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Fashionable Realtime info - Page 1 Fashionable Realtime for Steno Writers focuses generally on the most frequent English words. The following list was derived from thousands of English publications worldwide, including newspapers, periodicals such as Life and Time magazines, textbooks, the Holy Bible, fictional works, even romance novels. Anything written and published was harvested in huge numbers. Raw text was input to a database and analyzed without bias. The result was a fascinating cross-section of what constitutes the most commonly used English in modern life, and the backdrop for my research. There is a twist, though: Court reporters usually write unpondered and unscripted words — not published material. (There is no collection available of this specifically, but I’m working on it!) This explains why the $ symbol appears below. Clearly the collection represents printed language, not uttered language. Still, we might equate $ to the frequency of the spoken dollars. Numbers, too, appear on the list, since after all, they are still words. Therefore we would take occurrences of, say, 5, and add them to the total number under five to get the real frequency of the word “five”. An important consideration in exploring word frequency for our profession is the arrival of new words in common parlance or the repositioning of some words on the list, depending on your geographic location or at what point in time. An example might be “terror(ist)” which occurred only on the final page of the 21 pages that follow, since this list was created pre-September 11. The most frequent words for stenographic reporters therefore are always liquid, ever affected by culture, by history, and by life itself. Large figures after each headword represent the number of times the word occurred in the entire survey. Boldfaced oddities are entries representing computer-generated orthographical components of other words. Thus ve represents the frequency of ~ve as a contraction of pronouns I, you, and we which are listed separately. Some words appear more than once — in different tenses or as different parts of speech. Numerous entries suggest that materials used were largely British, not North American (e.g. Coventry appears but not the ubiquitous Dallas. Similarly, lawyer appears, but attorney had no place among the top 5,000.) I regret that I have likely missed a few capital letters for proper nouns, but I hope to catch them on the next session. Enjoy the list, and ask me if anything has you perplexed. Denis Thievin email: [email protected] the 18107022 of 8419391 to 8177240 and 7703785 a 7197416 in 5919687 that 3357098 is 3018750 it 3008767 for 2852135 I 2517897 was 2474005 on 2274695 he 2138343 $ (dollars) 2119734 with 2098286 as 1862646 be 1734169 at 1691897 by 1607157 but 1547321 have 1497877 are 1429395 his 1416768 from 1401122 they 1395527 you 1244899 not 1232450 had 1114497 has 1098776 an 1050136 we 1047476 or 933264 s (‘s) 927810 said 924236 their 880860 will 873382 which 859407 she 845055 were 842734 all 830061 been 816360 who 815265 this 813463 would 748393 there 736712 up 733880 if 718430 when 716856 about 698346 what 676872 out 673500 can 654604 so 614291 her 586419 one 577121 its 529387 two 510519 you 503334 time 501671 after 479498 than 497309 more 495018 people 494322 FASHIONABLE REALTIME: The 5,000 most frequent words in English

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  • Fashionable Realtime info - Page 1

    Fashionable Realtime for Steno Writers focusesgenerally on the most frequent English words. Thefollowing list was derived from thousands of Englishpublications worldwide, including newspapers,periodicals such as Life and Time magazines,textbooks, the Holy Bible, fictional works, evenromance novels. Anything written and published washarvested in huge numbers. Raw text was input to adatabase and analyzed without bias. The result was afascinating cross-section of what constitutes the mostcommonly used English in modern life, and thebackdrop for my research.

    There is a twist, though: Court reporters usually writeunpondered and unscripted words not publishedmaterial. (There is no collection available of thisspecifically, but Im working on it!) This explains whythe $ symbol appears below. Clearly the collectionrepresents printed language, not uttered language.Still, we might equate $ to the frequency of the spokendollars. Numbers, too, appear on the list, since afterall, they are still words. Therefore we would takeoccurrences of, say, 5, and add them to the totalnumber under five to get the real frequency of theword five.

    An important consideration in exploring wordfrequency for our profession is the arrival of newwords in common parlance or the repositioning ofsome words on the list, depending on your geographiclocation or at what point in time. An example might be

    terror(ist) which occurred only on the final page ofthe 21 pages that follow, since this list was createdpre-September 11. The most frequent words forstenographic reporters therefore are always liquid,ever affected by culture, by history, and by life itself.

    Large figures after each headword represent thenumber of times the word occurred in the entiresurvey. Boldfaced oddities are entries representingcomputer-generated orthographical components ofother words. Thus ve represents the frequency of ~veas a contraction of pronouns I, you, and we which arelisted separately.

    Some words appear more than once in differenttenses or as different parts of speech. Numerousentries suggest that materials used were largelyBritish, not North American (e.g. Coventry appears butnot the ubiquitous Dallas. Similarly, lawyer appears,but attorney had no place among the top 5,000.) Iregret that I have likely missed a few capital letters forproper nouns, but I hope to catch them on the nextsession.

    Enjoy the list, and ask me if anything has youperplexed.

    Denis Thievin

    http://www.anderlust.netemail: [email protected]

    the 18107022of 8419391to 8177240and 7703785a 7197416in 5919687that 3357098is 3018750it 3008767for 2852135I 2517897was 2474005on 2274695he 2138343$ (dollars) 2119734with 2098286

    as 1862646be 1734169at 1691897by 1607157but 1547321have 1497877are 1429395his 1416768from 1401122they 1395527you 1244899not 1232450had 1114497has 1098776an 1050136we 1047476

    or 933264s (s) 927810said 924236their 880860will 873382which 859407she 845055were 842734all 830061been 816360who 815265this 813463would 748393there 736712up 733880if 718430

    when 716856about 698346what 676872out 673500can 654604so 614291her 586419one 577121its 529387two 510519you 503334time 501671after 479498than 497309more 495018people 494322

    FASHIONABLE REALTIME: The 5,000 most frequent words in English

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    them 493117into 490120do 485353now 476612my 476021some 468123year 464935Mr. 457660him 447570this 446897just 440304could 438354over 437411new 431191other 428123your 420412first 420185no 398046then 395557last 385484also 385321me 382524years 367960know 362290like 358369only 356135because 345038pound 332817one 323607our 318731get 318125any 314824very 312823think 300359well 2995041 299302us 298076how 297978even 297597way 293699three 290530these 284854being 279419where 278395says 278219dont 277910down 277114world 275413dollar 270672should 269330off 267539good 266544government 265243may 263839see 262864did 260953make 259109go 258587such 256721still 250007re (`re) 249739day 246735

    through 244970back 242230those 239497say 238507ve (`ve) 237517going 2291272 223889against 221855no 221603much 221557take 221365between 220501life 218277too 216749000 (~000) 215874more 214162m 213944man 213010got 211689own 207003another 199372week 198025home 196830old 196754here 196367her 188893want 186495under 184868many 183658never 183648both 182243most 181432while 175411yeah 175175four 173589next 169932per 168855before 168604long 166947really 166687around 166147million 165916London 165659most 1647823 164614same 164071might 161605part 1586944 157895women 157406five 156361ll (~ll as in contractions) 156207again 155363must 155037made 154484children 15447710 1543675 154245British 154121there 153885country 153766

    night 152769John 152196place 151783little 151226things 150880second 150136yesterday 149789few 149471great 149335work 148489company 147775right 147024something 146425high 144945men 144503cent 143008money 142522came 141910party 141528house 141412every 141227away 140998national 140730why 140065during 139281end 138303American 137720always 137664state 136775went 135748without 134943best 134749does 133988family 1321836 132181come 132094war 131964however 131856days 131188mean 127666didn't 127385big 126613today 126593president 125947find 125696give 124901group 124545number 122751far 121836each 121566like 121301south 121149public 121033business 120186united 119722took 119585course 118372Britain 11830730 117002small 115706six 114531made 114194

    ago 113587political 113494lot 113147thing 1121277 111473market 111301name 111189before 111089look 110720yet 109975yes 109394months 108601side 108596already 108431school 107729different 107372although 105821center/centre 104902case 104851until 104828given 1044258 104241later 103825power 103464west 103262having 103178rather 103123once 103066young 102131ever 101970almost 10181820 101582point 101123fact 100993head 100776month 100229system 100112many 99980full 99540since 99400often 99161oh 99011though 98507least 98274team 97857whether 97640told 97088taken 96714England 96541quite 96475city 96330water 95963help 95522need 95457asked 95252done 95233local 95088making 94858so 94648nothing 94600times 94458car 94136

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    12 94063woman 93912feel 93438within 93125M. 92247white 92199used 91852black 91601keep 91544thought 91483minister 91437half 91203labor/labour 91052early 91033important 90632former 90472seen 90361less 90341European 90296P. 89419problem 89326mm~ (as in mm- hmm) 89104real 88712news 88392himself 88276S. 88174free 8816715 88083doing 87834use 87222together 87141David 86722among 86409new 86255hand 85842service 85830let 85741anything 85257including 84657room 84614line 84468looking 84371large 84189able 84087game 83746job 83692work 83688soviet 83639only 83563others 83154several 83042problems 81911believe 818339 81425mother 81300working 81053members 80947book 80940hard 80852office 80678third 80670

    police 80413won 80402interest 80219right 80115tell 80068economic 80010international 79298kind 79162am 78872known 78594well 78394probably 77944perhaps 77795area 77624east 76712price 76628French 76589child 76576body 76544behind 76432court 7634450 76265Europe 76106possible 76023enough 75999taking 75730wanted 75599sort 75532morning 75457trying 75395report 75337death 75228air 75187social 75141policy 75038York 74722information 74451season 74348actually 74201health 74020found 73189music 72932getting 72739bit 72650order 72446since 72113minutes 71899back 71671Australia 71259better 71102past 70981America 70979food 70871hours 70405along 70243person 70203program/ programme 69960club 69749called 69648seven 69063try 69030

    bank 68840weeks 68775action 68720likely 68714began 68553play 68358called 68215saying 68071companies 6792511 67921states 67629based 67515seems 67506father 67375major 67359military 67250Mrs. 67047clear 67012saw 66957north 66787across 66678example 66487knew 66434short 66244meeting 66217gave 66025whole 65921used 65918countries 65916idea 65715Michael 65708special 65538face 65511age 65349industry 65178put 6511325 65100community 65033foreign 64931top 64875self 64746story 64628late 64564tax 64476looked 64357whose 64263become 64125support 64124became 64035level 63840soon 63830found 63730set 63704doesn't 63656law 63528main 63363expected 63102decision 63017human 62908question 62727Dr. 62577coming 62435

    Paul 62133players 62085rate 62018recent 61917themselves 61783according 61700wife 61530pay 61364final 61344moment 61333bad 61265everything 61114control 60921sense 60857form 60827Washington 60771love 60704St. (saint or street) 60636eight 60635much 606090 (number) 60573strong 60492peter 60432makes 60286comes 59992friends 59937Australian 59897right 59889difficult 59761else 59714open 59666history 59621sure 59596C. 59466security 59274single 58905words 58791trade 58749parents 58680film 58554come 58521available 58376using 58361record 58256further 5817818 58068felt 58047chance 58041low 58005leave 57979billion 57964someone 57732research 57609Queensland 57392France 57369following 57249heart 57146D. 57118despite 57106century 56935English 56887

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    put 56841itself 56764wasn't 56585series 56481role 56473staff 56380class 56372peace 56368show 56179private 56088general 5607814 56068position 56033use 55859100 55814left 55814view 55809left 55720officials 55711cannot 55628union 5560016 55496issue 55493mind 55460towards 55386council 55333eyes 55214gone 55206society 54736hour 54507red 54487general 54468simply 54466German 54459live 54433capital 54345term 54083win 54039certain 53971financial 53907services 53871department 53863process 53862front 53844development 53825seemed 53802future 53674deal 53654added 53652election 53588road 53487Germany 53384O. 53361certainly 53301sometimes 53109may 52890letter 52763force 52727true 52609today 52588Sunday 52573town 52498

    call 52473defence/ defense 52426instead 52305ten 52240experience 52156near 52034ground 51959Bush 51889wrong 51837door 51808result 51773buy 51749particularly 51679reason 51641act 51596isn't 51441June 51433match 51406army 50912prime 5090113 50846De~ (as in propernames) 50796plan 50732hands 50644bring 50632ask 50426playing 50388remember 50343Iraq 50237recently 50207word 50181start 50176sex 50075summer 49967evidence 49862oil 49838seem 49827campaign 49804change 49798Sir 49797groups 49766couple 49710started 49649especially 49590leader 49479rights 49406personal 49352involved 49309talk 49242living 49172terms 49147stage 49042television 49042light 48992held 48717percent 48716president 48702students 48697meet 48600god 48548

    prices 48487anyone 48439forces 48418show 4838840 48363care 48314university 48151George 48032test 47914better 47852radio 47828told 47800building 47783board 47747everyone 47650TV 47618nine 47582turned 47374period 47368stop 47239attack 47194couldn't 46988pressure 46965cost 46938outside 46874rest 46770B. 46757goes 46628telephone 46548top 46472April 46468race 46300areas 46207economy 46200serious 46198sun 46136James 46058effect 46052call 46020land 45989paper 45985success 45942talking 45889non 45844points 45766I. 45586running 45523friend 45502matter 45423leaders 45415workers 45386easy 45359provide 45328situation 45318October 45310higher 45295son 45283list 45144style 45124organization/ organizations*45093girl 45078

    wants 45031earlier 45030leading 45016talks 44988shares 44964education 44662lost 44659fire 44512member 44482wouldn't 44285federal 44223means 44209include 44108current 4403917 44038Richard 44038particular 43961smith 43761director 43614Brisbane 43592Africa 43579conference 43528range 43451nearly 43447finally 43381weekend 43374usually 43271understand 43226committee 43134Japan 43126street 43103long 4307524 43062photo 43026dead 42952similar 42802put 42712J. 42695present 42657hundred 42645continue 42630china 42623above 42591growth 42565common 42490hospital 42354art 42326share 42326latest 42323yes 42291due 42266spokesman 42249husband 42213announced 42189turn 42027agreed 42018ahead 41903table 41885July 41852rates 41816happy 41784maybe 41734

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    post 41730Saturday 41560major 41525longer 41468Robert 41456value 41435E. 41405allowed 41314street 41307association 41157reports 41136takes 41063lord 41008performance 40995stay 40946indeed 40919blood 40895football 40866voice 40857quality 40797ball 40795cup 40765close 40646career 40640round 40636relationship 40623opposition 40579church 40526space 40510round 40397average 40387poor 40385ways 40309alone 40262training 40198become 40035management 39784changes 39755R. 39654computer 39601write 3960019 39499star 39481change 39477Japanese 39446investment 39389hold 39347host 39284production 39173Clinton 39142agreement 39075growing 39050upon 38945boy 38822tried 38706twenty 38677giving 38539questions 38504either 3844521 38379medical 38372hear 38362

    huge 38360answer 38336books 38281issues 38238move 38185competition 38174stock 38096park 37951legal 37919senior 37911secretary 37879looks 37833run 37809Bob 37792anti 37667minute 37648loss 37549fine 37535ready 37462drug 37454treatment 37220cases 37167results 37134need 37117picture 37006BBC 36956plans 36936press 36918jobs 36916baby 36909Mark 36882western 36849budget 36847September 36825500 36819sales 36704myself 36650return 36510details 36479half 36458U. 36451field 36353hair 36329choice 36313paid 36309operation 36308victory 36281T. 36228popular 36218G. 36209start 36190schools 36155costs 36153figures 36087forward 36069nuclear 35993expect 35932movement 3590222 35818city 35810lives 35799whatever 35763

    old 35743written 35733king 35720fell 35679risk 35504crisis 35472sea 35445cup 35394quickly 35368attention 35365title 35340August 35238nature 35164newscaster 35107manager 35082property 35054allow 35044extra 34954conditions 34920biggest 34742energy 34742clearly 34690wont 34653march 34650tour 34594simple 34517feet 34515play 34479Friday 34423move 34345UN 34344UK 34323November 34275troops 34133inside 34095study 34078Paris 34013killed 34000Israel 33988chief 33981player 33981evening 33961event 33951worth 33934language 33903nation 33903hope 33896Christmas 33864lower 33815sell 33788authorities 33767income 33760arms 33758thousand 33638events 33627phone 33623wrote 33519daughter 33518help 33502violence 33430nor 33383reports 33362

    throughout 33326January 33319cash 33258trouble 33255Ireland 33254yeah 33228quarter 33179each 331641992 33156wide 33134beyond 33070brought 33053Moscow 32989games 32985decided 32876boys 32836blue 32786successful 32785nice 32783enough 32767showed 32756ones 32754cold 32738banks 32734thousands 32670needs 32661hot 32652concerned 32607insurance 326001993 32529happen 3250223 32490whom 32462girls 32417amount 32341independent 32321love 32273died 32261herself 32255trial 32254modern 32175Russian 32150deep 32141Scotland 32108Co. (company) 32105December 32105gets 32098necessary 32020numbers 32008rugby 31985charge 31964wall 31946drugs 31914sexual 31878FX 31852MX 31842Americans 31840born 31791league 31783parties 31748eye 31642aid 31607

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    greater 31594send 31591officers 31570yesterday 31559African 31546built 31546cars 31540moving 31466natural 31463remain 31444project 31387size 31368figure 31310products 31309account 31259industrial 31186tony 31180league 31175bill 31149exactly 31128subject 31100bed 31026statement 30923leaving 30883winning 30879fish 30814knows 3080360 30800parts 30742firm 30697garden 30685box 30674previous 30666earth 30596battle 30583band 30557yourself 30549annual 30547royal 30533various 30533thinking 30529Jones 30446led 30425Edwards 30406offer 30398families 30376re 30361Chinese 30338haven 30311stand 30269bill 30267goal 30221majority 30220green 30216martin 30178civil 30162little 30161Monday 30114ideas 30084heard 30080miles 30051offer 30042

    considered 29952dark 29914N. 29910waiting 29902set 29861response 29822hotel 29815arrived 29756spend 29700traditional 29693appear 29651begin 29617normal 29574piece 29566levels 29557original 29555thus 29538set 29451add 29446technology 29436learn 29403commission 29395exchange 29357professional 29312population 29294rules 29269therefore 29260prepared 29251approach 29229rich 29176follow 29153correspondent 29150sent 2911728 29086floor 29060sale 29044chairman 29038obviously 29018authority 28950wales 28937gives 28908science 28885rock 28880W. 288511990 28836crime 28817in 28775look 28772places 28764lose 28745needed 28722nations 28721effort 28666parliament 28658Charles 28643consider 28591below 28580lead 28559theater/theatre 28541disease 28489advice 28454unless 28451

    run 28431ministers 28426eventually 28424200 2836826 28327Ian 28257official 28255middle 28246type 28239travel 28224accept 28118total 28116face 28092suddenly 28081lines 28061gold 28030lead 28030image 27998immediately 27985do 27971Central 27968kids 27956shop 27867model 27865behavior/ behaviour 27860apart 27832attempt 27819mike 27793relations 27737Andrew 27729address 27728police 27724visit 27715key 27532opportunity 27531join 27520concern 27487profits 27486patients 27484shows 2742399 27367cut 27345create 27332practice 27299until 27285holiday 2719727 27192lost 27171cancer 27163shown 27150interesting 27139Brown 271141991 27087fresh 27084marriage 27084produce 27043designed 27008difference 26992Irish 26992administration 26982Iraqi 26977

    road 26952anyway 26951powerful 26950scene 26934culture 26929charges 26908safe 26901individual 26897Sydney 26894division 26868unit 26855doctor 26792carry 26791Palo 26765return 26759coast 26756confidence 26746avoid 26741speak 26729forced 26725cross 26703met 26685region 26643elections 26633contract 26615cos 2660095 26567base 26565V. 26518pre 26502heard 26495reasons 26491read 26483alto 26468famous 26426fear 26373knowledge 26350standing 26326I. 26312highly 26303secretary 26280skin 26273Wednesday 262731994 26256please 26247changed 26242material 26236interested 26233message 26200meanwhile 26165very 26155officer 26101step 2609435 26090color/colour 26056politics 26050Chris 260361998 26030democratic 26007February 25984programs/ programmes 25982

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    station 25968worse 25965pain 25961ability 25952none 25920heavy 25912fourth 25884Simon 25881appeared 25873played 25869William 25866Taylor 25832writing 25777safety 25763island 25745though 25729truth 25722Mary 25677sitting 25677ran 25647weapons 25647speech 25617brought 25610remains 25605selling 25582bid 2553329 25494Alan 25494vote 25478end 25477congress 25476Steve 25472rise 25458fair 25454agency 25435central 25423MS 25400horse 25376speaking 25356markets 25340thank 25336wine 25326justice 25317card 25286gulf 25282sides 25279Manchester 25276source 25259male 25252holding 25240putting 25222lack 25217beautiful 25204H. 25198Tom 25197prison 25193happened 25192Russia 25144glass 25139student 25138build 25137commercial 25081

    stood 25074sat 25073largest 25067reporting 25051physical 25043less 25032easily 25021played 25009names 24993date 24987moved 24948held 24933responsible 24923environment 24889affairs 24886customers 24879weight 24864afternoon 24863pay 24857murder 24849credit 24846published 24829apparently 24827interests 24788sport 24768sold 24746increase 24743theory 24725save 24723admitted 24700gay 24694appears 24668brother 24631cut 24601stories 24587increased 24586Thomas 24578conservative 24574kept 24572direct 24539believes 24537newspaper 24516sound 245101989 24508basis 24485track 24470accused 24459twice 24434doctors 24433northern 24431threat 24426fund 24415product 24390clubs 24383fans 24380daily 24342completely 24337firms 24336worst 2433545 24329turn 24308sit 24295

    basic 24248winter 24232double 24220becoming 24204effects 24202funds 24186run 24179trading 24178watch 24157support 24152hope 24138standards 24086okay 24078letters 24070aware 24053worked 24016machine 24015pretty 23995audience 23974open 23973foot 23969older 23959stuff 23952planning 23905debate 23881access 2385390 23851reading 23848India 23814efforts 23799Brian 23770perfect 23765doubt 23763reach 23760opinion 23753movie 23721complete 23719break 23633investors 23590states 23585stars 23581Kuwait 23569university 23560village 23559soldiers 23538demand 2353731 23520agree 23504Frank 23501Jim 23495Italian 23489significant 23481spent 23431public 23419Gorbachev 23407Los 23391executive 23390positive 23386chief 23365gas 23334needed 23333teachers 23306

    page 23301Indian 23299domestic 23293character 23245Adams 23238California 23223appeal 23217opening 23190section 23138Italy 23120starting 23120left 231011988 23099trip 23059led 23023site 23002generally 22957reported 22941plant 22936systems 22913hardly 22896wait 22890female 22874arts 22869slightly 22861bar 22849homes 22839broken 22832Miss 22823enjoy 22820tough 22810partner 22789scheme 22767plants 22764married 22757Hill 22741chairman 22726thirty 22712leadership 22679F. 22664damage 22649speed 22605cause 22590keeping 22583nobody 22579profit 22542eat 22508includes 22470Tuesday 22462Jean 22454released 22452receive 22444Graham 22440decide 22415future 22400claimed 22394equipment 22347seat 22324Christian 22322mail 22308Jack 22258version 22255

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    strength 22254benefits 22244design 22244fully 22239minister 22232failed 22201driving 22178break 22164policies 22152activities 22148houses 22141plus 22106favorite/ favourite 22095effective 22091prince 22074inflation 22056quick 22031pounds 22021turned 22020fast 21993responsibility 21970limited 21938choose 21921accepted 21910Israeli 21902winner 21887dinner 21858fighting 21858telling 2184170 21840watching 21837Thursday 21806director 21789compared 21773spent 21769seeing 21752college 21747win 21736boat 217311995 21709sources 21658hit 21604sorry 21591freedom 21589challenge 21577professor 21572clothes 21564streets 21555raise 21519hundreds 21512failure 21497protection 21495tests 21479spoke 21469dangerous 21460Stephen 2145880 21448everybody 21431dog 21429opened 21415thought 21407

    crowd 21403corner 21395championship 21380San 21353network 21349currently 21344reform 21311required 21308Wilson 21290develop 21274debt 21267animals 21245court 21242rose 21239turning 21165continued 21160suppose 21158sector 21140offered 21126feeling 21098weather 21092prove 21075prevent 21073regular 21066La 21052mass 21037river 21027caused 21022international 21000ensure 20975impact 20965further 20964becomes 20962activity 20946hall 20929teacher 20927fall 20924set 20900sign 20896balance 20890neither 20880ended 20872reality 20872suggest 20858grow 20844relief 20840progress 20828tomorrow 20808dream 20804goals 20790survey 20790developed 20781religious 20772broke 20764interview 20752album 20749straight 20720status 20674aged 20654asking 20645skills 20629wish 20627

    expensive 20619window 20611explain 20606collection 20605increasingly 20593reduce 20593absolutely 20579Bosnia 20579dollars 20570cabinet 20539essential 20534aren't 20533thatcher 20524happened 20519bottom 20510governments 20504arm 20492task 20492entire 20479injury 20473spirit 20470rule 20446scale 20443impossible 20435die 20431release 20429instance 20421Howard 20415article 20404protect 20367trees 20358alternative 20355politicians 20330lee 20323first 20308operations 20278border 20256somebody 20251discuss 20227condition 20225touch 20209produced 20166song 20165joint 20153danger 20151Kong 20121arab 20117conflict 20096sent 20093kitchen 20088magazine 20085Hong 20071wonderful 20068walked 20058writer 20057mm-hmm 20017seriously 20010fashion 19997degree 19978works 19964edge 19961past 19959

    review 19959Williams 19955obvious 19944while 19934pick 19923closed 19921studies 19903believed 19872died 19860buying 19855train 19851media 19838spring 19828thought 19805football 19800resources 19779council 19768pair 19758heat 19745improve 19726named 19718followed 19712direction 19694unlikely 19691300 19689laws 19675scientists 19667secret 19665increase 19652happens 19649smaller 19608realize* 19594boss 19591soft 19581except 19576brain 19575advantage 19567established 19567victims 19559otherwise 19541extremely 19537ill 19525pictures 19519beginning 19510estate 19483patient 19481shall 19479claims 19477toward 19435increasing 19433presence 19421returned 194211987 19419environmental 19396worked 19395fall 1939175 19362calling 19362next 19362received 19310target 19280Johnson 19209

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    directly 19206useful 19179Saddam 19176potential 19161cuts 19153photos 19125thanks 19097co- 19087shot 19079received 19071ice 19069signs 19060losing 19047excellent 19044usual 19044democracy 19010contact 18986armed 18979row 18969regional 18942Zealand 18938either 18937refused 18937finding 18936greatest 18935powers 18932seeking 18901Carl 18894K. 18868structure 18852feelings 18850goods 18850missing 18850supporters 18826influence 18816teams 18814works 18809possibly 18767determined 18759Bank (...of) 18758meant 18752carried 18746warm 18741imagine 18740variety 18732Baker 18730aircraft 18724kill 18723past 18723exercise 18719surface 18718Scott 18706stone 18699independence 18689animal 18688continues 18686driver 18668edition 18660charged 18654strategy 18654screen 18640coffee 18622

    generation 18613birth 18586views 18577walk 18576Al 18562changing 18545addition 18537deal 18536sister 18526reaction 18523owner 18522drive 18521reached 18498hadn't 18482separate 18464tea 18444helped 18440prize 18430millions 18424flight 18407inquiry 18405fight 18370readers 18367left 18360cultural 18357cause 18344park 18318wild 18318trust 18317kept 18312claim 18310showing 18308national 18305forget 18297Liverpool 18284totally 18274bodies 18262unable 18253possibility 18241largely 18229cover 18209attitude 18191strike 18185tree 18180described 18152purpose 18137foreign 18131related 18124leg 18123MP 18113larger 18105wearing 18087moved 18082wing 18072page 18051youth 18036fifty 18027slowly 18022Tim 18018offering 18001paying 17993needs 17989

    Birmingham 17976supposed 17959caught 17954hit 17946offers 17943argument 1792232 17920businesses 17912drawn 17876brief 17873talk 17869cities 17864claim 17854followed 17846accident 17820massive 17798mouth 17797Angeles 17774tend 17771decisions 17733feeling 17729Spain 17708colleagues 17679eastern 17664sports 17656traffic 17646tiny 17633circumstances 17628royal 17627fruit 17617hell 17614Tory 17609emergency 17599carrying 17590memory 17588fifth 17578grand 17574front 17567walking 17565spending 17560claims 17556grown 17520mainly 17515fight 17511will 17509cover 17497wind 17494developing 17471passed 17463judge 17439lots 17439surprise 17436quiet 17427investigation 17394records 17379times 17376ordinary 17372measures 17338commitment 17331merely 17308rising 17296active 17272

    supply 17267airport 17263affair 17257distance 17248highest 17246solution 17246gun 17244lunch 17242managers 17236currency 17233means 17230pass 17219fellow 17201critical 17169met 17169executive 17151author 171461986 17124calls 17119proposed 17111decade 17070once 17064Kevin 17059benefit 17045shops 17022pieces 17017papers 17013raised 17008session 17008state 17008seek 17003republic 17002serve 16995guilty 16992beach 16985note 16985created 16974coach 16966some 16965suggests 16958listen 16954flying 16944somewhere 16942had 16935consumer 16928continuing 16925duty 16916rain 16915existing 16913mountain 16913spot 16910slow 16907emotional 16894negotiations 16885respect 16879dance 16865Blair 16862fun 16861store 16861covered 16858attacks 16835county 16825

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    MPs 16810length 16804onto 16800easier 16793guy 16793package 16792sentence 16777dry 16776NATO 16769entirely 16768Pakistan 16745bought 16735bright 16728angry 16702presidential 16695Joe 16665arrested 16641middle 16637pop 16637decided 16635captain 16631reduced 16610flat 16608experts 16603learning 16592relatively 16580Scottish 16579younger 16573remained 16572employees 16564suggested 16555included 16552share 16546described 16543Hussein 16532lived 16532vision 16525facing 16515faith 16496odd 16494planned 16485world 16485strange 16481defeat 16472atmosphere 16471stopped 16471photograph 16463sight 16434owned 16431news 16430beginning 16419form 16410films 16408treated 16404farm 16403owners 16395immediate 16384mostly 16368AIDS 16365close 16361white 16346achieve 16334

    bomb 16334carefully 16333virtually 16333restaurant 16315normally 16309search 16303Ford 16299corporate 16294failed 16288realized* 16281Nick 16276clean 16261guide 16257Leeds 16255calls 16242oxford 16241Yeltsin 16236incident 16218cutting 16206appearance 16199camp 16190birds 16183heads 16175voters 16165steps 16156willing 16150Newcastle 16135selection 16128squad 16120warning 16093Ltd. 16091previously 16089caption 16070surely 16066background 16064400 16062worried 16061eating 16048henry 16032check 16011cut 15997forty 15997bull 15991victim 15991ship 15985falling 15975forms 15955coalition 15953moral 15941chair 15926bus 15924songs 15923apply 15917republican 15913attractive 15906afford 15905lb. (pound) 15899shape 15899fairly 15888acting 15885visit 15872criminal 15868

    understanding 15866provided 15864starts 15843liberal 15838flowers 15834queen 15833cells 15824novel 15821alive 15817unemployment15817Hollywood 15808placed 15791legs 15781abuse 15780vital 157711980s 15770sky 1575233 15750semi 15740meetings 15734remaining 15733Canada 15717values 15717Gary 15713read 15708police 15689employment 15688seconds 15664criticism 15663award 15661II (Roman numeral) 15659global 15654Asia 15641operating 15639Bosnian 15614cards 15611badly 15610tells 15606Davis 15592unlike 15582grew 15566seats 15564mission 15559signed 15558extent 15557fat 15552wear 15540importance 15521group 15520young 15519appropriate 15511proposal 15510Pacific 15509shot 15505Tokyo 15505like 15499editor 15484rare 15474analysis 15464assets 15464earlier 15460

    enter 15458confident 15455bigger 15451equally 15451Ray 15448tradition 15447windows 15445hasn't 15432loan 15421house 15420hall 15407chosen 15406helping 15392reached 15388reported 15384familiar 15382pages 15375plane 15369former 15366Iran 15365scientific 15349summit 15342differences 15340capacity 15337maintain 15322bringing 15311happening 15286thinks 15281terrible 15270buildings 15259ministry 15244chances 15237provides 15236afraid 15222runs 15220beauty 15211revolution 15210equal 15203comment 15191proposals 15187matters 15169candidate 15162begun 15157clock 15143individuals 15119super 15119princess 15110Inc. 15107open 15107worry 15099manager 15095shock 15067dealing 15065walls 15057feels 15042prisoners 15029wonder 15028drink 15025lucky 15012mental 15012ring 15000cream 14997

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    internal 14984drive 14966losses 14962option 14954primary 14954legislation 14936tickets 14930sick 14923partly 14913Lewis 14910because 14898complex 14893critics 14887Christopher 14883overall 14879mm 14877Jackson 14872Alex 14859reputation 14859committed 14858tape 14851soul 14848mortgage 14837projects 14824elsewhere 14821total 14814care 14812best 14809joined 14809Saudi 14806institutions 14801factor 14786sharp 14785queen 14782control 14774net 14773anybody 14767residents 14767discussion 14759orders 14759Spanish 14750yellow 14726rooms 14716construction 14706Anne 14702matches 14695injured 14693started 14686beat 14684fears 14678milk 14668refugees 14662terry 14648enormous 14646brilliant 14642managed 14639meat 14626desire 14623werent 14620widely 14620healthy 14616proper 14616

    lady 14614violent 14608facilities 14590channel 14584Elizabeth 14584ruling 14576Jewish 1457036 14567practical 14538sort 14515busy 14505elected 14502additional 14484keen 14453deficit 14451bedroom 14439relationships 14432farmers 14429breaking 14428mine 14423suffering 14422vast 14416units 14392hole 14387golden 14375live 14363path 14363recognize 14362mid 14359considering 14354analysts 1434834 14347bag 14346hoping 14339listening 14337housing 14319mile 14315institute 14298intelligence 14286pace 14245cost 14244writes 14237notes 14217comfortable 14209providing 14204desk 14183demands 14181mind 14169warned 14164Neil 14161standard 14155ban 14154associated 14149Diana 14146taste 14144accounts 14143surprised 14137citizens 14131considerable 14131driven 14117champion 14112treaty 14107

    bottle 14098Ann 14096parent 14081visitors 140781985 14073pattern 14068lady 14065stake 14048options 14046knowing 14043friendly 14042opportunities 14038club 14034entry 14028MX 14021favor/favour* 14016affected 13986sure 13986ethnic 13974classes 13970pulled 13967bought 13962earnings 13953setting 13948types 13943begins 13942hero 13933cheap 13917directors 13915insisted 13915researchers 13912believed 13909mark 13908crucial 13878offered 13877lawyers 13853150 13844agent 13833pool 13821plays 13818finished 13811empty 13809sugar 13803Linda 13799Asian 13798Kelly 13795classic 13790taxes 13764provided 13762unusual 13755recession 13753poll 13749stand 13746golf 13730doors 13721concept 13716contrast 13710lay 13704principle 13697belief 13684shareholders 13684dramatic 13678

    electricity 13677encourage 13677mixed 13677funny 13676Vietnam 13661diet 13649neck 13642sees 13622yeah 13614lovely 13601disaster 13579Clark 13577funding 13575inner 13567western 13555horses 13552method 13549Margaret 13537Jane 13528pleasure 13511college 13507radical 13500route 13480~00 13473engine 13465parliamentary 13463abroad 13454finished 13452block 13450southern 13437iron 13421pull 13418Clarke 13415attacked 13389Siegel 13387recovery 13380spending 13373bound 13372autumn 13368filled 13367watched 13367severe 13357welfare 13354follows 13351cool 13348explained 13345crew 13339unions 13325parliament 13320waste 13318payments 13314sweet 13309grounds 13306strongly 1329555 13288formal 13279sounds 13258fallen 13257leaves 13254ancient 13247stress 13247anywhere 13245

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    require 13242initial 13240Gordon 13236multi 13232liked 13228ideal 13219models 13181tournament 13174partners 13155settlement 13154somehow 13148argue 13145savings 13137museum 13130artists 13128anger 13117announcement 13116Jesus 13115drama 13111protest 13107conversation 13103Le~ (proper names) 13092unfortunately 13087volume 13087close 13084correct 13079regime 13073technical 13071estimated 13062Colin 13056produced 13051actions 13048measure 13047negative 13044communist 13040courses 13035allowing 13034walker 13033drinking 13027specific 13025newspapers 13014overseas 12997thin 12990unique 12984corp 12982heavily 12976Mexico 12976palace 12970Hansen 12969hospital 12964species 12952nations 12951camera 12950remove 12946writers 12936achieved 12924radio 12924fixed 12922alcohol 12915advance 12909beaten 12890

    penalty 12880EC 12859prime 12852code 12850deeply 12850capable 12845metal 12843chemical 12838stores 12832journey 12830ourselves 12829images 12828silence 12826aside 12823mood 12823video 12823Andy 12822revealed 12821Melbourne 12817introduced 12816sad 12809birthday 12796ticket 12795Norman 12784vice 12784twelve 12775passed 12772comments 12771lawyer 12754dozen 12737illness 12735catch 12734factors 12728chapter 12720suffer 12718Baghdad 12708survive 12705serving 12690properly 12688Davies 12672contracts 12671replied 12670helped 12662closely 12658ex 12656festival 12650drove 12647candidates 12646Patrick 12643vote 1264238 12639berlin 12635media 12633lights 12625chain 12622Edward 12621index 12614shirt 12614struggle 12613fuel 12612difficulties 12609Campbell 12603

    factory 12603courts 12599exciting 12599frequently 12594positions 12585Cassel 12574miss 12572occasion 12570items 12569meaning 12556communist 12548actual 12546early 12526territory 12525ira 12516draw 12515reforms 12511sensitive 12509faced 12505250 12500marketing 12499raising 12499colours 12495fly 12487suit 12487Cambridge 12483hopes 12483manner 12483Chicago 12477tall 12472revenue 12471beer 1246765 12455thoughts 12450experienced 12430prospect 12428van 12403Douglas 12399talked 12390breakfast 12376dreams 12370decades 12359linked 12357Edinburgh 12343plastic 12343talent 12343master 12340steel 12340vehicle 12336methods 12335southern 12334guess 12330acute 12327beat 12326competitive 12326jail 12325identity 12323fill 12312ought 12306turns 12299improved 12298reporter 12298

    typical 12295allegations 12290bye 12290proud 12290offices 12287involving 12276scored 12267exhibition 12266explains 12261jury 12261extraordinary 12238shoulder 12231basically 1221737 12214artist 12213theme 12212religion 12210rebels 12207Islamic 12191fees 12184fee 12182admit 12181application 12180enemy 12180permanent 12176smoking 12170debut 12159king 12159connection 12158diplomatic 12143resolution 12141Evans 12132loans 12132convinced 12131elements 12113afterwards 12104definitely 12093gain 120901984 12089Yorkshire 12080tried 12079substantial 12076Jordan 12074Ross 12070votes 12070constitution 12069tennis 12068describe 12056Roger 12049desperate 12048longer 12044dropped 12039display 12028leader 12022musical 12021rarely 12020rise 12020pro 12019dogs 12017included 12012bread 12007medicine 12007

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    replace 11993somewhat 11991Victoria 11991Lloyd 11988paid 11986aim 11982creating 11979puts 11975premier 11969characters 11968studio 11965illegal 11964fishing 11960necessarily 11956smile 11956completed 11949launched 11943establish 11931agents 11928perfectly 11926sign 11926returning 11923gap 11922originally 11922finals 119211996 11920combination 11915materials 11913attempts 11911computers 11906existence 11905controlled 11904adults 11880light 11878minority 11878pleased 11874roads 11872aspects 11870served 11860nevertheless 11859noise 11858Harry 11847pension 11841plans 11839Glasgow 11833truly 11833black 11821customer 11815transfer 11809hat 11799appointed 11798broad 11798prefer 11792affect 11791discovered 11785Serbs 11784Ken 11775drop 11770upper 11767representatives1176048 11752branch 11745

    Bruce 1174442 11741wave 11739cricket 11737compensation 11727cricket 11720luck 11719shortly 11714dress 11699mistake 11696Cochrane 11694crash 11690discovered 11683middle 11678Dutch 11673facts 11672lying 11663reserve 11657features 11651wood 11651mothers 11649proved 11645dispute 11638lived 11637north 11635transport 11629charity 11626nose 11623removed 11616hopes 11614guard 11611cope 11609careful 11607Barry 11605rose 11601Korea 11600yards 11593wedding 11587worth 11586link 11577supplies 11576lies 11570era 11566welsh 11560lives 11556adding 11555library 11554passing 11554producing 11554Sheffield 11545tears 11544fields 11542reference 11541continued 11536tight 11534suffered 1152339 11522senator 11521winners 11518bonds 11515regarded 11505thrown 11505

    standard 11502difficulty 11493drawing 11489entertainment 11488effectively 11477solid 11473approval 11464urban 11459honest 11456closed 11447kinds 11447nights 11446text 11440guys 11439fit 11435copy 11434mad 11427drivers 11425conventional 11417lion 11412historical 11410sanctions 11410controversial 11409exist 11408regularly 11408Russell 11403concerns 11402matter 11391northern 11385writing 11385alleged 11377decline 11373shopping 11370trained 11369Malcolm 11365surgery 11363fifteen 11350Ed 11349finish 11349attend 11348wright 11344photographs 11336beside 11335finds 11331data 11330stands 11325apparent 11313shouldn't 11313killing 11312Jerusalem 11310straight 11300Wimbledon 11286brings 11281fingers 11280Palestinian 11277opened 11275bond 11260dad 11260mum 11259Jonathan 11255Sarah 11253Daniel 11249

    sending 11248etc. (et cetera) 11238detail 11236hearing 11236journalists 11228injuries 11226Fa 11225genuine 11216monetary 11213outstanding 11209senate 11209fear 11205focus 11203potential 11203counter 11202pure 11199Philip 11195loved 11192grey 11191Ben 11190gift 11189constant 11178naturally 11177Y. 11176bridge 11171payment 11170stations 11170school 11169Sam 11164women 11156holds 11151law 11140aimed 11138push 11136personality 11134helps 11133tonight 11132backed 11129remarkable 11127machines 11122pub 11121motor 11114expression 11110weak 1110949 11108minor 11101nervous 11092phil 11085feature 11078republics 11078clients 11075near 11071therapy 11059fighting 11052treasury 11047600 11038traveling/ travelling 11037everywhere 11029guns 11024impression 11019narrow 11016

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    outside 11012coup 11011shoes 11002reasonable 11001later 11000represent 10995childhood 10985thick 10976causing 10974bear 10951mid 10949sleep 10946agencies 10944allies 10944furniture 10941impressive 10939replaced 10936snow 10929visiting 10926bitter 10920Lawrence 10918resistance 10914bills 10908Poland 10904latter 10902moments 10901manage 10888description 10885agenda 10879forest 10877read 10868arsenal 10862Dave 10860carried 10856dropped 10855returned 10854tone 10851salt 10835Texas 10832techniques 10830drop 10821silver 10816Morgan 10812guests 10811subjects 10807grass 10805formed 10803Moore 10796Keith 10792rapidly 10791reading 1079044 10785issued 10784chancellor 10772makers 10765pride 10765arrival 10761deaths 10761bird 10755contains 10748false 10745soil 10745

    appointment 10740teeth 10738virus 10737software 10735Dublin 10734hard 10730circle 10724allows 10723supreme 10719applied 10713teaching 10709dying 10708sudden 10697800 10694finance 10692tension 10691worker 10685official 10679experiences 10676vehicles 10648X (as in grade) 10648eastern 10647force 10645passengers 10642presented 10639stayed 10634Anthony 10632advertising 10631captions 10630operate 10627documents 10621absence 10619riding 10618newly 10617closing 10616meeting 10616stocks 10612creation 10609depends 10609Anna 10607beneath 10600alliance 10596Croatia 10593stopped 10577plenty 10573outcome 10571babies 10562uses 10562Kent 10558membership 10555recorded 10552comedy 10551Eric 10549Stanford 10545threatened 10543champion 10542fail 10542reader 10530inch 10528faces 10523brown 10505technique 10500

    foundation 10498scheduled 10496zone 10493grand 10490Arabia 10487climate 10483killed 10482green 10477meant 10476rural 10466adds 10464building 10462Roberts 10460score 10460breath 10459patterns 10458forgotten 10451picked 10441blame 10435contribution 10435congress 10434symptoms 10432storm 10431opposed 10428throw 10427managing 10426wealth 10422Stewart 10418laid 10415meets 10415assembly 10406treat 104041983 10403introduction 10393electronic 10388identify 10385confirmed 10384suicide 10384blow 10380flow 10376collapse 10374consumers 10369internet 10363Roy 10348Harris 10341hidden 10336request 10336faces 10333takeover 10332Rome 10325intended 10322intense 10320spiritual 10320whereas 10316occasionally 10315whole 10314assistance 10310mirror 10302chose 10298Bristol 10294lottery 10292giant 10288

    pitch 10285turkey 10285consequences 10279revealed 10269output 10265combined 10264striker 10253contemporary 10252context 10249raised 10237handed 10231involvement 10228fox 10224reaching 10221leads 10220roof 10219robin 10218video 10194suffered 10192respond 10188Tories 10185Chelsea 10182pointed 10176discover 10173temperature 10169minds 10165barely 10161pilot 10155industries 10153Brazil 10152contain 10140ordered 10138document 10137keeps 10136declared 10129smiled 10125Thompson 10123coverage 10120wet 10118coast 10117party 10116Arthur 10114expectations 10112retail 10112poverty 10108establishment 10105movies 10105dean 10101memories 10097Latin 10095speculation 10090cell 10089communities 10089Virginia 10088Nigel 10087alongside 10068complaints 10068Francisco 10066limit 10065meal 10065divorce 10060sites 10059

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    sixth 10053yesterday 1005043 10048profile 10041cycle 10040pregnant 10036Helen 10026judges 10025fraud 10023data 10016initiative 10016shots 10016governor 10012prepare 10012creative 10011assault 10002links 9999occur 99981980 9997caught 9996ages 9989barbara 9986scenes 99861982 9982amp 9976stronger 9976constitutional 9975polls 9967brussels 9957pink 9955morris 9951staying 9951claiming 9948passion 9948anniversary 9945awful 9942commission 9936okay 9934sunshine 9932Canadian 9931place 9931reduction 9931drew 9914examples 9914psychological 9910wheel 9908cat 9905El 9905societies 9904towns 9904panel 9901smoke 9900convention 9898suitable 9898Serb 9897Christ 9893requires 9892florida 9888promise 9886constantly 9884core 9883caused 9873

    rough 9869Nicholas 9864command 9859academic 9855report 9855concert 9853spoken 9849Avenue (as a proper noun) 9848enjoyed 9841improvement 9841element 9840gradually 9835abortion 9834opera 9825elderly 9824holidays 9820wider 981941 9817breast 9815captain 9806arrive 9804Robinson 9799arrangements 9798opponents 9798complete 9796hanging 9795lesbian 9790risks 9790star 9786recognition 9785denied 9779Palestinians 9778neighbors/ neighbours 9774key 9773government 9768Kennedy 9761welcome 9759retirement 9758banned 9757fortune 9757draw 9748sound 9747distribution 9736pack 9736employers 973447 9729reporting 9713targets 9699detailed 9694walk 9692community 9691metres 9691changed 9678lie 9671divided 9666mixture 9665Egypt 9660reveal 9655understood 9644Alexander 9638

    hospitals 9636runs 96281970s 9626exclusive 9625native 962552 9621Matthew 9617chest 9614yard 9609eggs 9607perform 9599roll 9596Laura 9591dressed 9589failing 9585fast 9584extreme 9580pocket 9573whenever 9569disappointed 9568delivery 9567Miller 9567picked 9565racial 9562denied 9561moon 95601979 9556bay 9556Keating 9556threatening 9556hotels 9544principles 9543extended 9538minimum 9537silent 9537leaves 9528fate 9522stop 9521fault 9518headed 9515Olympic 9510joined 9506sufficient 9502proved 9500Roman 9491valuable 9487desert 9481depression 9479settle 9477electric 9472ride 9468gallery 9463preparing 9454heading 9451granted 9449Joseph 9447earn 9446Carey 9439managed 9435hello 9432defend 9430press 9429

    missed 9426blind 9423journal 9414bloody 9410admits 9407represents 9407seeks 9405drink 9404surprising 9402trend 9401widespread 9399Leicester 9398closer 9394handle 9389ultimately 9383tourists 93781981 9377pat 9377withdrawal 9372valley 9371hang 9363Singapore 9361foods 9360headquarters 9359socialist 9359democrats 9355statistics 9350selected 9346discovery 9342invited 9342lover 9328assessment 9316personally 9313Mandela 9310advanced 9308via 9308comfort 9307explanation 9306Adam 9304learned 9304brothers 9298hostages 9297anxious 9295warned 9295Boston 9293describes 929346 9291rivals 9290blacks 9288ownership 9282singing 9281railway 9272answers 9269emphasis 9263initially 9255threw 9251compete 9234Wood 9233hate 9229visited 9221knee 9217soccer 9217

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    approved 9216Muslim 9215swimming 9213Arnold 9208cable 9204sand 9203saving 9203Nancy 9202struggling 9202limits 9197height 9193Susan 9193discussions 9180glad 9180joining 9180judge 9174assume 9166maker 9165nearby 9165executives 9156prospects 9154friendship 9153conclusion 9146Francis 9145teach 9143proportion 9137attitudes 9136painting 9130deals 9128romantic 9127balls 9121joy 9113actor 9110reflect 9108shows 9107firmly 9102tourist 9102plan 910051 9095delighted 9091junior 9087ordered 9087philosophy 9086hoped 9078races 9078war 9078tie 9077trials 9076survival 9073commonwealth 9069aspect 9066mention 9061crimes 9057function 9050promote 9047crazy 9044object 9044present 9042benefit 9040conscious 9026flew 9021doubt 9016

    fundamental 9014supporting 9014HIV 9013expressed 9012roots 9010sons 9010venture 9010proof 9008ultimate 9008conservatives 9007peak 9007destroyed 9001Atlantic 8998promised 8995satellite 8995hit 8989deliver 8984modest 8983final 8980shook 8980sold 8980organized* 8975home 8974motion 8970pupils 8969sorts 8969ANC 8967hill 8966attract 8959promotion 8959yours 8959mountains 8958expected 8955promised 8952titles 8951household 8948communication 8944strategic 8943Ron 8941Cooper 8940guest 8937chicken 8934mystery 8934string 8932escape 8930concentrate 8928pushing 8927port 8922Allen 8921invasion 8919statements 8915frame 8913shoulders 8912intention 8902historic 8899supported 8897contest 8896universe 8890Hitler 8888lane 8888till 8883manufacturers 8877

    mere 8877editor 8873purchase 8871receiving 8861smart 8861producer 8859flights 8858expansion 8853notion 8849rejected 8844egg 8842Rob 8840sir (as common noun) 8839bits 8830likes 8826Catholic 8824Powell 8819finger 8817worldwide 8814sixty 8813surrounding 8810quietly 8807seed 8806housing 8804dirty 8803town 8800entitled 8794plain 8792tale 87902000 8786movements 8784enterprise 8780rail 8777t- (~bar, ~shirt, etc.) 8772buyers 8771monthly 8768wanting 8763gold 8761publicity 8753Yugoslavia 8746Wayne 8735confirmed 8733damaged 8730courage 8726arguments 8723occupied 8716properties 8714luxury 8708remote 8705map 8703equivalent 8699stages 8698maximum 8689individual 8686district 8683comment 8682learned 8680enthusiasm 8679suspended 8679marked 8677

    temporary 8676shared 8670label 8668plot 8667raw 8664knife 8663guardian 8661entered 8657Germans 8656signed 8656journalist 8653point 8650accommodation 8649killer 8649behalf 8646notice 8645suggested 8644how 8639developments 8636Louis 8634ad 8632Janet 8630tragedy 8629Simpson 8628opposite 8626exposed 8625wooden 8625amazing 8624upset 8624centuries 8620identified 8619paintings 8619politically 8619beating 8618taught 8618partnership 8609planet 8609exports 8606Holland 8604relatives 8604launched 8602encouraged 8598wage 8591precisely 8587gains 8585discussed 8583wages 8583fan 8579scandal 857972 8576sleep 8575Collins 8574Cook 8567brand 8562wall 8557vegetables 8550Hughes 8549orange 8549education 8546kid 8546percentage 8543regulations 8532

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    struck 8531awards 8530resignation 8528CD 8527column 8527society 8523themselves 8523complicated 8520odds 8516intellectual 8515cast 8513stick 8513horror 85121960s 8510boxing 8510rape 8509lessons 8507apartment 8506stuck 8494controversy 8492rapid 8492nineteen 8485Anderson 8478priority 8477specialist 847785 8475gear 8469district 8467involves 8465inevitable 8464roles 8464recognized 8462testing 8462fed 8461Fred 8459tomorrow 8456ceremony 8453mix 8452schemes 8451literature 8450Craig 8447bands 8443burning 8443rolling 8440permission 8437persuade 8436cheese 8435leather 8432Jan 8428vulnerable 8428wondered 8417Hugh 8411practices 8403boats 8402bay 8400restaurants 8400educational 8397opening 8397shot 8397bowl 8396march 8392deputy 8390

    hurt 8390tracks 8390location 8389fewer 8387licence 8387performances 8387boots 8386gulf 8384voting 8381marks 8378ear 8372stolen 8371painful 8367jimmy 8355introduce 8354bath 8353expert 8348shadow 8348acts 8347bars 8343dust 8340judgment 8334sleeping 8332innocent 8331referee 8328imposed 8322Stuart 8322compromise 8319Lebanon 8313corruption 8304firm 8303numerous 8297nodded 8295stones 8295successfully 8295rebel 8293weekly 8293yen 8284relevant 8282holes 828154 8278packed 8274unknown 8273hearts 8269wamble 8261holy 8260health 8256involve 8255butter 8254Kenneth 8252republicans 8250absolute 8248increases 8248departure 8247lift 8244sentences 8244wore 8244plenty 8240determine 8238plate 8237notice 8235resort 8235

    ending 8234locked 8232publicly 8230watch 8230Nelson 8222perspective 8219equity 8215ended 8213stomach 8213launch 8209producers 8202reducing 8201rescue 8200reporters 8198god 8192anxiety 8189situations 8184objects 8181institution 8180rival 8179determination 8178passage 8174copies 8172sets 8172eleven 8168acceptable 8165export 8164lips 8160tables 8158privatisation privatization* 8156don 8155contact 8150script 8149destruction 8146gang 8144listed 8142users 8142aggressive 8141covering 8133grant 8133USA 8128Dennis 8127gardens 8127camps 8125deputy 8118flat 8116expense 8113match 8113applications 8101degrees 8096formula 8094suggestion 8091opens 8090purposes 8090turner 8090pollution 8089classical 8086pregnancy 8085occasions 8084employed 8083square 8083

    destroy 8082efficient 8082bone 8077phase 8074exposure 8071stable 8069fit 8064truck 8062imagination 8060steady 8060moves 8059billy 8055draft 8053couples 8051prominent 8047trick 8047intervention 8046soldier 8046chocolate 8044abandoned 8042expects 8040literary 8037remarks 8035Donald 8027laughed 8025speaker 8020Reagan 8018Neary 8017study 8014settled 8010Ferguson 8005Peking 8005requirements 8004voices 7998gently 7994sophisticated 7991manufacturing 7982sharply 7980dealers 7979directed 7977sake 7972fiction 7969felt 7965publication 7965extensive 7963decent 7960branches 7952joke 7952actors 7947inspired 7946spectacular 7945mobile 7944hit 7940empire 7937recording 7924dominated 7923skill 7920amounts 7917periods 7915jazz 7914duke 7912lesson 7909

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    rangers 7908adviser 7901Essex 7900poetry 7898circuit 7897argues 7896essentially 7896specifically 7895Victorian 7894ties 7892sheet 7891bags 7886securities 7886succeed 7882demanded 7876confusion 7870Mitchell 7870Liz 7868pass 7864de (preposition) 7861pushed 7860waited 7860tanks 7859secure 7858moreover 7857findings 7856altogether 7855hearing 7849tank 7849derby 7847nhs 7845depth 7844attached 7842points 7842replacement 7840pan 7839argued 7837forever 7836church 7833clothing 7832ocean 7829singer 7828Franco 7827lake 7826Nottingham 7826muscle 7824besides 7820superb 7820try 7817B (as in grade) 7812pot 7811Greg 7807forest 7806dividend 7801humour 7800pale 7800Sri 7799ends 7793guitar 7793client 7790tremendous 7786rally 7784

    coal 7778convicted 7777cheaper 7776deny 7768Jason 7765Jeremy 7764stupid 7764quarters 7762championships 7755discrimination 7755triumph 7747check 7742containing 7742Hamilton 7740mil 7740asks 773253 7730struck 7730discipline 7727unidentified 7727ships 7723Phillips 7722verdict 7710sounds 7708tower 770557 7701smooth 7700Murray 7697hotel 7693clash 7689content 7689governor 7689created 7684Westminster 7683seventy 7680700 7671emerged 7670painted 7670peaceful 7665adopted 7661sisters 7660fitness 7655ignore 7654shift 7654coloured 7650demanding 7647Boris 7646navy 7646arrest 7641entrance 7637similarly 7636pretty 7633Democrats 7631served 7631studying 7630trust 7630achievement 7623published 7622thinking 7621considered 7620designer 7615release 7615

    yet 7613waters 7612finance 7607visible 7601fun 7599inside 7599carbon 7598explosion 7595focus 7591colonel 7590racing 7587jumped 7577kick 7574amid 7573principal 7569mutual 7568referendum 7568ears 7562oz 7557jacket 7555refused 7555fired 7553phrase 7553habit 7550cap 7549X. 7545controls 7542falls 7542officially 7540pulling 7537flower 7536shame 7536satisfied 7533allegedly 7532comprehensive 752756 7526bell 7520justice 7519wounded 7517surprisingly 7516feed 7515dick 7513express 7512councils 7511insists 7511cotton 7510dancing 7509tip 7507shooting 7504Canberra 7499laboratory 7499far 7495sharing 7492presumably 7490spokeswoman 7490landscape 7488forced 748668 7484midnight 7484observers 7483surrey 7482120 7481

    69 7481awareness 7480distant 7479reluctant 7476prosecution 7475ah 7470generous 7462claimed 7461procedures 7459print 7458step 7456Sweden 7456sum 7451brave 7450enable 7448recommended 7445super 7445tested 7445withdraw 7443strain 7440Albert 7439clear 7439sauce 7439airline 7438living 7436adult 7432mentioned 7431beef 7427helpful 7427villa 7426this 7425throat 7425sports 7423communists 7422consciousness 7421grave 7416catalogue 7415married 7415improving 7413need 7412ruled 7411sound 7409implications 7406jet 7400nowhere 7400sessions 7399letting 7398dialogue 7396punishment 7396expecting 7395par 7394transport 7392Kim 7390waves 7390indicate 7387tomorrow 7384coach 7380informed 7378eighty 7377racing 7376chaos 7375tied 7375

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    drinks 7374heaven 7373examination 7370consultant 7369excitement 7369regions 7368instructions 7365depend 7362hills 7362device 7361pole 7357chart 7356emerging 7353Carter 7348naked 7344allied 7341extend 7341maxwell 7336priest 7336swing 7330picking 7324flag 7319accurate 7318chamber 7317gentle 7314net 7314Dan 7311salary 7308preparation 7307performing 730558 7302quoted 7302doubts 7301inevitably 7301sought 7298apple 7283Syria 7282guaranteed 7280sensible 7279secondary 7277girlfriend 72741975 7271Blackburn 7270last 726964 7262clever 7259genetic 7259conducted 7255hunting 7255universities 7255reserves 7253nightmare 7249launch 7245baseball 7241square 7241medium 7240wars 7240advisers 7239gender 7228shoot 7222significance 7219Oliver 7217

    wise 7216Australians 7209stability 7205ladies 7204diseases 7200planes 7198fantasy 7197intelligent 7197Sue 7193Cardiff 7189can 7185connected 718459 7183restrictions 7183sing 7182electoral 7181politics 7180Pete 7174Russians 7174countryside 7173exception 7166chemicals 7165headlines 7162suggestions 7160hence 7158confused 7157commons 7154enjoying 7154maintenance 7154forth 714866 7147caring 7142lowest 7142retain 7139expenses 7132funeral 713167 7129solve 7127burden 7126wondering 7124Ted 7123bonus 7120agricultural 7119meals 7118polish 7118concentration 7107bike 7105spread 7105ward 7104prayer 7103rely 7099loud 7097occasional 7094entering 7089desperately 7086pressures 7080daughters 7078impressed 7077glory 7076Serbia 7071bosses 7070unity 7070

    noticed 7069count 7068Derek 7067hitting 7066agriculture 7061prix 7059causes 7056test 7052stroke 7050retired 7047significantly 7046spite 7042nurse 7040depending 7039grade 7036passenger 7035setting 7035teenage 7034cigarette 7033potentially 7033sport 7031provision 7028juice 7026Maria 7024occurred 7024missiles 7023collect 7021literally 7019declaration 7016interviews 7015restore 7012buried 7006Des 7006suspect 7006briefly 7004saved 7004gate 7003symbol 7003emotions 7002reception 6998relative 6998tobacco 6998Franklin 6997magazines 6996unhappy 6994premiership 699119th 6990hurt 6988rejected 6986remembered 6985invest 6983arrangement 6982fame 6980wisdom 6978conservation 6974ends 6973ceasefire 6972professionals 6971awarded 6968qualities 696562 6964gold 6963

    boom 6962secret 6960celebrate 6957finish 6955declared 6947mate 6946Greek 6945Serbian 6944scoring 694371 6934automatic 6932crown 6930origin 6927born 6925pleasant 6921shaped 6921Swiss 6921islands 6919persons 6919bunch 6915definition 6914tired 6912category 6909marry 6908repeated 6908bombing 6907surrounded 6905silly 6903appreciate 6899Sussex 689996 6898emerge 6892merger 6892messages 6891corporation 6890stepped 6875sets 6871Croatian 6869faster 6869throwing 6868relation 6865suggesting 6865humans 6864recording 6862infection 6860hostile 6858honor/honour 6855republic 6854subject 6849banking 6847cut 6847platform 6847helicopter 6845inter 6842gained 6840protected 6835universal 6834Argentina 6833Charlie 6833sheer 6830underground 6825midlands 6816

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    divisions 6813presidency 6813innings 6812muscles 6812produces 6812max 6809bones 6808shocked 6807folk 6801deliberately 6800final 6798scores 6798engaged 6797moves 6796loose 6794Perot 6794viewers 6793Kate 6792loved 6791defined 6789bench 6788missed 6787trains 6786boyfriend 6784slight 6783Les 6779Bennett 6778concrete 6776D (as in grade) 6776subsequent 6776curious 6773guilt 6771mark 6770cents 6769civilian 6769wives 6764score 6761greatly 6760insist 6760tunnel 6755weapon 6754chancellor 6753dependent 6753articles 6750sympathy 6749touch 67491978 6743searching 6735consideration 6732owns 6732Eddie 6729consumption 6728talks 6728reply 6727immigration 6726villages 6726bathroom 6724arranged 6722voluntary 6720roughly 6718obtain 6717jailed 6715

    finishing 6709beds 6708profession 6705schedule 6704welcome 6703premium 6702worn 6702valley 6701sought 6697petrol 6696bizarre 6695defending 6695shell 6687rang 6686ninety 6685attempting 6682Matt 667774 6675causes 6670flesh 6665Hurd 6664threats 6664protests 6661threatened 6658wake 6658collective 6655sections 6652unemployed 6652witness 6651expand 6650Ryan 6650crown 6648registered 6648tactics 6648Santa 6645procedure 6643alarm 6642coat 6639designs 6639features 6639wire 6634loving 66331976 6632Owen 6631dismissed 6625diplomats 6623refuse 6623boost 6620Indies 6620accompanied 6619cross 6619politician 6619inches 6613error 6612physically 6611ranging 6604structures 6604rating 6601unfair 6599youngsters 6596represented 6594handful 6590

    bond 658820th 6587boxes 6587rice 6586unexpected 6586Marshall 6583delivered 6581comparison 6580attended 6575strict 6575examine 6568revolutionary 6566transition 6565province 6564heavy 6563duties 6561mistakes 6561stream 6561representative 6560external 6559Mick 6557urged 6556brothers 6554interim 6554riot 6554ingredients 6551item 6548outside 6548stick 6548witnesses 6548forum 6546fought 6544extension 6543rent 6543experience 6542liberation 6542competitors 6541loves 6541ambitious 6535troubled 6534saint 6531Taiwan 6531twin 6528sales 6527specific 6523PLO 6520processes 6519blocks 6515Joan 6514paint 6509laughing 6508proceedings 6508glasses 6506tube 6501evil 6500bottles 6499employee 6499genes 6496trust 6496admission 6493contributions 6493killing 6492

    Lynn 64901974 6487hide 6485signal 6485cameras 6484maintained 6478rounds 6478television 6475consistent 6472satisfaction 6471seeds 64671997 6466investigate 6464guidelines 645873 6452efficiency 6451Coventry 6449exists 6449frozen 6444risen 6443confirm 6441primarily 6441developed 6440investments 6439lifetime 6438discount 6436deadline 6433champagne 6432Bernard 642663 6425medal 6425Southampton 6425feeding 6424activists 6423Switzerland 6422magnificent 6421pushed 6421Julie 6418trapped 6414generations 6409science 6409seventh 6407split 6405imports 6404cake 6402moderate 6402conviction 6400mess 6398debts 6397possession 6395elegant 6391racing 6388Nazi 6382strike 6382recall 6377finest 6376learnt 6376federation 6368demonstrations 6359festival 6358conduct 6357fly 6357

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    lifestyle 6354competing 6351continent 6351bombs 6345terror 6340typically 6338venue 6338delegation 6337champions 6335congressional 6333investigating 6333ups 6333traditionally 6329dawn 6325economies 6325printed 6325Belfast 6323underlying 6323urgent 6320mates 6319rocks 6319visits 6315whites 6315wines 6315Parker 6309crying 6307experiment 6307businessman 6305rumors/rumours 6305shirts 6305disabled 6304Indonesia 6304Korean 6302occupation 6302Geneva 6300performed 6300excerpt 6299gates 6297Johnny 6295fence 6294pays 6293

    NSW 6292carries 6291sexually 6290Atlanta 6289repeatedly 6289sadly 6288lovers 6287square 6287fashioned 6285indicated 62851970 62751973 6275nurses 6272file 6271premier 6267optimistic 6266representing 6266Walter 6266minded 62641977 6262frightened 6260complaint 6259wins 6259Dow 6257miles 6255complex 6253crowds 6253explore 6252servants 6252delegates 6247strip 6245ex 6244qualified 6244recover 6243clinical 6241fabric 6241grace 6240runner 6240press 6239voted 6239Milan 6235

    ITV 6234stared 6233eighteen 6232dozens 6231announce 6229Lisa 6229Marie 6229ranks 6227Spencer 6227darkness 6225instruments 6222pulled 6222reflects 6218tools 6218bridge 6217piano 6217costs 6215grain 6215grant 6215mayor 6212striking 6212soap 6211lap 6208Cambodia 6206relax 6206experiments 6205crop 6203Muslims 6202functions 6201negotiating 6201returns 6201departments 6198diary 6196substance 6194closer 6193rubber 6192eager 6191cleared 6189river 6189Democrat 61871950s 6184

    tries 6184fiscal 6173delay 6172noted 6171immigrants 6168back 6166knees 6166educated 6165tourism 6164clinic 6161issued 6158priced 6158resist 6155worrying 6153smiling 6152station 6152focused 6149visual 6149gas 6148jump 6146foreigners 6144thirds 6144communications 6143result 6141sporting 6140belt 6137suspected 6136trail 6135colleague 6133traders 6129cape 6119regard 6116Warren 61161945 611594 6115rival 6112economists 6111devoted 6108eve 6107discussing 6104

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