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<ul><li><p>8/10/2019 Fall 2014 Ush Review</p><p> 1/2</p><p>United States History</p><p>Fall Semester 2011 Study Guide</p><p>1. List some of the advantages of westward expansion for the United States.</p><p>2. The belief that God intended the U.S. to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean was</p><p>nown as what!</p><p>". #hat was the relationship between the completion of the Transcontinental $ailroad andthe Plains %ndians!</p><p>&amp;. 'efine the (orrill )ct.*. #hat were some of the reasons for the increased settlement of the #est!</p><p>+. #hat was the relationship between cattle drives and the development of cities in the</p><p>#est!</p><p>,. #hat was the 'awes General )llotment )ct! #hat impacts did it have on -ative</p><p>)mericans!</p><p>. /ow did the U.S. government attempt to assimilate )merican %ndians into white c0lt0re!</p><p>. ities s0ch as Gar3 %ndiana and Pittsb0rgh Penn. were positivel3 impacted b3 what</p><p>ind0strial process!</p><p>14. #hat happened to )merican %ndians that agreed to go to reservations!</p><p>11. #hat is the difference between a corporation and a small b0siness!</p><p>12. #hat is the difference between a monopol3 and a tr0st!</p><p>1". #hat is Laisse56faire capitalism!1&amp;. #hat is Social 'arwinism!</p><p>1*. 'escribe woring and living conditions for most worers in the late 144s.</p><p>1+. #h3 did the Sherman )ntitr0st )ct fail!</p><p>1,. %dentif3 and describe the vario0s inventions that allowed 0rban centers expand verticall3.1. #hat ca0sed 0rban areas to grow from 1+* to 144!</p><p>1. 7xplain problems that developed in 0rban neighborhoods d0e to %nd0striali5ation.</p><p>24. #h3 did most immigrants d0ring the period of %nd0striali5ation settle in eastern cities!</p><p>21. #h3 was the invention of electricit3 so important in the development of factories!</p><p>22. List some reasons wh3 new immigrants came to the United States.</p><p>2". #hat was done at the immigration station at 7llis %sland!</p><p>2&amp;. 'efine at least three p0sh factors that motivated immigration to the United States from</p><p>1+* to 124.2*. 7xplain where and describe who went thro0gh the two main %mmigration Stations.</p><p>2+. 'escribe the pop0list movement.</p><p>2,. Progressives so0ght to do what!</p><p>2. 7xplain how and wh3 did the P0re 8ood and 'r0g )ct get passed!</p><p>2. 'efine and describe S0san 9. )nthon3 and her infl0ence on the passage of the 1th</p><p>)mendment."4. #hat legislation was passed to mae government more responsive to the peoples needs!</p><p>"1. List the progressive era amendments to the US onstit0tion :1+61; and explain each.</p><p>"2. #hat were referend0ms&lt; initiatives&lt; and the recall designed to do!</p><p>"". #ho was #.7.9. '0 9ois!"&amp;. #h3 did )merica want to become an imperial power!</p><p>"*. #hat events contrib0ted to )merican s0pport for U.S. involvement in 0ba!"+. #ho were the $o0gh $iders made 0p of!</p><p>",. #hat were some of the o0tcomes of the Spanish6)merican #ar!</p><p>". #hat ca0sed the U.S. to become an imperial power!</p><p>". #h3 was President Theodore $oosevelt willing to s0pport the (onroe 'octrine!</p><p>&amp;4. List some iss0es that affected the constr0ction of the Panama anal!</p><p>&amp;1. /ow did the swamp conditions within Panama create problems with b0ilding the Panama</p><p>anal!</p><p>&amp;2. #hat were the fo0r 0nderlining ca0ses of ##%!</p><p>Page 1 of 2</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Fall 2014 Ush Review</p><p> 2/2</p><p>United States History</p><p>Fall Semester 2011 Study Guide</p><p>&amp;". #ho were the )llied Powers in 11&amp;!</p><p>&amp;&amp;. #ho were the entral Powers in 11&amp;!</p><p>&amp;*. #hat was trench warfare!</p><p>&amp;+. 7xplain the vario0s events that led to US involvement in ##%!</p><p>&amp;,. /ow was the U.S. contrib0ting the )llies before entering ##%!&amp;. 7xplain wh3 in 11, President #ilson s0pported involvement in ##%.</p><p>&amp;. #hat were the responsibilities of the #ar %nd0str3 9oard!*4. 'efine omm0nism and give an example of how it affected ##%.</p><p>*1. 7xplain #ilson=s 1&amp; Points and the Treat3 of &gt;ersailles.</p><p>*2. 7xplain the #ar6G0ilt la0se.</p><p>*". The re?ection of the Treat3 of &gt;ersailles reflected a ret0rn to what )merican foreign</p><p>polic3!</p><p>*&amp;. /ow did the U.S. tr3 to isolate itself from 70ropean conflicts after ##%!</p><p>**. ompare and contrasts the foreign policies of presidents Theodore $oosevelt&lt; Taft and</p><p>#ilson.</p><p>*+. #hat was the /arding administration=s view on big b0siness!</p><p>*,. #h3 did )frican )mericans move north!</p><p>*. #hat did the @0 @l0x @lan do!</p><p>*. #hat was the goal of the Pan6)frican movement!+4. #hat was the Lost Generation and who are some of its members!</p><p>+1. #hat did the 1th)mendment do!</p><p>+2. '0ring the 124=s&lt; what was the nation=s biggest b0siness!</p><p>+". #hat did the assembl3 line lead to!+&amp;. List some effects of the $ed Scare.</p><p>+*. #hich movement originated among )frican )merican m0sicians of the so0th!</p><p>++. #hat was the mindset of man3 )mericans d0ring the $ed Scare!</p><p>+,. 'efine -ativism.</p><p>+. 7xplain the connection between the strong feeling of individ0alit3 and fashion of the</p><p>flapper.</p><p>+. #hat was the p0rpose of the -ew 'eal!</p><p>,4. #here did the '0st 9owl occ0r and what were its affects!</p><p>Page 2 of 2</p></li></ul>