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In facebook group posts should be checked and approved by the admin. He must ensure that the content is relevant and useful for the groups. Only after the approval of the admin the post must come to the group member. This slide presentation will show you how enable this feature in facebook. Watch the presentation carefully and more computer support tips is coming from Quatumpcssupport.com.


  • 1.Facebook: Approve post before showing them in your group publiclyYou should enable post moderation feature in facebook to avoid unrelated questions, comments, or even spam messages. This presentation will show you how to do that.

2. Log in your facebook AccountNow go to the facebook in which you have to enable the post moderation feature. Generally facebook groups are found on the left side of window. Many groups may be hidden. You have to click more button to find the groups you are looking for. 3. After reaching the group, you have to click the small gear icon at the top right and this will expand the menu. Now click Edit Group Setting. 4. In the setting page, if you scroll down to bottom you will find the Post Approval option. You have to enable the check box saying that All group posts must be approved by an admin. 5. Finally, click the Save button to preserve the changes 6. Now if a member of the groups posts anything it will not be shown immediately in the group. You have to approve the post that it can be appeared as public in you group. 7. Click the Check box to Approve the post. Now it will appear in the group 8. Thank you for Watching Please Share if you liked ithttps://www.quantumpcsupport.comSOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE https://www.facebook.com/QuantumPCSupport https://twitter.com/quantumsupport https://www.linkedin.com/company/quantum-pc-Support