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ETNA volcano. FACTS OF ETNA. Name:Mount Etna Latin: Aetna Sicilian: Mungibeddu or 'a Muntagna ) Type: Stratovolcano Age: 500,000 years Location : east coast of Sicily, Italy Last eruption: 2014 (ongoing) Prominence: 3,329.6 m (10,924 ft) Did you know? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ETNA volcano

  • FACTS OF ETNAName:Mount Etna Latin: AetnaSicilian: Mungibeddu or 'a Muntagna)Type: Stratovolcano Age: 500,000 yearsLocation: east coast of Sicily, ItalyLast eruption: 2014 (ongoing) Prominence: 3,329.6 m (10,924 ft)

    Did you know? Mount Etna is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (2013).

    Its fertile volcanic soils support extensive agriculture .

  • ERUPTIONS The four distinct summit craters are: -Bocca Nuova and Voragine (central craters) -Northeast crater -Southeast crater Vertical eruptions pose little threat to inhabitants, however strombolian eruptions, which produce ash, tephra and lava fountains, are also fairly common in these craters.Ash cloud rising from Bocca Nuova crater, July 2011 Ash eruptions from SE crater, November 2006

  • ERUPTIONS The major 20th-century eruptions 1971 - lava buried the Etna Observatory and seriously threatened several small villages on Etna's east flank. 1992 - Zafferana was endangered by lava flow and was saved by a successful volcano control. Unfortunately several homes, fields, orchards and vineyards around the town were completely buried. The eruptions of 2013 were mostly strombolian eruptions.

  • PROBLEMS CAUSED BY ERUPTIONS - ELECTRICITY -Widespread loss of electricity for millions of people because of volcanic ash fall. -Power-generating facilities may shut down during heavy ash fall and may not start again until ash has been removed from the facility

    Immediate ash removal is the best strategy to prevent widespread power outages.

  • PROBLEMS CAUSED BY ERUPTIONS -AGRICULTURE Ash fall can have serious detrimental effects on agricultural crops and predicting the potential crop losses from ash fall is difficult. Fluorine poisoning and death can occur in livestock as the animals eat the ash-covered grass.

  • Ash from Etna volcano on the surface of citrus fruit made it uneconomical to produce juice because it was too expensive to clean the fruit.

  • PROBLEMS CAUSED BY ERUPTIONS -BUILDINGS & COMMUNICATION After an ash fall, removing ash from the roofs of the houses is usually a top priority in order to prevent roof collapse.

    Radio, TV and telephone communications may fail completely in eruption-affected areas. The loss of communications makes disaster, and it is extremely difficult to fix it.

  • PROBLEMS CAUSED BY ERUPTIONS -TRANSPORTATION Ash fall may severely disrupt transportation systems for days, including roads, airports and railways.

    An ash fall of 1-3 mm can seriously reduce visibility, so the airports and highways are usually temporary shut down.

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