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  • Equine BreedsMr. DieckhoffEquine Science

  • Terminology

  • Color PatternsBay brown with black mane & tailChestnut dark brown with brown mane & tailSorrel light brown with brown mane & tailGreyBlackWhitePalomino brown with white mane & tailBuckskin yellow with black mane & tailDun yellow with dorsal stripeRoan mix of red/white or blue/white

  • GaitsWalk slowest, 4 beatsTrot 2 beats, legs are diagonal pairsPace 2 beats, legs are in side pairsCanter 3 beatsGallop 4 beats, fastestRack walking behind and trotting in front

  • Practice Gaits

  • Light HorsesAt least 14.2 hands tall at the withers900 - 1400 poundsMost common type of horse in the United States

  • AppaloosaWell known for speedUsed by the Nez Pence Indians as war horsesOriginated from Spanish horses left behind by explorers

  • ArabianOriginated from Bedouin desertMost ancient breedKnown for strength and staminaSmall muzzleHigh tail settingShort back

  • LipazzanDeveloped in SpainBorn brown or black in colorChanges to white or gray at about 6-10 years of ageFamous as dressage performers

  • MorganDeveloped in the United StatesAmericas first breed of light horseDescended from one horse, Justin Morgan

  • MustangDeveloped by Mother Nature in the Western United StatesNear extinction in 1970Available through the Adopt-A-Horse program from the US Government

  • PaintStock HorseSplotched MarkingsKnown for muscle

  • American Quarter HorseDeveloped in the United States as a race horseNamed for their fast times in the 1/4 mileKnown for speed, strength & intelligenceMost popular horse breed in the world

  • SaddlebredDeveloped in the United StatesRidden by many famous ridersPaul RevereDaniel BooneUlysses S. GrantStonewall JacksonRobert E. Lee

  • StandardbredFastest harness horse in the worldName comes from the fact that the horses must meet a specific standard.Bay, brown or black in color

  • Tennessee Walking HorseOriginated in TennesseePossess a unique running walk gaitVery easy to ridePreferred horse of traveling preachers

  • Missouri Fox TrotterKnown for its unique gaitUsed for pleasure

  • ThoroughbredDesigned to sustain speed over distances while carrying weightAverage 16 hands in heightRevolutionized the racing industry

  • Draft Horse Breeds

  • American Cream DraftOriginated from the mare Old Granny in Iowa in 1911Rich cream color with white mane & tailPink skinAmber colored eyesAverage 1600-1800 lbs.

  • BelgianOriginated in BelgiumAmerican Belgian Association is headquartered in Wabash, IN

  • ClydesdaleDeveloped in ScotlandCommonly bay in colorKnown for four white socks with hairy fetlocksMade famous in US beer commercials

  • FriesianNative to the NetherlandsPrior to WWI there were only 3 sires still aliveKnown for long tail & maneVery calm breed

  • PercheronUnclear originThe oldest equine breedMost popular draft breed in the early 1900s

  • ShireDeveloped in EnglandMost common draft breed in EnglandOnce used to carry knights into battleMostly black with white legs

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