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About to complete your University education and contemplating of what you will go for next? Here are some useful tips for enterprising students who aspire to be entrepreneurs.


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2. Errr?Every Presentation Ever 3. Q. What do I know about being aStudent Studying Entrepreneurship? 4. 1Improve My Chances2 Entrepreneur? 5. 3stories 6. My Most Profitable DayI Ever Had In Business.Nerds, Gangsters,Politicians And Planes. The Hardest DecisionYoull Make In Your Life. 7. 1The Most Profitable Day I Ever Had In Business. 8. Age? 9. 8 10. Peoplevs.Situations 11. 10,000 Hours Rule 12. 1 2 3Know Your BasePassion(s) or Skill(s) 13. 2Nerds, Gangsters,Politicians And Planes. 14. End of Year 12 Aspirations 15. Pre University Break 16. Door 17. PassesNetworking 18. Metro 19. Design 20. 12 3Conscious vs UnConscious Learning Some types of learning needsto be done out of the classroom. 21. Book, Textbook or Lecturev Real World Doing Exception ... Now Insights 22. 23. 3The hardest decision youll make in your life 24. Software Company Design AgencySoftware Startup Fitness Startup EventsVenuesT-Shirt Company -------------------------------------Millions T/O But 25. Jack of all Trades Master of None vDont Put all YourEggs in One Basket 26. Funnel In, Fan Out 27. ANDMINE 28. Flash Insights& Game 29. 1234 30. 31. You need to have aClear OfferingAnd Refine FastLean Canvas 32. Team BuildingWork On Not ForService Relationships 33. Social ChannelGrowth HackingVideo SEOZMOT 34. Outcomes? 35. 1 2 3Funnel In, Fan OutFrequently 36. Top 10 Qs Debunked What is my insider experience?How do I get the most of Social Media?How can I do things more Cost Effectively? How to get interest in my Product ?How do I do my Marketing ? How should I build my Website? How to Survive?How to get Leads?How should I price my Product? Is this a good idea? 37. 1 2 3Know Your BaseConscious vs UnConscious LearningFunnel In, Fan Out 38. Thank You 39. Q&A@andmine