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    Maudene hastouchedthe hearts of thosewho have read it.Remarkable insite onthe death of a familymember, page 12

    John ArnottIn New Orleans

    Manifestations ofThe Holy Ghost

    Frank & Parris BaileyVictory FellowshipNew Orleans, LA

    Katrina Visited ButVictory Life Stands

    Manifestations ofThe Holy Ghost

    Judge Roy Moore poem, page 4

    Katrina Prophetices, page 5Katrina Prophetices, page 5

    Katrina Visited ButVictory Life Stands

    Judge Roy Moore poem, page 4

    Following Rodney, page 8Following Rodney, page 8

  • T he

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    Established November 1993


    The Remnant will travelanywhere in the world towitness and write about a

    supernatural workof God.

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    want to drive Gods people intothe sea. There is a sure judge-ment that is going on against theUnited States of America if ourState Department keeps forcingthe Jews to compromise on theirland that was given to them byGod. On Sunday morning I found

    out that the Chief Justice of theUnited States Supreme Court haddied of cancer at 80 years of age.Chief Justice William Rehnquistwas a Godly man. We lost afriend when he died, he served 33years on the court. Its anothersign that God from heaven is

    Peace Breakers, PeaceFakers & Peace Makers

    We were a part of the greatest natural disaster ofall time. HurricaneKatrina came in just after my wifemade us breakfast on Monday,August 29 and lasted all the wayunto 8 PM that evening. I havenever been in anything like wehave witnessed in the last week.We were without lights for severaldays, several his large limbs felloff our trees and the yard is still amess as I write this tonight. We had not done a story in NewOrleans in six years but all of asudden we got an invitation tocome over and cover John andCarol Arnott at Victory Life Fel-lowship. When I was 10 years oldmy father decided to take our fam-ily to New Orleans to see theAudubon Zoo. We stopped at anartesian well on Highway 90 anddrank the water that tasted like rot-ten eggs. This was before Inter-state 10 was built, it was being inthe process of being built. It wasa big old hot city to me in the Au-gust sun of 10 year old life. Iwould take the same trip with mysons when they were 7 and 5 yearsold. We went to the Aquarium ofthe Americas. As of today I dontknow what happened to Frank andParris Bailey at Victory Life. I doknow that Victory Life Assemblyof God made it through the storm,and that Frank and his wife had toevacuate. There are timely eventshappening and God is speakingvery loud right now. Jesus is call-ing this nation to repentance andwe are so close to God really do-ing more. Kim Clement theprophet said that the next threemonths would see disaster in theUnited States but after that therewould be revival. Let me say right up front wehave been weighed and foundwanting on August 29. It was atthe beginning of August that ourPresident and State Departmentdemanded that the settlements inGaza be destroyed and the peoplebe removed. Have we learned any-thing about our heritage with Is-rael. The one thread of hope thatwe have over our country is thatwe support Gods people. Whenwe were in Israel the Jewish peoplerolled out American Flags and

    Pastor Pat Lee

    Bring the sick... Healing Room & Ministry Available by Apt.Soaking Room - Call For appointment

    Telephone (601) 799-5659Pastor Patricia Lee and Apostle Clifford Lee

    new e mail: [email protected]

    Hwy 43 South At13 Oak Allee DrivePicayune Ms. 39466

    Greater Works Fellowship RevivalChurch

    Where Miracles Happen Everyday

    Did Gaza KeyThis Tragedy?

    established June 1999 -

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    Billie Deck; The Watch of the Lord, Ft. Mill, SC

    Remnant International RadioWOSM 103.1 Ocean Springs MSRadio at 5:10 PM Mon thru Fri

    Editor Jerrell MillerGod called their home. In 1967the government of Israel fol-lowed the godly principle to in-

    turned to England and said,Peace in our time. We havemade a deal with devil for a falsepeace. Hitler was a peace breakerand killed 6 million of Godspeople. Peace Breakers are thosewho strap bombs to their stomachsand blowup innocent Jewish citi-zens in Jerusalem. The real PeaceMakers are those who know theJews are Gods people. We are topray for the Peace of Jerusalem,not reward those who are killingthe Jews there. We must stand upto the terrorists who are trying topush the Jews into the sea. PeaceFakers reward the terrorist by giv-ing back Gods land. God willturn his face toward the UnitedStates every time they force theJews into a false peace. Long ago in Washington apeace formula was written calledthe Mitchell Peace Plan. In thatplan it shuts off all the watersupply to the Jordan River and itgives back the Temple region backto the Palestinians. We arelooking for someone to stand upin Washington and say stop thismadness. The BushAdministration is pressuringAerial Sharon to remove moreof the settlers. Genesis 12:3 AndI will bless them that bless thee,and curse him that curseth thee;and in thee shall all families ofthe earth be blessed. Watch, waitand see if the two scriptures wehave posted in this column is awarning to our country. Never inthe history of America have weever voted against the JewishNation in the U.N. SecurityCouncil as an aggressor. PresidentGeorge Bush was the firstpresident to vote against them inthat U.N. body. No President hasever done that. We must get thesepeople off the plan of pull backfor the Jews. If this policy is notstopped you might see the morethan Katrina. The only mercy Godhas for our country is that itprotects and is a friend of theJewish Nation. We need to stopbeing a Peace Faker, NevilleChamberlain never lived in thiscountry or does he?

    eral homes were bulldozed in theGaza Jewish settlements. Thou-sands of Jewish settlers were leftwithout a home in the place that

    Amos 9:15 And I will plant them upon theirland, and they shall no more be pulled upout of their land which I have given them,siath the Lord thy God.

    sending a message to the UnitedStates of America to repent. For33 years Christ walked on theface of the earth as a God-manuntil he went to the Cross. For33 years David ruled in Jerusa-lem. God cares very much aboutthe unborn that are ripped fromthe womb before they are born.These are warnings toward ournation to turn back. Katrinameans purity, look where the hur-ricane came in, it came in wherethey had built 13 gambling densand went through the sin city of

    herit the land of Gaza and invitedand encouraged these settlers tomove into their land that wasgiven by God. I recently heard asermon that spoke of three kindsof peace -- Peace Makers - PeaceFakers - Peace Breakers. Webelong in the realm of PeaceFakers. Who are we kidding, bypushing the Jews off their land.We say we have peace when weare like the British Prime Minis-ter Nevil Chamberlain made adeal with Adolph Hitler and witha peace of paper in his hand re-

    Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them thatbless thee, and curse him that curseththee; and in thee shall all families of theearth be blessed.

    sang the National Anthem as wecrossed the Sea of Galilee. Beare being blackmailed in theMiddle East by the terrorist who

    New Orleans with a furry. In aninstant of time 10s of thousandsof people were left without ahome. On August 17, 2005 sev-

    Is Katrina Just A Beginning?

  • America theBeautiful,or soyou used to be.Landof the Pilgrims pride; Imglad theyll never see.

    Babies piled indumpsters, Abortion ondemand,

    Oh, sweet land ofliberty;your house is on thesand. Our childrenwander aimlessly poisonedby cocaine,Choosing toindulge their lusts, whenGod has said abstain.

    From sea to shiningsea,our Nation turns awayFrom the teaching of Godslove and a need to alwayspray.

    Weve kept God in ourtemples, how callous wehave grown.

    When earth is but Hisfootstool, and Heaven is Histhrone.

    Weve voted in agovernment thats rotting atthe core,

    Appointing GodlessJudges who throw reasonout the door, Too soft toplace a killer in a welldeserved tomb, But brave enough to killa baby before he leaves thewomb.

    You think that Godsnot angry, that our lands amoral slum?

    How much longerwill He wait before Hisjudgment comes?

    How are we to faceour God,from Whom wecannot hide? What then isleft for us to do, but stem

    this evil tide? If we who are His

    children, will humbly turnand pray;

    Seek His holy faceand mend our evil way:

    Then God will hear fromHeaven and forgive us of oursins, Hell heal our sicklyland and those who livewithin.

    But, America theBeautiful, if you dont - thenyou will see, A sad but HolyG o dwithdraw His hand fromThee.

    ~Judge Roy Moore

    Jerrell Miller Canbe heard on

    WOSM Radio50,000 Watt FM

    (The Gospel Giant)Ocean Springs,


    T he Remnant




    A PoemBy JudgeRoyMoore

    FT. WORTH, TX -- Pastor Steve Leewas the associatepastor of the churchwhere the power of Godfell during a RodneyHoward-Browne meetingin Clifton Park, NewYork.

    Pastor Steve Leespoke to the people atRiver Walk Church in Ft.Worth, Texas on the obe-dience of continue doingthe purpose of what Godhad called you to do.My precept purpose,cannot fail when I con-tinue to do what God hasasked you to do. Be obe-

    He will healpeople, whereis the God that healspeople? The way itwas in the beginningis the way it is now.

    dient to do what God hasasked you to do. The rev-elation that God has givenyou to walk in must bewalked out, it needs tobecome a part of yourlife.. Many people want

    the next revelation fromGod but you must be obe-dient to what God has givenyou before you can receivethat vision.

    In Ephesians 1:10

    That is the dispensation ofthe fullness of times hemight gather together inone all things in Christ,both which are in heaven,and which are on eartheven in him; In whom also

    we have ob-tained an in-heritance, be-ing predes-tined accord-ing to thepurpose ofhim whoworketh allthings afterthe counsel ofhis own will.Religion andman began towater down

    this scripture, this is whenyou show the world a lesserGod. He will heal people,where is the God that healspeople. The way it was inthe beginning is the way itis now.

    Continue In The CallContinue In The Call

    BRSM Closes For Fall of 2005 In Pensacola

    PENSACOLA, FL - TheBrownsville Assembly of Godclosed the Brownsville Revival

    School of Ministry for the Fall of 2005.The school divided in the middle of therevival causing two schools to beestablished. Shortly after that divisionBRSM saw revival reentered the churchthrough the school in February of 2002.Many felt that this was one of the

    Assembly of Gods best seminaries because ofpassion within the students.


    PastorSteve Lee

  • Kingsport, Tennessee was spoken of by Rodney Howard-Browne as a place where greatrevival will happen. The people at Restoration Church in Downtown Kingsport are sensing

    the presence of God ever since the Fire on the Mountain Conference. God has been touchingthose who are seeking His face and the glory hasnt gone away.

    A published prophecyfrom August 29, 2004 byChuck Pierce from hisministry called, Glory of ZionInternational Ministries. This is what Church Pierceprophesied in Louisiana last Au-gust in 2004: In late August Iwas in Louisiana for a series ofmeetings promoted by Rogerand Charlotte Merschbrock (ourUSSPN State Apostolic Coordi-nators for Louisiana) along withLarry and Brenda Bizette. Sev-eral of the prophetic words I re-leased might be of particular in-

    This is the prophecy given byKim Clement on July 22, 2005in Houston, TX.

    terest to you at this time withthe approach of HurricaneIvan.Blessings,Chuck D.Pierce August 29, 2004, AfterChuck discussed travelingfrom Wisconsin directly toLouisiana, he prophesied: From the North to theSouth, I am ready to awakentwo winds that will awake thenation. There are resisting

    forces in both states that willcause our nation to not moveforward. Go up and down anddecree that the wind of Godwill awaken in both places.The states will shift in a newway, or the nation will not shiftand will go backwards.Laterwhen addressing the Saul

    structure in Baton Rouge, Chuckprophesied:How the Saul struc-ture collapses will bring BatonRouge again to national atten-tion. That alignment within itwill collapse. A new demonstra-tion with a new blueprint will beseen. This will be known as ameeting house. This will beknown as a place where the Arkof the Covenant has dwelt. This

    will be known as a refuge place.The WIND and WATER will risein the midst of New Orleans.Many from the south will comenorth for refuge. Prepare. Pre-pare now for winds and waterthat will surprise you. I will re-new the pattern not fully seen be-fore. Worship will be here, and

    birthed in a new way from here.Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Shift!Saul will be no more. David willarise from this day forward. Thewind from the south will begin toblow. Watch for the effects. Thiswill purify the land and bringgreat change.

    Then, in Alexandria thatnight, Chuck shared from Songof Solomon 4:16 (Awake the

    North Wind; come, o SouthWind. Blow upon the garden ofthis nation). He led the people topray for the South Wind to come.This South Wind would be a pu-rifying wind, cause corruption tobe blown on, and cause corrup-tion to shake and initiate a righ-teous move starting with the chil-

    dren, then moving to the youth.We were to watch the govern-ment and the Catholic Churchshake, and watch New Orleanschange. Then Chuck prophesied, Iwill put a mantle on AfricanAmericans in this land. Thatwhich was brought in throughparts of this state and held peoplecaptive will let go. I will send thewind up the Mississippi River,and this wind will shake Mis-souri. You will see the land shakein Missouri because of the windfrom Louisiana. Get ready. Dontbrace yourself. Throw yourselfup. Get ready, for the new is com-ing. Every place I blow on willshake. The wind is coming onLouisiana, and it will shake theentire state. I will fill churches.The south, purifying wind of Myholiness will sweep across Loui-siana. People will be on theirfaces in malls and shopping cen-ters. Boldness will come uponMy people in Louisiana. Thereis a worship call. Get ready the wind is about to blow. Theriver is changing courses. Youwill be one of the first thatchanges.

    Blessings,Chuck D. Pierce

    This South Wind would be a purifying wind, causecorruption to be blown on, and cause corruption toshake and initiate a righteous move starting with thechildren, then moving to the youth. We were to watch thegovernment and the Catholic Church shake, and watchNew Orleans change.

    New Orleans South Wind

    of this! For a judgment iscoming says the Spirit of theLord, and I will take the menthat have stood in faith, raisethem above the flood thatshall destroy those that con-stantly bicker and stand

    to win. Enough of this!For I will take the cursesand the bodies will evenrise and they will comeforth on the water, but Iwill keep you and thestench of death will onlylast a few days. And thenwhat I promised two yearsago will come to pass forAugust, September andOctober of this year Imade a promise it wouldhappen, and God said bestrengthened now, bestrengthened now, forenough is enough says theLord.Prophecy from 7-22-05-Pastor Richard Rodriguez(Host of the meetings heldin Houston, TX) ChristianLife Center- 6650 RankinRd. Humble, TX 77396

    publicly at Christian LifeCenter in Humble, TX.Here is the word:

    Egypt. Would you go backto your dung? Would yougo back to your vomit?

    against my servant Moses,or my servant Bilbo. I wantyou to understand there aregreat men in New Orleansthat have faith, but you havebeen set aside not to lose but

    Enough of this! For I will take thecurses and the bodies will evenrise and they will come forth on thewater, but I will keep you and the stenchof death will only last a few days.

    New Orleans Prophecystone my servant Mosesand say let us stone themand raise up another leaderso that we may go back to

    On July 22nd, 2005,while in Texas ministering,I received a word from theSpirit which was spoken

    Kim Clement

    Chuck Pierce

    Enough of past cursesreminding you ofyesterdays failures.Enough of New Orleansand its treachery. Enoughof stealing the Ark of theCovenant from my peoplejust because you hadthose surrounding youthat had no faith. Calebsaid we are able to takethis land; Joshua saidwe are able to take thisland. But ten voicesarose against the LordGod. And they would

    O New Orleans Godspeaks to you from Hous-ton tonight and says enough

  • Orbs & OilRiver Walk Church

    Signs and wonders captured at River Walk Church: in thefirst picture above a women captures a picture in thesanctuary of Pastor Steve preaching and in the middle ofthe shot you can see a trumpet coming out of his mouth.In the bottom picture the church van is coated with oil thesmaller picture give a clearer view of that event.

  • Pastors Steve & Diane SolomonRiver Walk Church, Ft. Worth,Texas

    FT. WORTH, TX -- All of asudden on a Saturday eveningsomeone comes up to you andsays, Pastor we have oil com-ing off the pillars in the back andoil is on the hand rails runningdown the bannister to the bal-cony. They walked out into thefoyer and oil was coming downthe book store window. Sporadi-cally the oil has been appearingin several church membershomes and just recently thechurch van was completelycoated. God is showing his faceat River Walk Fellowship in Ft.Worth, Texas. Many of the church mem-bers during this time period be-gan to take digital photographyall over the sanctuary. Thesepictures began to reveal orbs oflight around the pastor andthroughout the entire sanctuary.For a while many people thoughtit might just be coming from onecamera until the lights went outone Sunday. There was a light-ening strike on one Sunday andsomeone had a camcorder in thecongregation. While the lightswere out Pastor Steve Solomonkept praying for people as they

    blessing and told me he wouldhelp us. The next day CalvaryCathedral was hit by a Tornadoin the downtown Ft. Worth area.The church was rendered struc-turally unsafe by that whirlwind.Steve being sensitive to PastorNichols said that he would put offthe announcement about the newchurch until the Calvary Cathe-dral was relocated. We finallymade the announcement, and onJanuary 8, 2001 the church beganwith securing a building. The newchurch was growing and an ex-isting congregation invited Steveto take over an existing church.The invitation included takingover the what is now River WalkFellowship. The new church wasa divine appointment and it waslocated in the northern part of Ft.Worth. River Walk Fellowshiphas had a tremendous growth pe-riod and the new location wasright on time. God was movingand Steve was obedient to followHis direction. This church is an unusualcongregation. It meets two daysa week on Saturday night andSunday morning. The flow oflove through the congregation isincredible as many of the peopleare involved in the direction ofreaching the community. One ofthe main thrusts of the church is

    By Rev. Jerrell MillerEditor & Publisher

    Pastors Steve & Diane Solomon are the pastors at RiverWalk Fellowship Church where manifestions of Oil andOrbs are happening at the church. (Remnant Photo)

    cameras. When The Remnantcamera recorded images inRamona, Oklahoma during aRodney Howard-Browne event alarge bluish orb is recorded on thewall near the office area of the

    One young girl who is 13 years of age has beentouched deeply by the events of this new anoint-ing within the church. Charity Hope Sepulveda handsturns to pure oil on her fingers and palmsduring the altar call at the end of each service.

    Notice at thebottomright hand corner ofthis picture, TheRemnant camera hascaptured an orb whilePastor Steve Solomonprays for the sick.(Remnant Photo)

    the feeding of the poor in thecommunity. Several boxes offood are passed out to the needyon a weekly basis. We are calledto feed the poor, that is a com-mand of the gospel and we wantto be pleasing to God in thatway, said Pastor Steve. On arecent visit by Bishop Katunga ofKenya he said that he knew thiswas a house of God because ofthe effort made toward the poor.Katunga is one of the most pow-erful men in Africa and says thatwhen he started his church inKenya he began with feeding thepoor in Kenya. The manifestations of theorbs are not just seen throughdigital photography. A camcorderrecorded the images also in a darkchurch without any flash bulbs orlights when the power went outduring a noon service. (EditorsNote) This is not an unusual typeof manifestation to show up onvideo tape. In the late 1980s aChurch of God student fromCleveland, Tennessee recordedthe image of a man who manybelieve is Jesus standing behinda women as her eyes were healed,no one saw the image of Christuntil the student group got backhome and were surprised to seeit as they viewed it for the firsttime. Many people have devel-oped photography at Happy HillChurch in Ramona, Oklahomaand have recorded the orbs onpicture prints from a film loaded

    church. This image was recordedwithout a flash on digital photog-raphy with a 5 megapixal SonyMavica CD-500 camera. Thelarge picture to the right was re-corded by a three mega pixelcamera, notice that there are sev-eral orbs floating in the church,it was taken by flash photogra-phy but that many orbs shouldntappear in the camera with just oneflash. The unusual activity ofRiver Walk Church in Ft. Worth,Texas is accompanied with oilpouring off the rails and the win-dows of the book store. Oneyoung girl who is 13 years of agehas been touched deeply by theevents of this new anointing withinthe church. Charity HopeSepulveda hands turns to pure oilon her fingers and palms duringthe altar call at the end of each ser-vice. Charity also has a propheticgift that flows through her andshe writes down what God hasspoken through her in prophecy. Solomon is taking all theseevents in stride but the real visionof the church is to reach theMetroplex area of Dallas-Ft.Worth with the supernaturalpower of God. It is apparent thechurch has moved into a newlevel of anointing. These eventshave been happening over a fourmonth period of time and duringthat time several people havecome to the altar service and havebeen healed of several illnesses.Diane Solomon said, When

    Steve was firstcalled to the minis-try we prayed thatno traditions of menwould enter intothis work, and we

    also prayedthat signsand won-ders wouldalways be apart of ourmin is t ry.We believe greaterthings will happen for usbecause we are trustingin God. Ive had Godspeak to me on three dif-

    stood in line. While thecamcorder was over oneindividual a light orbwas positioned over hishands, the moment thepastor spoke over theperson a light orb islaunched from his handsand travels to the top ofthe sealing and leavesthe church. Why is allof this happening at thischurch in Ft. Worth, Texas? Steve Solomon is a con-verted Jew who found Jesus inFlorida while leading his bandat a Lake Buena Vista Hotel inDisney World. Solomon hashosted a nationwide talk for-mate in Ft. Worth, Texas that canbe heard every night from flag-ship station KVTT in Dallas,Texas from 11 PM to 6 am in themorning (Prayer & Praise). Imused to these night time hoursas an entertainer but when Godgot a hold of my life he calledme to be a minister. I found outthat my entire family has a linkto the Rabbinical Priesthood asa member of the Tribe of LeviPrayer and Praise is heard ev-ery night throughout the UnitedStates as people from all overthe country and the world phoneinto the station with their prayerrequests. Steve was a memberat Calvary Cathedral Church inFt. Worth, Texas. We werethere when God touched thechurch with revival in 1993 withRodney Howard-Browne. Westarted traveling out from thechurch in revival and began toexperience the same anointing.In 1991 we had already startedthe radio program but God spoketo me to start a church in the Ft.Worth area in the year 2000. Iwent to my Pastor and told himon Sunday I felt as if Godwanted me to start a new workin the area. He gave me his

    ferent occasions and on one ofthose occasions I about healing.Since these happening have beengoing on their has been an in-crease in power and many peoplewho have been coming to the al-tar are being healed on the spotand their doctors are verifyingthose healings. To know whatGod is going to do is hard to say,but when their is a season like thisin the church you wonder howmuch more is God going to showhis face. said Solomon. Recently while people weretaking pictures in the sanctuary awomen took a picture that had alot of motion to it. These are thetypes of pictures that you throwaway but this was another un-usual shot. Through the motionof the picture a trumpet can be

    seen around Pastor SteveSolomons mouth. It is becom-ing apparent that something isgoing on in the house at RiverWalk Fellowship in Ft. Worth,Texas. Pastor Solomon went onto say, We were really touchedby the ministry of RodneyHoward-Browne when he cameto Calvary Cathedral, that isstill with us unto today. Wewere never the same after thosemeetings. These are some veryunusual signs and wonders hap-pening here. We want all thatGod has to give us and we en-courage our people to keep tak-ing pictures and keep looking forGod. It all points to Jesus, I be-lieve He is telling us that he isabout to come for us. We mustbe ready when he comes.

  • Following Rodney Howard-Browne

    DURBAN SOUTHAFRICA -- FollowingRodney Howard-Browne is something a lot ofpeople would find very difficultto do, believe me this manworks in the ministry and thereis not a dusty spot on the trailhe is on. The Remnant startedcovering this awesome man ofGod in January and all the wayto September he has done morethan any person we have everseen in ministry. We were gladto cover this great man of Godas he went from Oklahoma toSouth Africa this summer.When does the man sleep is healways moving. One ministry

    aid told TheRemnant thatRodney verys e l d o msleeps but justa few hours aday. Hes one of

    the most approachable men inministry today. He always seemsto find time for those around himwho want to speak to him.Standing in a Hotel Lobby inDurban, South Africa, Rodneyspoke about the controversialfaith healer in Lagos, Nigeria.Hes a man of God, heaven helpthe person who speaks againsthim or trys to harm him, Iwouldnt want to be in that mansshoes. Thats that kind of person heis. The Remnant sat in a pew inHappy Hill Church in Ramona,Oklahoma and watched people

    being touched by revival. Itdidnt matter the age, when theHoly Ghost and Rodney wasthrough with them they wererolling on the floor and laughing.One Native America Mike Codyfrom Anadarka, Oklahoma said,He touched my children in away they have never beentouched before. What everwas going on in Ramona willnever be forgottem by mytwo daughters. My sonbegan to experience thesupernatural in a deeperway after those meetings.

    He is a one of a kind HolyGhost evangelist. I dont

    think you can find anyonewith more ambition to get the

    job done than Rodney. Hedoesnt explain away Holy

    Ghost Revival of the Baptism inthe Holy Ghost, he believes thatGod is a supernatural God and thevision that Jesus has for the wholeworld is to bring forth revival ina Supernatural way. While preaching a sermon inJanuary Campmeeting at theRiver Church Rodney said, Ifyouve been mocked, or ridiculed

    for what you are doing inthe Holy Ghost, then youmust be disturbing thereligious base. We havecome to destroy religion sopeople can experience thesupernatural life andpresence of God in thelocal churches. Someoneasked Rodney where hethought revival was goingto happen while otherrevival leaders around him

    Several that night who were therewere shocked at his answer butwe have seen that in the Springand this Summer many of thepeople who are coming to theRodney Howard-Brownemeetings are experiencing revivalin their home churches. Onechurch that experienced revivalin the early days of 1994 inLouisville was HeritageFellowship in Florence,Kentucky. Pastor Cleddie Keithsaid this before revival touchedhis church, If we dontexperience revival Im going todigrace heaven with my tears andcry for a hundred years. Thatwill never happen, revival didtouch Heritage Fellowship andsince 1994 they have held revivalservices in the church everyFriday. We were saddened to hearabout the death of RodneyHoward-Brownes father thismonth. Derrick Howard-Brownewas the subject of many ofRodneys messages. Rodneyspoke about his father in this way,We were always at church, wecouldnt escape and if we were

    at church we were having aprayer meeting in our house. Icouldnt get away with anythingthose people were always

    spoke of several things, Rodneyspoke up and said, Its going tohappen in the local church, thatswhere its going to happen.

    praying, but it is what has mademe what I am today. If youreally want to know about thesecret behind what drives RodneyHoward-Browne as a minister

    many people and has said thisabout Rodneys ministry. Ifyou want to trace the modernRiver moves of God in thiscountry then you would have togo all the way back to a storefront church in Clifton Falls,New York when they startedlaughing. You can trace theToronto Blessing and theBrownsville Revival all the wayback to this one event thathappened in 1989. RodneyHoward-Browne is the Father ofthe River move of God in NorthAmerica. When he playedchurch as a little boy in bedroomwith his brother, Rodney wouldbe in the middle of his makebelieve service and open thewindow and call to his brother,Ive got to go to America, Illbe back later. When Rodneywas a child his vision of Americacame when a Cowboy fromWestern America came to thechurch, from that moment onRodney knew he had a destinyto fulfill in America. From January of this yearuntil now we have seen themiracles and the move of Godcome through his servantRodney. We would encourageanyone who is near to one of hismeetings to go and see. Thisman holds the power for truePentecostal Revival. The loss ofhis father has only strenghtenedhis resolve to touch the face ofGod. Pray for his new out reachin South Africa that it will be asuccess in Good NewsMamelodi

    you would have to go all the wayback to Port Elizabeth in SouthAfrica and see how his motherand father prepared him forministry when he was a child. The Remnant has spoken to

    Derrick Howard-Browne

    If you really want to know about the secret behind what drivesRodney Howard-Browne as a minister you would have to goall the way back to Port Elizabeth in South Africa and see how hismother and father prepared him for ministry when he was a child.

    The tope picture was taken in Ramona, Oklahoma in the Spring and theother picture was taken at the Good News Umlazi Crusade.

  • Steve


    Deuteronomy 2:7For I have blessedall the works of thyhand.

    FT. WORTH, TX -- He wasborn to a Jewish family inBoston, Mass. He knewnothing about eternal life. SteveSolomon found himself singingin some of the best places nightspots in the country such as LasVegas, Miami, Orlando andNew York. He was ap r o f e s s i o n a lentertainer. Hewas a headlinerwith a smoothvoice, but he hada tremendousvoid in his lifethat started himsearching for thetruth in somestrange places.His final path ledhim to anotherJew namedJesus! Diane and Iwere married forfour years andwe hit a roughspot in ourmarriage. Ibegan to searchout spiritualthings but in thewrong places, Iwas intotranscendentalm e d i t a t i o n .Diane wouldhave nothing todo with thisbecause sheknew someanswers I didntknow, but never share them withme. She was raised in aPentecostal background, butwas backslidden at the time. Iwas looking for answers in lifeat 24 years old, and I began toseek a supernatural source. Wewere in Orlando and our bandwas at the Royal Plaza Hotel atLake Buena Vista. I was tryingto follow the method oftranscendental meditation andnothing was happening. OnMarch 24, 1974, in a room withall the light out, I sat in a chairand began to meditate. In thatroom I asked God a question? Iasked if the God of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob was real, beinga Jew and being raised that wayI was seeking the truth. Then Iasked is Jesus Christ who Hesays He is? It was at that timethat I went into a vision, I wascaught up and saw a ball of fire.His right hand came out from theball of fire and pushed me back,I saw His hand and felt it and Iheard His voice and he said,Yes I Am! What you are doingis wrong, stop what you aredoing now and follow Me. Istarted reading Dianes biblewithout her knowing it. I startedreading the bible in the OldTestament. In the New



    Deuteronomy 2:7For I have blessedall the works of thyhand.

    I asked if the God ofAbraham, Isaac, and Jacobwas real, being a Jew andbeing raised that way I wasseeking the truth. Then I askedis Jesus Christ who He says Heis? It was at that time that Iwent into a vision, I was caughtup and saw a ball of fire. Hisright hand came out from theball of fire and pushed meback, I saw His hand and felt itand I heard His voice and hesaid, Yes I Am! What you aredoing is wrong, stop what youare doing now and follow Me.

    Testament I found out all theseguys were Jews, Matthew, Mark,Luke, John and Paul. You reallybegin to realize as a Jew that youare totally blinded to the truth.When the bible says he blindstheir eyes, Christians have norealization of where most Jewsare at concerning the spiritualthings of the Cross. I was totallyblind toward the truth, but my

    eyes were opened and the Lordsaved me. Diane had no idea ofwhat had happened to me until Isaid one day, Thats not rightweve got to start living for JesusDiane took offense and said toherself, What does a Jew knowabout my Jesus? She was faraway from her Holy Ghostupbringing but she knewsomething had gotten a hold ofmy heart. This Jewish entertainer hadhis eyes opened by a supernaturaltouch from God. This touchwould take him out of theentertainment business. Afterthis transformation to Christ theband just died, we couldnt get ajob anywhere. I tried to findwork, I tried everything I workedfor UPS. I had a degree from TheUniversity of Central Florida inpolitical science and everywherewhen I applied for work I wastold I was over qualified. I startedseeking the Lord for sevenmonths, during that time Godprovided for us in a supernaturalway, and finally after sevenmonths I surrendered my life topreach. During this time period Istarted reading a book aboutWilliam Branham, A Man SentFrom God by Gordon Lindsey. A

    dear man had been broughtinto my life to help me withmy new faith. Elder Thomashad given me a book to read,I was so stirred I read it inone setting and gave it backto him. Something strangehappened while I was readingthe book, the wind doesntblow in Florida during Julybut while I was reading the

    book the windbegan to blowthrough thehouse where welived. Shortlyafter I finishedthe book I waspraying and fellasleep, while Iwas asleep I sawW i l l i a mBranham in am e e t i n gpreaching. ThenI saw the Lordstanding next tome and he said,Stretch forththy hand to healthe sick. I wokeup and my wholebody was on fire.Lord, give me ascripture to knowthat this is youspeaking to me.Deuteronomy2:7 For I haveblessed all theworks of thyhand. Then Ipressed the Lordagain and hespoke to me

    again prophetically, Exodus19:5, so I turned my bible tothat scripture and it said,Exodus 19:5 Now therefore,if ye will obey my voiceindeed, and keep mycovenant, then ye shall be apeculiar treasure unto me aboveall people: for all the earth ismine. It was clear that Godwanted me to pray for the sick.We have always seen a lot ofthings happening but since wehave seen this oil at the church,the Lord spoke to me in my spiritby stepping out more in theworking of miracles and the giftsof healing. Steve Solomon has never hadany formal training in seminary.A good friend name ElderThomas brought him books aboutW. V. Grant, Sr. and GordonLindsey. We looked at a coupleof bible schools but it neverworked out. I had a collegeeducation and the Holy Ghost,that was enough for me to goforward in my call. I knew howto study because of college so Ijust taught myself the scripturesin the King James Version. We started traveling andgiving my testimony, mainly inthe Four Square Churches on theEast Coast. Our first meeting we

    by Jerrell MillerEditor of The Remnant

    Steve Solomon Was Touched ByThe Power of God For Healing

    had at Central Four SquareChurch started on a Sunday, andwe ended up going nine weeksseven nights a week. We hadseveral people healed during thatfirst meeting. Steve felt athome with the call that had beenplaced on him. Diane said yearslatter at a family reunion inAlabama one of the familymembers remembered herAlabama grandmother sayingthat she had seen a little Jewishboy was going to be part of thefamily.. The vision and the workGod has given this man camefrom a long line of the Jewishpriesthood. Steve Solomon hada Levi linage and it could betraced back to his familythe landof Israel.. Its strange we wentto Israel and a week before PrimeMinister Yitzhak Rabin wasassisinated we were talking aboutIsrael and some of the issuesthere and someone suggested thatwe should talk to Yitzhak Rabin.I said, theres no sense talkingto him, hes not going to bearound much longer. We had no

    knowledge of what was about tohappen, I believe God spokethrough me at that timeprophetically. I never used myJewishness in ministry, Ive beencalled to the gentiles, but if Godwants me to minister to the JewsI sure be obedient when he calls.While I know that I am a Jew, Idont consider myself any morespecial than the next person, butI do know that I have a Jewishheritage and it does mean a lotto me personally. Gods servant Steve Solomonwas called while he was seekingthe truth. What he knows aboutthe truth today is that to be foundin the favor of God and in the willof God are the two mostimportant things in a personslife. At River Walk fellowshipin Ft. Worth, Texas the glory ofGod is being revealed in Godsservant. Pastor Steve Solomon iswitnessing the events of the endtime in his church through signsand wonders. This true LevitePriest has found Jesus and and hiswork is increasing by the day.

  • Pastor Sam Dalin Juneau, Alaska 364-2456 & 907-723-8336

    Accurate History Concerning PeaceFor Land In Israel

    1. October 30, 1991: The Per-fect Storm - As President GeorgeH. W. Bush is opening theMadrid (Spain) Conference toconsider land for peace inIsraels Middle East role, theperfect storm develops in theNorth Atlantic, creating the larg-est waves ever recorded in thatregion. The storm travels 1000miles from east to west insteadof the normal west to east pat-tern and crashes into the New En-gland Coast. Thirty-five footwaves crash into theKennebunkport home of Presi-dent Bush.

    United Nations about declaringan independent Palestinian stateby May 1999, as HurricaneGeorge pounds the Gulf Coast,causing $1 billion in damage. Atthe exact time that Arafat departsthe country, the storm begins todissipate.

    Jerusalem as the capital, the mostpowerful tornado storm systemever to hit the United Statessweeps across Oklahoma andKansas. The winds are clockedat 316 mph the fastest windspeed ever recorded. The decla-ration is postponed to December1999 at the request of PresidentClinton, whose letter to Arafatencourages him in his aspira-tions for his own land. He alsowrites that the Palestinians havea right to determine their ownfuture on their own land and thatthey deserve to live free, today,tomorrow and forever.

    Gambling casinos took a hiton the coast as this is where theeye of the storm hit.

    from their homes. They wereforced to leave their homes onand near the sea, as their govern-ment then came in and bulldozedthose homes. Where are thesepeople now? They are in govern-ment shelters and governmenthousing. They are basicallyh o m e l e s s . Now look at our situation. Ourneighbors on and near the seahave been driven from theirhomes and their homes havebeen destroyed. They, too, areweeping and homeless, depen-dent on the government. One canscoff and say that this is just co-incidence, but there are no coin-cidences in the Lord. The Biblesays that we reap what we sow,and that those who bless Israelwill be blessed, and those whocurse Israel will be cursed. I havebeen told by several people thatgovernment officials (even up tothe VERY top) have been warnedof the consequences of forcingIsrael to give up land. And I be-lieve that would be like the Lordto warn first. However,our government did not heed thewarning, but pressed on withwhat seemed right in their owneyes. I hope this will give us allbetter understanding of theverses in Proverbs 3:5-6 Trustin the Lord with all your heart,and do not lean on your own un-derstanding, in all your ways ac-knowledge Him and He willmake your paths straight. If youneed Scripture for a confirmationof recompense for removingIsrael from its territory, see Joel3. Even in the midst of this de-

    2. August 23, 1992: Hurri-cane Andrew - When the MadridConference moves to Washing-ton DC and the peace talks re-sume, Hurricane Andrew, theworst natural disaster ever to hitAmerica, comes ashore and pro-duces an estimated $30 billion indamage and leaving 180,000homeless in Florida. 3. January 16, 1994:Northridge Earthquake - Presi-dent Bill Clinton meets withSyrias President Hafez el-Assadin Geneva. They talk about apeace agreement with Israel thatincludes giving up the GolanHeights. Within 24 hours, a pow-erful 6.9 earthquake rocks South-ern California. This quake, cen-tered in Northridge, becomes thesecond most destructive naturaldisaster to hit the United States,behind Hurricane Andrew. 4. January 21, 1998:Lewinsky Scandal - Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahumeets with President Clinton atthe White House and is coldlyreceived. Clinton and Secretaryof State Madeleine Albrightrefuse to have lunch with him.Shortly afterwards on that day,the Monica Lewinsky scandalbreaks into the mass media andbegins to occupy a major portionof Clintons time. 5. September 28, 1998: Hur-ricane George - As Secretary ofState Albright works on the finaldetails of an agreement in whichIsrael would give up 13 percentof Yesha (Judah and Samaria),Hurricane George slams into theUnited States Gulf Coast with110 mph winds and gusts up to175 mph. The hurricane hits thecoast and stalled. On September28, Clinton meets with YasserArafat and Netanyahu at theWhite House to finalize this landdeal. Later, Arafat addresses the

    6. October 15-22, 1998:Texas Flooded - On October 15,1998, Arafat and Netanyahumeet at the Wye River Plantationin Maryland. The talks are sched-uled to last five days with the fo-cus on Israel giving up 13 per-cent of Yesha. The talks are ex-tended and conclude on October23. On October 17, awesomerains and tornadoes hit southernTexas. The San Antonio area isdeluged with rain. The rain andflooding in Texas continue untilOctober 22 and then subside. Thefloods ravage 25 percent ofTexas and leave over one billiondollars in damage. On October21, Clinton declares this sectionof Texas a major disaster area.

    7. November 30, 1998: Mar-ket Capitalization Evaporates -Arafat comes to Washingtonagain to meet with PresidentClinton to raise money for a Pal-estinian state with Jerusalem asthe capital. A total of 42 othernations were represented inWashington. All the nationsagreed to give Arafat $3 billionin aid. Clinton promised $400million,and the European nations$1.7 billion. On the same day, theDow Jones average drops 216points, and on December 1, theEuropean Market had its thirdworst day in history. Hundredsof billions of market capitaliza-tion were wiped out in the U.S.and Europe. 8. December 12, 1998:Clinton is Impeached - AsClinton lands in the Palestinian-controlled section of Israel to dis-cuss the land for peaceprocess,the House of Representativesvotes four articles of impeach-ment against him. 9. May 3, 1999: The Power-ful Super Tornado - On the daythat Yasser Arafat is scheduled todeclare a Palestinian state with

    10. Week of October 11:Hurri-cane, Earthquake and Dow Col-lapse - As Jewish settlers in 15West Bank (Israel) settlementsare evicted from the covenantland in Israel, the Dow-Jones fi-nancial averages lose 5.7 percentin the worst week since October1989. On October 15 the Dowlost 266 points, and a hurricaneslams into North Carolina. Onthe next morning, October 16, amagnitude 7.1 earthquake rocksthe southwest in the fifth mostpowerful earthquake in 20thCentury. The earthquake wascentered in the California desertand did little damage but was feltin three states. In JohnMcTernan and my book, Israelthe Blessing or the Curse, weidentify events that occur on thesame-day Israel was strongly ad-vised or forced to give up hercovenant land by the UnitedStates or others. The above givesone an idea of the magnitude ofthese events.-Koenigs International News -

    (2) From Olive Tree Ministries:What you wont hear anywhereis that this week New Orleanswas to observe Southern Deca-dence Day with 100,000 homo-sexuals gathering there to com-mit unspeakable acts in public.Previous events were photo-graphed and sent to the mayorand police officials but they didnot care. They had their own lust:The $100,000,000 the eventbrings in.

    And as America forced Israe-lis out of parts of their land, hur-ricane Katrina was building inthe Atlantic. A Fox reporter said,It must be an emotional experi-ence (for Americans) to walkaway from their homes and notever live in them again. Samewith those forced out in Israel.Israeli homes are being demol-ished as Gulf Coast homes aredemolished. This was Americas greatestevacuation. Now we haverefugees. Israelis were evacuated andmany are refugees living in tentsand refugee centers, thanks toAmerica. The Israeli uprootingwill affect their entire economyin that some of their finest pro-duce which was exported is nowleft behind. Americas economy couldface a steep recession as oil pro-cessing refineries were damaged.Plan to see price increases withindays. Will this bring oureconomy down? Major indus-tries will be affected from fooddelivery, jet fuel, travel, insur-ance, and so much more with theripple effect of skyrocketinggas prices.

    (3) We REAP What we SOW

    -by Amy Methvin.

    I am going out on a limb withwhat I am about to say. It maystrike a nerve, and I am sorry ifthat does happen. But in thesedays people must hear theTRUTH, even if it is uncomfort-able. I knew, as this country haspushed the roadmap to peacein Israel that for our country therewould be dire consequences.And as I watched the people ofGaza Strip driven from theirhomes, I knew in my spirit therewould be very swift (within a fewweeks at best) consequences forour country. In case you dontknow, the USA is the drivingforce behind these agreements. Ijust wasnt prepared for the ob-vious parallel in reaping what wesowed. It was just a couple ofweeks ago, that we watched thepeople of Gaza driven, weeping,

    struction here in our country andfor those in Israel, God is atwork. He CAUSES all things towork together for good for thosewho are called according to Hispurposes. Many will call uponHis Name during these days andbe saved. So pray that people willopen their eyes and call uponHim.

    I certainly dont pretend toknow all the ways of the Lord,but this seemed pretty easy todiscern. In these days let us allseek the Lord while He can stillbe found. My love to you all.

    ~Amy Methvin.

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    Jacksonville, NC 28546Phone: 910-353-2111

    Email: [email protected] site:

    Oklahoma SalvationPastor Mike Cody

    NEW ORLEANS,LA -- It was a hotJuly day in NewOrleans when PastorFrank Bailey invited meto come to his city tocover John and CarolArnott on 7th and 8th inthe month that wouldchange the destiny ofNew Orleans forever. Iwas right next to the LueyP. Long Bridge. Outsidemy hotel room a railroadtressel always had cars onit as they go high andlifted up over theMississippi River. Thisafternoon I had lunch withHoward Walden the deanof the school of ministryat Victory Life Fellowshipon Airline Highway.Frank & Parris Bailey andHoward Walden are allnatives from New Orleanswithin the month theirlives would change fromthe pattern ministry of thechurch to being placed inanother land. Perhapsthey felt like the childrenof Israel as they weremoved to Babylonwithout choice into aplace that wasnt theirfamiliar home. We had not done astory in New Orleans insix years but all of asudden we got aninvitation to come overand do a story on thechurch , I didnt think Iwould be doing a storylike this one. You see theyhad everything plannedfor the future. Frank andHoward Walden werevery proud of their BibleSchool, and what theytold me about it made me

    want to be a part of theschool. How can youpredict the future, no oneknows the time we have inministry and the time wehave on this earth. Im sureVictory Life Fellowshipwill rise from the ashes. Tosay it will never be thesame is in some minds anegative thoughtm but ifyou have read theprophecies in this paper onpage five then you would

    Frank & ParrisBailey of Victory LifeIn New Orleans

    understand that Frank andParris Bailey will comeback to set the stage forNew Orleans to have fullrevival. When I was havinglunch with Howard Walderthe Associate Pastor andDean of the school atVictory life I could hear inhis voice that this washome and he loved the NewOrleans area very much.Who could know such a

    Katrina Couldnt StopThe Fire At Victory Life

    thing would happen,Howard had the entire yearplanned for the school.God had a purpose in whathappened. Vicotry Life isno stranger to revival. Inthe early move of God withRodney Howard-Browne,Victory Life was a well oflife as the church went deepinto several years as thechurch changed fromreligion to the presence ofGod. I watched theArnotts minister,immediately when CarolArnott went into thecongregation to minister.She immediately said,Wow I can feelthepresence of God in thishouse.

    Next to Victory Life isthe New Orleans trainingcamp building. It dwarfsthe Victory Life and thischurch is not a smallchurch. The hope that is inthe church will still be therewhen they get back. Whilethe Saints might move toSan Antonio the people atVictory Life love theirpastor and are planningright now for a full revivalin the Big Easy. Not bymight nor power but by mySpirit saith the Lord. Go

    Pastor Frank Bailey speaks to hiscongregation at Victory LifeFellowship in New Orleans onOct. 7, 2005just 22 daysbeforeKatrina.

    Tribal Revival

  • FT. WORTH, TX --This is a book thathas the moods and thefeelings of life. Despite theovercoming nature that is in usas Christs Ambassadors in thisworld there is still a memoryof those events and things thathave touched our lives.Maudine Cole has alloweed usto see life through her eyes andthe expression of pain, joy andthe power of God is found inOnce And Again. This is an unusual bookbecause of how Maudene haschosed to do it. When I studiedEnglish Literture in College,

    Powerful Expression of Reality

    If you read thisnewspaper long enoughyou will see how this editorsees life. The same thing isgoing on in Maudene Colesbook and it is valuable to anyonewho reads it.

    Maudene Cole

    the part I enjoyed about eachcharter we studied was whatmade them do the written work.As you read Maudenes poetry,you also have a writtenexpression of what and how shewrote it. I have very often readsomething and asked what or whomotivated that piece of written

    expression. If you read thisnewspaper long enough you willsee how this editor sees life. Thesame thing is going on inMaudene Coles book and it isvaluable to anyone who reads it. One of the deerest moments ofthe entire book is Maudenesexpression toward her family anda sister who died just two days

    before her birthday. The anguishof death is written in openexpression. Not only doesMaudene write about her feels,she also writes about theexperience of death that herfamily is going through.Maudenes sister Catrina died ata young age of 24.

    Losses at an early age havevery often turned an entire cityto Christ. One man. RobertMurray McShane, who only livedto be 30 changed all of Scotlandafter his borthers death. Hechose to live a life of prayer andholiness after his brothers death,that life of holiness changed theatmosphere of everyone who was

    a r o u n dhim. Thisbook isvery similarin style andf a s h i o n .God movesthrough thewriters penand thehonest inthe style ofthis writtenwork isrefreshing.M a u d e n edeals withanger, shesays at onetime thatwhen she isangry shecan writev e r yforcefullyat the time.Iunderstandhow shefeels as ah u m a nbeing. Thisis a greatgift to ofunderstandingto a personwho wantsto ministerthe reality of life to those who are hurting. For more informaiton ofthe book call 817 577-9673.

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