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July 12, 2012 presentation on eReaders in Public Libraries. Includes a bit about how eInk works as well as what uses eReaders are and could be put to in public libraries.


  • 1. eReaders and PublicLibrariesa GRC presentation by Sarah Felkar July 12, 2012, NCB 293

2. OutlineWhat are they?How do they work?Why are we interested?What are Public Libraries doing?What could they be doing?How can this help you? 3. What are eReaders? 4. How do they work?from: E-Ink Technology: 5. Why are we interested? 6. What are Public Libraries doing? 7. WVML Kindle & Packaging 8. WVML eBook & eReader Wiki 9. Kitchener PLs eReader Help Centre 10. LPL Gadget Event 11. Terrace PL Download station 12. Library Live (LiLi) from FVRLFrom: 13. Origin Instruments, Pagebot: 14. Other ActivitiesLending other eReaders and tabletsInformation SessionsAll day petting zoo open housesInstructional VideosInformation Sheets 15. What could we be doing?Use eReaders as a tool for facilitating ILLReluctant readersLanguage LearningDocument DeliveryStorytime? 16. How can this help you?Digital Literacy skillso Know how to useo Know where to find helpo Learn tricks to help you later onFor those with research in mind:Adoption ratesUsage PatternsUsability and Accessibility 17. What else would you like to know?