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Fall Startup Preparations FAS SystemsJuly 16, 2014

Fall Startup Prep - AgendaClientsApplications that support the Fall Registration and Enrollment of a Student.FAS Systems - Production Support & CommunicationsIssues & Remediation

2I. ClientsFAS FacultyStudents: Freshmen, Upperclassmen, Graduate FAS RegistrarOffice of Undergraduate EducationGSASAdvising Programs OfficeWriting ProgramFreshman Deans OfficeFreshman SeminarsLanguage Resource CenterAEO (Accessible Education Office)3CalendarAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberPlacement Exams Departmental Requests IntakePlacement ExamsFreshman InformationCourse Catalog UpdatesPre-Term PlanningAcademic Calendar ConfigRO/HUIT Kick-offCollecting Information, Application Changes, Adhoc Reporting, Manual Data FeedsTestingHUIT Change FreezeAdvising RegistrationCross RegistrationShoppingStudy CardsEnrollment ReportingSectioning4II. Fall Startup ApplicationsMatriculate FreshmenPlanning for Fall EnrollmentAdvising & Placement of StudentsOnline Placement Exams Placement Report Advisor MatchingSetting up of CoursesRegistration and Enrollment

57/20/20145II. Fall Startup ApplicationsA. Matriculate FreshmenCollect data from Students, Admissions, Educational Testing Services. * (May)

Update student record systems Hers1, Hers2 * (May)Hers1Hers2

6* Application to be replaced by SIS7/20/20146II. Fall Startup ApplicationsB. Planning for EnrollmentPreTerm Planning Students select courses that they anticipate taking in the Fall. * (June)TF Allocation Based on predicted and actual enrollments (June Sept)Application Academic Calendar * (May)

7* Application to be replaced by SISII. Fall Startup ApplicationsC. Advising & PlacementOnline Placement ExamsCollect questions and update Online Placement Exam Application (April)Collect and implement business rule changes from departments * (April/May)Registration for Freshmen and Upperclassmen (May Sept)Languages, Math, Writing, SciencesReporting of general data about students * (July Sept)8* Application to be replaced by SISII. Fall Startup ApplicationsC. Advising & PlacementPlacement Report Business rules engine * uses data from standard tests, Harvard placement exams, and courses taken at Harvard to determine: (July/August)

Placement Recommendation for FallLanguage Requirement FulfillmentAdvanced Standing Credits

9* Application to be replaced by SISII. Fall Startup ApplicationsC. Advising & PlacementAdvisor AssignmentCollect Housing Data * (July)Collect Student Preferences Survey Data (July)Match students to advisors based on complex set of 20 business rules * (July)Provide student data to advisors * (August)Open Advising to Students (ANP) * (August)

10* Application to be replaced by SISII. Fall Startup ApplicationsD. Setting CoursesCollect and feed Course Data for Registrars web site and Course Catalog * (June)Assign classrooms * (June August)Collect Final Assessment Information from Faculty * (August)Assign Final Exam Group for each course * (July)

11* Application to be replaced by SISII. Fall Startup ApplicationsE. Registration & EnrollmentRegistrationRegistration of students that they have arrived on Campus * (August)Communications and Notifications *Directory Update *Different content for freshmen, seniors, other upperclassmen, and graduate students. *

University Cross-Registration12* Application to be replaced by SISII. Fall Startup ApplicationsE. Registration & EnrollmentEnrollment in Classes Shopping Days * (August, Sept)Study Card * (Sept)Scanning * (Sept)Sectioning * (August, Sept)Reporting of enrollment numbers * (Sept)Freshman Seminar Registration (August, Sept.)

13* Application to be replaced by SISIII. Production SupportConfigurationAdhoc reporting *Distribution of communications to studentApplication modifications TestingTroubleshooting Running of cyclical jobsDataloads Communication and Coordination with Business Owners and other HUIT departments

14* Application to be replaced by SISIII. Communications

Cross-HUIT - Weekly meeting starting in August. Sponsored by Support Services.Participants: ATS, AcTS, Infrastructure, Support Services HUIT/FAS Bi-weekly meetings starting in July. Sponsored by ATS.Participants: ATS (OPP, CAP), Support Services, ICAPS, FAS RO, Office for Undergraduate Education, Advising Program Office.Issues and Action Items tracked through the Fall Startup DashboardHUIT/RO Kickoff Monthly meetings sponsored by the RO. Participants: ATS-CAP, ATS-Data Services, RO sysops, Support Services. - Detail action items in checklist maintained by RO.Incident Report for Fall Startup - Maintained by ATS-CAP. To be reviewed at Fall Startup Debrief by Mike Burke and Jay Harris.Fall Startup Remediation from 2013 - Maintained by ATS-CAP. Reviewed at Monthly CITPC meeting.15IV. IssuesHighly manual processes, increasing possibility of errors and need for troubleshootingGaps in expertise in outdated technologyPrograms need to be changed and rebuilt because much of the text is hard-coded.Testing Complicated and complex environments, environments sometimes outdated, needs automationRecruitment of students for testing16 IV. Remediation of IssuesImproved communications between HUIT organizations and between HUIT and Business Owners.Detailed checklists of operations and action items with dates and updated statusContract with HERS1 technology expertContacts with Athletics Dept. and APO for larger pool of students.Introduction of join.me for remote student testingImproved staging environment for Faculty UATTracking of Incidents for Debrief at end of the Fall Startup SIS Wave 1Tracking of Incidents for Debrief at end of the Fall Startup17