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This PPT presents the benefits of superfood for maintaining Tridoshas. Visit for more details.


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2. Ideal State Of The Doshas Ayurvedic diet, regular physical exercises like meditation, yoga help to achieve ideal sate of Tridoshas. Ayurvedic therapies aim to balance the Tridhoshas as much as possible. 3. Remedies For Hair Loss Instead of concentrating on the symptoms of the hair loss Ayurvedic doctors emphasis on the root cause. They often recommend high protein diet that comprises milk products, nuts, grains, sprouts, seeds, soya etc. 4. Welcome Natural Treatment No more skin problems as Ayurveda is here for you. So girls say good bye to every skin problems like rashes, pimples, dry skin, razor burn, itching, rashes. And try new and healthy skin treatment instead of using cosmetics. 5. Superfood Superfood may be the newest word to us. These foods are indispensable for maintaining health. Superfood is nothing but the healthy foods which contain mineral, vitamins and other necessary healthy substances etc. 6. Contact Us Dr. Jayaprakash Dharma Ayurveda, Ayirooppara, Thiruvananthapuram, South Kerala, South India Pin:695584 Phone No.- 094 95 669999 Website: 7. Thank you


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