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  1. 1. Ensuring Our Clean Energy Future Protecting Progress: IREC 2015 Changing lives. Millions of Americans in nearly every state can more easily, safely and affordably access renewable energy today because of the unique work of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council leading the transition to a clean energy future for more than 30 years. IRECs national leadership advances clean energy regulatory policy and quality workforce development. That protects a rapidly growing industry and consumers. Your organizations support will ensure our continued progress! This is a critical time. IRECs unique work is needed now more than ever. l Working state by state for fair, affordable connection to the grid. l Producing unique independent reports, insight & thought leadership. l Protecting industry & consumers through national education/training standards & best practices. l Working with industry to ensure a qualified, job-ready clean energy workforce, including our veterans. Join IREC supporters protecting progress. IREC counts on public and private funds to produce the success stories weve been at the forefront of since 1982. As some of our historical financial support from federal agencies is sunsetting, we must engage new partners and rely more than ever on non- governmental support. We support IREC because we recognize the value of its critically important work. IRECs unique programs and resources would be at risk without our help, and that isnt good for consumers or our industry. Shaun Chapman VP Policy & Electricity Markets Solar City
  2. 2. Who are the faces of clean energy? From suburban dwellers and farmers to urban business owners and low-income families, the national and state policies and practices IREC shapes determine who will have the opportunity to benefit from clean, renewable energy, and contributes to the confidence theyll have in the clean energy industry. Want to know more about IRECs regulatory policy advances and workforce development successes? One of IRECs Board Members will contact you soon to discuss how your organization can help with a corporate donation or sponsorship. IREC supporters give us the ability to shape positive trends, meet state and federal challenges head on, solve problems and make progress toward a clean energy future. Were committed. We just need you. www.irecusa.org IREC Board of Directors David Warner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Larry Shirley, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University; Jennifer Szaro, Orlando Utilities Commission; Brian Gallagher, Brian Gallagher Consulting; Carolyn Appleton, Carolyn M. Appleton, Inc.; Christopher Cook, Solar Grid Storage LLC; John Hoffner, AECOM; Kenneth Jurman, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals & Energy; Karl Rbago, Pace Energy and Climate Center; Marc Roper, Sovereign Modular; Carl Siegrist, Carl Siegrist Consulting, LLC; Jennifer Somers, formerly, US Dept. of Energy; Jane Weissman, IREC President/CEO Ensuring our Future Protecting Progress: IREC 2015 Corporate Giving is key to IRECs 3-year $5 million fundraising goal in support of regulatory policy advances and workforce development programs. As solars growth brings grid integration challenges and opportunities, we need IREC in more and more regulatory arenas around the country. Borrego Solar directly supports IREC because weve seen how rule-makers respect and rely on their expertise on the vital issues that are reshaping our electricity systems. Dan Berwick, VP Business Development, Borrego Solar


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