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ENGAGING FAMILIES Presented by Becky Leiter, EC Consultant

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Engaging Families . Presented by Becky Leiter, EC Consultant. Welcome!!. Who are we? Supervisors Home Visitors Nurses Family Workers Parents. What is the secret to Family Engagement??????. There is no secret It takes hard work It takes imagination and creativity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Engaging Families

Engaging Families Presented by Becky Leiter, EC Consultant1Welcome!!Who are we?SupervisorsHome VisitorsNursesFamily WorkersParents2What is the secret to Family Engagement??????There is no secretIt takes hard workIt takes imagination and creativity

Relationship Building is the key3Family Engagement/Parent InvolvementParent InvolvementResponsibility of FSWRevolves around outputsPI focus is PC, Parent Mtgs, etcPI collects data about numbers attendingFamily EngagementEmbedded in all staffs workPositive/Goal DirectedOngoing relationshipsImprove services through data4RelationshipsRespect


Understanding5Communication!!Active Listening

Parallel Process

6How we are with families is as important as what we doAttitudes, beliefs and values

Parents perception


7Partnership TalkConversation not an interview

Focus on the family with the conversation

Ask open-ended questions/practice active listening

Attitude of not knowing and wanting to understand

8Partnership Talk ContdEncourage different points of view

Listen to those points!

Share power and knowledgeCollaborate with the family

9Explore Staff InteractionsObserve home visits

Evaluate yourself as a home visitor

Does conversation happen?

Observe body language of all/non-verbal messages10Staff Interactions contdOpen ended questions


Respect for opposing points of view

Acknowledgement of family strengths11What do we want from Families?12What we want from familiesParticipation and engagementInvolved in PlanningConnectionReceptivenessPeer SupportMany others goals can be identified by each program

13What does Engagement Look like in your Program?

14Or does it look more like this?


Do we need to do something different????Include families in the planning

Include grandparents in the activities

Base activities, training, presentations on the Family Goal Plans/Child Outcomes/Family Interests16Relationships

We have talked a lot about relationships

A subject most programs feel comfortable with

What is the next step, how do we evolve to family engagement?

Purposefully planning for family engagement in the program17Action Plan

Handout of simple action planAt your table: identify the problem Create a GoalIdentify some strategies People responsibleWhat outcome do you want18Resources used in PresentationEarly Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC)Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (PCAN)Head Start Performance StandardsParent, Family and Community Engagement Framework (Markers of Progress)Home Visiting the PITC Way (Program for Infant Toddler Care; West Ed)

19Thank you For your participation and sharing of ideas and the hard work and time you put into the program

Contact information: Becky Leiter, EC [email protected]: 717-994-025920