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Fashion photography and advertising photography raise the bar of visual representation of a brand with the right photographic essentials.


Fashion Photography Lighting EssentialsFashion photography and advertising photography raise the bar of visual representation of a brand with the right photographic essentialsFashion photography implies a lot more than a whole package of exceptionally shot photos. It is an ensemble of a theme, a story, a product or simply the major elements of fashion that is highlighted in natural or artificial backdrop with just the right exposure to photographic lights.

Expert fashion photographer Dirk Franke says, Fashion photography lighting is as much as an art as is fashion photography itself. Fashion photography has been in high demand in the recent commercial marketing scenario where beauty sells; a beauty that is personified by the charm of the appealing fashion model, fiery or subtle backdrops that are breathtakingly awe-inspiring, the fashion photography lighting angles and a range of lighting exposure, the poses, the color effects and of course, the story that is untold by words but spread through the immaculate images. Fashion photography lighting shelters varied sources of lighting and the use of each of these or a compilation of these is what makes for a killer photograph. Some fashion photographers use continuous lighting, but this can be very heavy and bulky, and has the disadvantage of generating lots of heat, which can be quite unpleasant in smaller spaces. Strobe lights on the other hand are a more practical option that offer a variety of possibilities when it come to manipulating light with umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, colored gels and grid spots.Natural lighting has no comparison, but adjusting natural lighting can be tricky. Fashion photographers manipulate natural light with accessories like scrims and reflectors and sometimes add strobe light to natural lit scenes, thus creating dramatic and unusual effects. Flash meters and modifiers are crucial in adjusting the light in situations like this. Variety is automatically created when you manipulate the original look of a certain scene with the use of lights. Fashion photography is all about uniqueness and class and taking lessons on lighting techniques is an essential step in the much-in-demand career of fashion photography. About

Dirk Franke is a renowned fashion photographer from Miami. He has worked with top brands in his venture with advertising photography and fashion photography. An array of amazing photographs can be seen in his online portfolio.

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