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P.AngelDeepa M.JeyaPrabha A.BrindhaSherly

Presented By: Waed shaqareen

Embedded systems design

SPRING 20161W. Al-Shaqareen

Yarmouk UniversityComputer Engineering Department


IntroductionPower plant system (Generation station) defined as industrial station that utilized for generation and distribution of electric power in mass scale.

Web based interactive embedded power plant system use internet for controlling and monitoring control plants using internet browser.

The core of the system is embedded hardware device that has built in web server for data that served to clients via internet.W. Al-Shaqareen 2

Presentation OutlineW. Al-Shaqareen 3

The basics of power plant control.Functional modeling for internet based control systems. Interactive data-acquisition system.Establishing a direct communication link between the client and the embedded device . Broadcast IP address using FTP server.Data management in the system.Data management in the system ( joint management)Data management security.

The basics of power plant controlTo achieve remote monitoring in power plant control system we need to ensure that power generation basics are achieved:

1-protectionLife insurance for the plant and associated asserts. 2-Control. must be accurate. 3-Supervision provide both comfort and flexibility.

To achieve these basics we construct functional modeling for internet based control systems

W.Al-Shaqareen 4

FUNCTIONAL MODELING FOR INTERNET BASED CONTROL SYSTEMS.Functional modeling defined as constructing model to achieve control system specification.

W. Al-Shaqareen 5

Advantages:1- Access to the monitoring functionality independent from location.

2-Use of zero cost software on client side to across the information.

INTERACTIVE DATA-ACQUISITION SYSTEM In this system we monitor and adjust using web browsers keep in mind that PC independent from location and platform.

Data acquisition system has three component:Embedded systemServer.Clients.

W. Al-Shaqareen 6

INTERACTIVE DATA-ACQUISITION SYSTEMW. Al-Shaqareen 7Data acquisition system relay acquired data to clients and the clients send requests through server.

The drawback for this system is that "Enormous amount of data transfer time would be consumed.

Indirect communication between client and embedded devices

Establishing a direct communication link between the client and the embedded device This system eliminate the need for a central server and reduces the amount of data sent from the remote unit ,just queried data only transferred.

Direct access for embedded system need IP address of embedded devices must be available at the client side.

IP address choices: *Static *Dynamic. W. Al-Shaqareen 8

W. Al-Shaqareen 9Static IP versus Dynamic IPIP address must be Known to any clients requesting an access to the embedded server


Broadcast IP address using FTP serverMozart ----------> DAS(Data acquisition system).

A script on embedded device is configured.

HTML file (index.html)placed on FTP server by ES under folder its name has hostname and acquired by client.

ES updates its information on FTP server after every reboot ,so IP address refreshed.W.Al-Shaqareen 11

Data management in the system

Server sending all pictures to client through server on internet.Text data like: coordinates, altitudes..etc are served from ES.If data to be transmitted ,embedded module set to send image via GPRS and placed on FTP.

W. Al-Shaqareen 12

Data management in the system

W. Al-Shaqareen 13

ES used here work in X86 based standalone unit with four serial port and one parallel port and 16MB removable flash memory.

Serial ports---->debugging purposes and test system functionality.

Data management in the system(joint management)

Multiple services available between server and client simultaneously .

Joint management is the only joint that directly communicate with web clients in control systems.

All control elements behind joint management.

If malicious hackers want to attack control systems ,they attack joint management rather than control systems.

This method will reduce the number of links with the internet into one .

W. Al-Shaqareen 14

Data management system securityThe most serious problems results from connecting power control system to internet: 1- Hackers. 2-Unauthorized access. 3-System failure caused by viruses . 4-Server overload.

WBCS(Web based client server) developed to allow authorized users via information network excluding unauthorized operation. Targets of malicious WBCS: 1-Directly attack of controllers and devices. 2-monitor information network. 3-Obtain information for suggested attack method.

W. Al-Shaqareen 15

Secure WBSCPKI(public key Infrastructure) suggested as one of the best methods to secure WBSC.

Protecting operation equipment achieved by single firewall for whole network.

W. Al-Shaqareen 16

ConclusionsW. Al-Shaqareen 17TCP/IP model used to improve the power plant control system.

Low operational cost and flexible for web based power plant control systems.

Productivity increased by using internet.

QuestionsW. Al-Shaqareen 18