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  • 1.The Future of Journalism P resentedby:Yu Shao, z3388668 Qian (Joy) Song, z3392730,YUAN Yuan (Julia)z3239273

2. Newspaper = Dinosaur? 3. The Decline of Newspapers

  • Loss of the news breaking function
  • Decline in readership
  • Loss of Advertising

4. New media as threat vs. opportunity 5. Information society

  • Information society can be broadly understood to denote the social, political, economic and cultural shifts in society that have come about primarily because of relatively recent innovations in information and communications technology.
  • ( Conboy and Steel 2008)

6. Idea of information society

  • Descriptive
  • Explanatory
  • Different theoreticians come up with different ideas of the information society.

7. "social formation with an infrastructure of social and media networks enabling its prime mode of organization at all levels (individual, group/organizational and societal)."(Van Dijk 2006: 20) 8. Webster, however, argues, that since the information society is only providing simpler and more convenient access to existing information, it "... is hard to understand why anyone should suggest that we have before us something radically new" (Webster 2002: 259) since it, in fact, can be, and has been achieved on the basis of minimal technological support.(Webster, Robins 1999: 80) 9. information society revolution is providing an entire paradigm shift in the way capitalism and nation states function, since "information generation, processing, and transmission" are about to become "the fundamental sources of productivity and power"(Castells 2000: 21) 10. New Technology and The future of Newspaper : 11.

  • Consumer perspectives:
  • One obvious impact of the technology for the future of newspapers is the empowerment of news consumers on a global scale.


  • Credibility of online news disseminators
  • Challenges of journalistic professionalism

13. Conclusion

  • Future of Newspaper Industry
  • Information society
  • New Technology

14. Questions

  • How can print newspapers improve themselves to survive the coming digital era?
  • What does the future hold for journalists? Will other forms of journalism disappear in favour of the online product?
  • In the new electronic environment, is an excellent journalist still as reliant on contacts or are computer skills now more important in achieving the journalists goal of ensuring the public is well informed?