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  • 1. Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing andother fashion item Fashion photography is mostly used for advertisements or fashion magazines suchas vogue, vanity fair, or elle

2. When Done Successfully it embodies the whole fashion atmosphere of the moment and portraitsthe mood of the time in the best way. Production is not easy. It consist of a whole team working behind thescene you also need locations, models, transport, lightning ect. 3. Pursuing a career in fashion photography will give you a chance towork with the finest models and celebrities in the fashion industry. You can also receive great publicity by posting your work inmagazines, and other types of fashion journals. fashion photographer professionals take pictures of models, whichwill be used for web sites, magazines, print ads, and fashion houses. They are also tasked to conceptualize photo shoots that willhighlight the clothing, accessories, and apparels worn by themodels. (promotional photos) The generated photographs will then be used in a variety of digitaland print media. Most of these pictures will be integrated incatalogs, magazines, and advertisements. 4. In order to become a fashion photographer you do not need anydegree or formal training. If you have an aptitude and an interest inphotography, then you can try your hand at this profession. The most important thing to have to break into the world of fashionphotography is to work on building your portfolio. An impressive portfolio is all you need in order to get a good job. You can be freelance or work for someone (an agent). They get paidby the company or agency they work for. Some big name fashion photographers Donald McPherson Nigel Barker- also worked as a judge on ANTM Bruce Webe- Known for black and white photos, also had a longassociation with Abercrombie & Fitch Rankin 5. Some Big Name Photographers Some big name fashion photographers Donald McPherson-known as one of the most famous fashion photographers in Europe.