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Enterprising Colleges . Sally Dicketts: Principal. Gazelle Group of Colleges. Twenty like minded colleges who want to transform themselves to help students learn better and become more employable. World changing place Employment will be different and unknown - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Enterprising Colleges Sally Dicketts: PrincipalTwenty like minded colleges who want to transform themselves to help students learn better and become more employableGazelle Group of Colleges

World changing place

Employment will be different and unknown

So we will now need to demonstrate broad portfolio of personal and professional capabilities to engage effectively with others to create value

Agile colleges for agile learnersBrain


Emotional intelligenceLearning requires:The understanding of how our brain works and how we learn is changing!Consistent way of responding to the experiences of our lives. It is governed by specific, identifiable brain circuits and can be measured using objective laboratory methods.Emotional style:Resilience : how slowly or quickly you recover from adversity

Outlook : how long you are able to sustain positive emotion

Social intuition : how adept you are at picking up social signalsEmotional style comprises 6 dimensions. They reflect the discoveries of modern neuro-scientific research:Self-awareness : how well you perceive bodily feelings that reflect emotions

Sensitivity to Context : how good you are at regulating your emotional responses to take into account the context you find yourself in

Attention: how sharp and clear your focus isThe Brain has a property called neuro-plasticity the ability to change its structure and patterns of activity in significant ways not only in childhood but also in adulthood and throughout life.Purpose




Learning cycle

Flip teaching

Learning companies

So what does this mean to our college:A new curriculum paradigm

Re-invigorate teaching & learning and improve the student experience

A vehicle to bring a stronger enterprise and employability focus to our curriculum and establish a differentiated competitive advantage.

Why review the curriculum model Support improvement to student satisfaction, student attendance, student retention and achievement

Seeks to maintain high levels of student supported guided learning whilst reducing overall costs in line with Government funding cutsWhy review the curriculum model

What is it?

Which areas are running the Caring & Health


Business & ICT

Creative Arts

Hair, Beauty, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Leisure, Sports & Public Services

Learning Zones

Week 6 Enterprise & Employability

The Enterprise Cycle

If Enterprise is central to the 4one1 model and key to students developing employability skills, we must live by our college values of innovate inspire and respect.SweetFE represents the difference between running enterprise courses and embracing a business enterprise culture and inspiring entrepreneurship in staff and students.

Shortlisted for the Award in Outstanding Entrepreneurship in Learning and Skills

Learning Companies to which students will be recruited on learning contracts, combining paid work with practice-based education and a variety of personal and team challenges.

Students will be encouraged to negotiate their own journeys through these opportunities, as will be necessary throughout their working careers. Their experiences will build a foundation of entrepreneurial capabilities and achievements, empowering them to pursue successful employment or business ventureEntrepreneurial Colleges, and the Learning Companies that they operate, are designed to mirror the networked, collaborative world that they are preparing their students for.Journey from dependant learner to autonomous employee