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Food Allergen Safety Training Made Simple


  • 1. On the Front Burner: Food Allergies & Special Dietary RequestsAre you receiving more requests for gluten & allergen free meals?

2. Dont have the time to get the knowledge, skills, and abilities to handle these requests? What Now? 3. Need quality answers to your questions? Search No More! 4. Allergy Chefs, Inc has the tools you need to implement your own food allergen safety program in a very efficient and cost effective way. 5. Joel J. Schaefer CCC CHT Author, Chef, & Educator

  • Chef Joels years of experience at Walt Disney World Resorts as the Special Diets Manager established him as a well respected subject matter expert in the field of food allergy and special diets training.
  • Chef Joel brings his knowledge, skills and abilities to the kitchen table to help food service professionals train their employees on what is needed to safely service people with food allergies and special diets.

6. Training and Learning Opportunities

  • Allergy Chefs, Inc. provides
    • Training seminars
      • Group sessions
      • One-on-one training for chefs and managers
      • Train-the-trainer programs
    • Online training for chefs and managers
    • Training material
      • Laminated Kitchen poster
      • Responsibilities Reference Cards for Servers, Managers, & Chefs
      • Food Allergy Request Notebook

7. A Handy Reference Book

  • Includes basic training tools for servers, cooks, restaurant managers, and chefs.
  • Provides information on specialty products to enhance menu offerings and reduce liability issues.
  • Gives restaurant managers and owners ideas on how to analyze their menu to identify current options.
  • Offers ideas on how to review kitchen procedures to identify ways to prevent potential cross-contact and cross-contamination.
  • Includes a chapter on creating and modifying recipes that meet the food needs of people with multiple allergies.
  • Describes real life experiences.

8. Benefits

  • Have a positive standing in the community
  • Increased loyalty from guests and their families with food allergies
  • Increase revenue from return guests
  • Minimize the risk of a food allergy reaction occurring in your establishment

9. So dont continue to struggle with NOT knowing what to do. Contact Allergy Chefs, Inc.Talk to Chef Joel, he is here to help.