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  • 23 October 3 November 2013

    Event highlights at Cambridge Museumswww.cam.ac.uk/festival-of-ideas

  • 10am 4pm, Wednesday 23 OctoberImprints of natureSedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, Downing Street, CB2 3EQUsing the fossil collections as inspiration, join localartist-printmaker Susie Turner to learn how totransform simple drawings of fossilised animals, fishor plant life into colourful original fine art prints.Workshop, Ticketed, Pre-book, 25, email: museumeducation@esc.cam.ac.uk, tel: 01223 333456 or visit: www.sedgwickmuseum.org

    10am 5pm, Wednesday 23 October untilThursday 31 October10am 4pm, Friday 1 November until Sunday 3 NovemberHooked on plantsBotanic Garden, 1 Brookside, CB2 1JEMembers of Cambridge Womens Institute havespent 2013 crocheting plants using natural plantfibres such as bamboo, linen and cotton. Discovercrochet trailing plants and tundra lichen hiddenamongst the Glasshouses real plant collection.All ages, Exhibition, Unticketed, Event free butstandard admission prices to the garden apply

    2pm 6pm, Wednesday 23 OctoberThe Possessed PastMcDonald Institute for ArchaeologicalResearch, Downing Street, CB2 3ERSymposium about the contemporary art exhibitionThe Lost World, curated by Khadija von ZinnenburgCarroll. Focusing on themes of repatriation, colonialhistory, cultural violence and displacement incontemporary art, archaeology and anthropology.Talk, Unticketed

    1.15pm 2pm, Thursday 24 OctoberIts not easy being greenSeminar Room, Fitzwilliam Museum,Trumpington Street, CB2 1RBGreen is a colour with multiple cultural, emotionaland religious associations. Dr Paola Ricciardi exploresthe use of green pigments and mixtures inmanuscript illumination.Talk, Unticketed

    6pm 8pm, Friday 25 OctoberThe Practice Sessions: The Big DrawKettles Yard House and Gallery, Castle Street, CB3 0AQThe Practice Sessions are informal evenings of art making, short talks and discussion for you to sample. Hands on, Talk, 8 Tickets on the door

    Dip into the wonderful world of Cambridgesmuseums and collectionsFor more information about the museums and our full programme of activity please visit:www.cam.ac.uk/museums

    Highlights for adults

    Advance booking is essential on all pre-book events. Bookings open on

  • 23 September. Visit: www.cam.ac.uk/festival-of-ideas or tel: 01223 766766

    7pm 8.15pm, Tuesday 29 OctoberMedical frontiers: the history andfuture of the genomeEducation Room, Museum of Cambridge, 2/3 Castle Street, CB3 0AQKaren McClaren from theWellcome Trust SangerInstitute provides an insightinto the genome projectfrom the early work onmapping and sequencingthe human genome to theimplications of apostgenomic future.Ages 15+, Talk, Ticketed, Pre-book, 5, Friends4, email: info@folkmuseum.org.uk, tel: 01223355159 or visit: www.folkmuseum.org.uk

    7pm 10pm, Wednesday 30 OctoberMuseums showoffThe Great Northern Cambridge, 1-3 Station Road, CB1 2JBMuseums showoff is coming to Cambridge! Its an open mic night featuring a whole bunch ofmuseum enthusiasts talking about the stuff that makes them buzz.Performance, Talk, Unticketed

    1pm 2pm, Thursday 31 OctoberQuantum frontiersWhipple Museum of the History of Science, Free School Lane, CB2 3RHWhat happens to an atom if you keep splitting it?How can philosophy help explain the answer? Thistalk introduces the revolutionary ideas of quantumphysics that describe the behaviour of atoms.Talk, Ticketed, Pre-book, email: hps-whipple-museum@lists.cam.ac.uk, tel: 01223 330906 or visit:www.hps.cam.ac.uk/whipple/index.html

    7pm 9pm, Thursday 31 OctoberNaked: art and anatomyCambridge Science Centre, 18 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BQCan art capture our true selves? Can science help ussee our bodies in new ways? Be inspired and try yourhand at a life drawing class with a techno-twist.Scientists and artists will be on hand to guide youthrough the creation of your own masterpiece.Talk, Workshop, Ticketed, Pre-book, 8 (drawing materials included), email:info@cambridgesciencecentre.org, tel: 01223 967965 or visit:www.eventbrite.com/event/7080071685#

    6pm 7.30pm, Friday 1 NovemberMapping the past: a paneldiscussionThe Polar Museum, LensfieldRoad, CB2 1ERBrought to you by theWhipple Museum andthe Polar Museum. Joinus for a panel discussionof the history and art ofmaps and globes.Ages 15+, Talk, Ticketed,Pre-book, visit:http://mappingthepast.eventbrite.co.uk

    7.30pm 9pm, Friday 1 NovemberTime travelling: an evening withAnna NealeMuseum of Classical Archaeology, Sidgwick Avenue, CB3 9DAJoin us for a glass of wine, acoustic performances, anintimate tte--tte with songwriter Anna Neale andconversation with Dr Susanne Turner, Curator. Explore the tension between the ancient past and thepresent.Performance, Talk, Ticketed, Pre-book, email: museum-education@classics.cam.ac.uk,tel: 01223 330402

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    Highlights for families10.30am 3.30pm, Saturday 26 OctoberWhere am I? Compasses, maps andother useful thingsWhipple Museum of the History of Science, Free School Lane, CB2 3RHDo you know where the Arctic is? Find out aboutsundials and compasses! Drawing, making andhands-on activities throughout the day. Brought toyou by the Whipple Museum and the Polar Museum.Drop in, Hands on, Unticketed

    11am 5pm, Saturday 26 October and Sunday 27 OctoberLighting the nightThe Old Pumping Station, Cambridge Museumof Technology, Cheddars Lane, CB5 8LDExplore how technology broke down the boundarybetween night and day by bringing light into ourlives after sunset.Drop in, Exhibition, Workshop, Unticketed,Event free but standard admission prices apply

    10.30am 12.30pm and 2pm 4pm, Tuesday 29 OctoberAnimal adventurerMuseum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Downing Street, CB2 3DZPick up a map and navigate your way around themuseum. Find animals from all over the world andexamine the creatures that humans depend on.In collaboration with the Museum of ZoologyDrop in, Hands on, Unticketed

    12pm 4pm, Wednesday 30 OctoberLine dancing (mark two)Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street, CB2 1RBFamily drawing workshop to encourage crossing thefrontiers between observation, movement, markmaking and meaning.Hands on, Workshop, Ticketed, Pre-book, email: education@fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk, tel: 01223 332904

    2pm 3.30pm, Thursday 31 OctoberHercules and the quest for thegolden applesMuseum of Classical Archaeology, Sidgwick Avenue, CB3 9DAHear the tale of Hercules labour to fetch the GoldenApples from the Garden of the Hesperides. Theres achance to make a Golden Apple of your own to take home.Hands on, Ticketed, Pre-book, email: museum-education@classics.cam.ac.uk, tel: 01223 330402 or visit: www.classics.cam.ac.uk/museum

    11am 11.45am, 12pm 12.45pm, 2pm 2.45pm, 3pm 3.45pm, Saturday 2 NovemberPerception: more than meets the eyeCambridge Science Centre, 18 Jesus Lane,CB5 8BQDo humans and animals see the world in the sameway? Get hands-on with fun science and art activities,as the SAW Trust builds amazing eye models. Seewww.cambridgesciencecentre.org for more details.Hands on, Workshop, Unticketed, Event free butstandard admission prices apply

    For the full Festival of Ideasprogramme, download thefree Festival app at:www.cam.ac.uk/foi/app or visit: www.cam.ac.uk/festival-of-ideas