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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>EveryuthEveryuth</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthEveryuth Naturals gives you the perfect blend of a rich, smooth and lively skin leaving you with a natural glow with every application.Natural Skin CareEveryuth</p> <p>EveryuthGives you the perfect glow in just 15 minutesGolden Peel Off Mask</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthPeels away dirt, grime and bacteria from within the pores to cleanse the skinOrange Peel Off Mask</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthPurifies &amp; tones the skin to give a rejuvenated &amp; naturally brighter skin.Aloe Vera Face Wash</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthGives you flawless skin with an oil free, clean and refreshed lookLEMON FACE WASH</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthProvides intensive hydration and revitalizes the skinFruit Face Wash </p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthNourishes &amp; regenerates skin cellsCucumber Face Pack For Glowing Skin</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthRestores moisture balance of the skin Face Wash For Dry Skin</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthNeem extracts purifies skin and prevents acne and blemishes.Neem Face Pack</p> <p>Everyuth</p> <p>EveryuthPapaya Face Pack nourishes your skin and gives you an everlasting glow.Papaya Home Face Pack </p> <p>End</p> <p>Everyuth</p>