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1. Project 1: My Community My CommitmentENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABLE DESIGNBLD60203Group MembersStudent IDAdrian Seow Chen Wah0314331Ho Tze Hooi0314179Ling Siaw Zu0313593Soo Xiao Wen0314130Chan boon Haw0313667Lai Sze Chun0313797Hooi Wei Xing0318523Chang Wei Jian0318252rahmat Aidil Maula0311462Pua Zhi Qin0314073Pua Kai jin0313995 2. 2 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203Content1. 32. Problem statement & 83. Life Cycle 174. Work Progress.................. ......... ......... .......................pg215. Budget & Expenses... ......... ......... ......... ......... ...........pg266. Community Contribution... ......... ......... ...................pg297. Outcome & Result.... ......... ......... ......... ......... ...........pg328. Reflection........... . ......... ......... ................. .......... .......pg419. Reference................................................................pg4310. Attachment...............pg45 3. 3 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203INTRODUCTION 4. 4 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203My Community My Commitment Project ProposalPhoto 1.1: The facade of the orphanageThe concept of environmental-community service is important and has developed in the past few years. There are thousands of organizations all over the world that engage and hold millions of young people all through the world. People of all age groups, with a maximum number of youth are involved in the process of community service.Environmental-community-based organizations include; social service organizations, non-profit providers and associations that engage both young people as well adults as volunteers. The process is beneficial both for the individuals as well as the society. Environmental-Community service can be defined as a service that is performed for the benefit of the public. Environmental-Community service is a commitment. Basically, community service is a way for a person to give back to a community and help them to have a happy life which they live. There are many ways of giving back to the community.My Community My Commitment is a project that aims to instil and expose the young members of society with a strong sense of communal responsibility, engagement and skills. The projects target is to develop the young generation into morally and ethically strengthened leaders who will bring about change utilizing creative and sustainable approaches. 5. 5 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD602031.1 OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT1. To show that recyclable materials is best used to conserve the environment.2. To help the one who is in need desperate need.3. Showing things learnt and used in reality.4. To design an eco-friendly usable furniture.1.2 ORGANIZATIONMany research were performed in order to pinpoint particular organizations that truly were in need of assistance. In conclusion, the organization found and deemed most suitable is an orphanage located in Klang Utama called Klang Utama Caring Center.Most of the children there were abandon by their parents and fortunately it was due to Mrs Maha who is the person in charge that care was able to be provided to the young children such as shelter, protection, love, everyday necessity and a place to call home.Even with our help and assistance, it was lucky that they are others who contributed by donating funds to them regardless of their financial ability, sex, age and status quo. There are still a lot of people who stayed neared the area and even those who lived much further provided their help in different forms. Some gave the orphanage food, some gave drinks, some gave items that were useful and some even gave a helping hand due to the kids being too young to do the various house chores.Besides all this kindness received, Ms Maha's family as helped these poor kids by cooking their meals, washing their clothes and even providing financial aid to buy toys for the children to shower with love, happiness and most importantly, companionship, which is one of the most crucial needs of the children 6. 6 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD602031.3 REASON WHY WE ENGAGED THE SITEA few months ago, near the end of august. One of the houses used as a shelter for the children in Klang Utama Caring home has burned down leaving 41 children between the age of 8 - 21 years old homeless.Because of this unforeseen incident, these poor kids were forced to cram into two small bedrooms as they standby whole a new shelter to be found. On the other hand, the damaged house will need to secure people to help covering the money used for rental and the bills that are projected for the next 12 months.We were motivated emotionally to provide help after hearing the unfortunate news and so we immediately contacted with the home's caretakers (Ms. Maha) to discuss on how we were able to offer assistance to them.With the new information obtained after discussing, we knew that they are going to move into a temporary rental house near the current main house. Because the newly rented house is still new and empty, hence it lacks furniture. So, we provide. 7. 7 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203PROJECT STATEMENT&OBJECTIVE2.1 IDENTIFIED ISSUES ON SITE 8. 8 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203A. Kitchen CabinetPhoto 2.1: Boys dormitory Photo 2.2: Kitchen at the newly rental houseDue to the burnt down boys dormitory, they have rented a house temporary for the accommodation of the boys. As everything was burnt down, no furniture was left and thus they need sponsors for furniture.B. Cabinet under the sinkPhoto 2.3: Kitchen basin areaThe newly rental houses kitchen does not provide the cabinet covering the piping. Without covering it, the kitchen does not look nice and it is also very dangerous; children will be running around and might go inside and play. Thus, a cabinet under the sink is needed before they move in.C. Vinyl Banner Awning 9. 9 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203Photo 2.4: Our group mate trying to fix the problemThe built roof was not sufficient to shelter the kitchen from rain pour as the opening of the kitchen outer faade for ventilation purpose is very huge.2.2 PROPOSED SOLUTIONA. Kitchen Cabinet 10. 10 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203Photo 2.5: Our proposed design for the cabinetA series of kitchen cabinet were actually proposed. We have chosen the best design with the consideration of availability of materials, sustainability, saving cost etc.At the end, we decided to use wine box which can be found from the wine factory and connect it together with plywood as the base. By using wine boxes and plywood we could save cost because it is free, we are reusing the material transforming it from a useless box into a cabinet which can place stuff in it.B. Cabinet under the Sink 11. 11 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203Photo 2.6: Cloth design covering Photo 2.7: Wooden cabinet ideaWe proposed two designs, which are cloth covering and wooden cabinet. After discussing with the care taker and due to sustainability and safety issue we decided to use the wooden cabinet idea.C. Vinyl Banner AwningPhoto 2.8: Banners awning which we can find all aroundBy using Banners as awning we can solve the water splashing in problem. Vinyl banners are made out of PVC and foam coat, which are like plastic; will not decompose itself easily. Therefore we decided to reuse banners for the awning.2.2PROBLEM SOLVINGA.Kitchen Cabinet 12. 12 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203We got wine boxes from factory and we are trying to improvise it into a readymade kitchen cabinet. Before stacking the boxes we designed and made a base using cut pallets as well as plywood. We gone through a period of brain-storming and designing to make sure the base is stable and strong.1. Wine boxes that we bought back. 2. We shellac the surface of the box and sand it.3. Nailing a cute wooden pallet with plywood. 4. Doing a structure to make sure it is stable.5. Arranging the boxes in different ways. 6. Nailing the wine boxes to the base we did.B. Cabinet under the sink 13. 13 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203We are just students and we do not have the skill to build the cabinet in a correct way so we decided to find technician. We raise fund to pay the technician.1. Putting the structure in first. 2. Measuring the length3. Cutting board and screwing in hinges. 4. Screwing hinge to place opening in.5. Ready to be use. 14. 14 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203Fund RaisingIn order to pay the technician for the cabinet, we have chosen to sell goodie bags to raise funds. We managed to reach our target and the extra fund we raised was given to them.Photo 2.9: Goodie bags with snacks for fund raising 15. 15 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203C. Vinyl Banner AwningWe got banners from Taylors and we hang the banners using ropes in order to prevent the water from going in. 16. 16 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203LIFE CYCLE ANALYSISMATERIAL USEDA. Wooden Crates and Pallets 17. 17 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203As can be seen from the table, natural wood has negative CO2 emission per meter square of product. This is due to plants take in CO2 during photosynthesis and therefore CO2 is trapped in the material, which would contribute to green house gases. Moreover it actually reverses global warming by taking in green house gases and releases breathable oxygen.The timber cycle shows that wood itself, a raw material is already the product of itself , without much processing or engineering, therefore having low embodied energy which is environmental friendly and contribute to sustainable build and design. 18. 18 Environmental Sustainable Design BLD60203In the Current end-of-life scenarios for three common constr


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