they can get this information will be required.Your sign should be where customers expect to find this information; forexample where they would be making their food orders such as at the tillpoint, on menu board, or on the menu.

    What if we add daily specials andchange our menus frequently?CaterCost dish spec (showing ingredients, nutritional information andallergens) can be created as quickly as you can type.






    Makelife easyUse CaterCost Q menuscan to display foodallergens in your dishesvia smart phone

    CaterCost allergen tracking means thatwhen creating new menus in CaterCost,allergens are tracked from suppliedingredients to dishes on the menu.

    create aprofessional dishspec as quickly asyou can type

    Added benefit?Improved profitability, better cost controls and security.

    You know that if chef gets hit by a bus or does amoonlight flit to Romania - this info doesn't go with him.

    Call 0208 088 0197 or email

    Get it out of your headand into the cloud with


    MenuCosting &Nutritional

    Info Software

    Accurate dish spec is atthe heart of managing

    this regulationeffectively

  • Label might say:Ground NutsBeer nutsMonkey nutsNut meatArachis oilKernelsMandelonasPeanut proteinFenugreek

    Look out for:Peanut oilPeanut butterHydrolised plant orvegetable proteinCake, pudding, cereal barMarinadesDressingsSauces satay, enchilada,gravy, chilliFenugreek

    Label might say:AlmondsWalnutsPecanBrazilCashewMacadamiaPistachioPine NutsNut Oil

    Look out for:Chocolate spreadNut butterChocolatesSalad dressingsBBQ saucePestoCerealsCrackersDessertsBaked goods

    Label might say:WheatDurum wheatSemolinaSpeltKamutEincornFaroBarleyRyeOatMaltCouscous

    Look out for:BreadBaked goodsBaking mixesPastaCrackersCerealsCondimentsChocolatesSauces

    Label might say:CaseinWheyLactoalbuminLactoseLactuloseLactoferrinLactoglobulinMilk protein hydrolysate

    Look out for:MilkMilk powderButtermilkButterGheeYoghurtCreamIce CreamCheeseCustardMargarineChocolateInstant Mash

    Label might say:BenneBenne SeedGingellyGingelly oilSesame seedsSesame oil

    Look out for:BreadCrackersToastsDipsHummusChutneyTahini butterDressingsMarinadesSoupsSauces

    Label might say:Soy flourSoya MilkSoya nutsSoy oilSoybeanSoy proteinTextured vegetable proteinEdamameBean curdTofuVegetable starchVegetable gum

    Look out for:Soy milkSoy oilSoy sauceTamari sauceTeriyaki sauceMisoWorcestershire sauceBean sproutsCanned tunaSurimi

    Label might say:OystersSnailsSquid (calamari)ScallopsMusselsClams and cockles

    Look out for:Ethnic FoodSoupsSauces

    Label might say:E220 -228Potassium bisulphite or metabisulphiteSodium bisulphiteDithioniteMetabisulphiteSulphiting agents andsulphurous acid

    Look out for:Cooking wineJuicesCanned, frozen and dried fruitTomato puree/pulp/vinegar

    Label might say:Mustard seedMustard leavesMustard flourMustard oilSprouted mustard seedsMustard powder

    Look out for:Sausages and processedmeat productsSpice mixesMarinadesSoupsSaucesChutneyKetchupPiccalilliSalad dressingIndian food

    Label might say:Celery saltCelery stalkCelery leafCeleriacCelery seed

    Look out for:Vegetable juiceSpice mixesCurrySoupBouillonProcessed meat productsSausagesPrepared SaladsSavoury snacksMarmite

    Label might say:AnchovyBassCodSardineHaddockPlaicePollockSalmonTunaTurbotWhitebait

    Look out for:Salad dressingNam PlaWorcestershire SauceBarbecue SauceSoupsPizzaDipsGelatineRelishesFlavourings

    Label might say:AlbumenConalbuminDried and powdered eggGlobulinLivetinLysizymeOvobuminOvomucinOvotransferrinSlico-albumateVitelin

    Look out for:MeringueMayonnaisePastaMarzipanMarshmallowSalad dressingTartare SauceHollandaiseCakes and baked productsEgg glazed pastrySome ice creamSome custard

    MenuCosting &Nutritional

    Info Software

    22% of thepopulation havean allergy orbelieve they do

    Label might say:ShrimpPrawnsCrabCrayfishLobster

    Look out for:PaellaChinese productsPrepared saucesSoupsFried riceFish pasteNam Pla

    Label might say:LupineLupin flourLupin seedLupin bean

    Look out for:Baked goodsPastriesWafflesPancakesPastaVegetarian meat substitute


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    Making simple changes to

    ingredients you use could

    mean you capture a great

    marketing opportunity



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