engaging with camp families year-round

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Engaging with Camp Families Year-Round Matt Ragland twitter @mattragland #TriStateCamp13

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This is my presentation from the 2013 ACA Tri-State Conference. I spoke about the opportunities to engage new and existing families with your summer camp, even when it's not the summer! Topics covered include: Blogging, Web Design, Analytics, Social Media, Webinars, and other issues. This presentation also can be re-made to reflect the opportunities available to all businesses as a way to engage customers.


  • 1.Engaging withCamp Families Year-Round Matt Raglandtwitter @mattragland#TriStateCamp13

2. Welcome Assistant DirectorLandlord,TeamHouse.co 3. Time TogetherWhy this WebsitesMatters& BlogsSocial Media Community& ToolsConnectionQ&A + Demos 4. The Power of WhyWHAT HOWWHY 5. Why ThisMattersBecause camp playsa significant role in achilds development 6. Todays buyer is armed with aGrow ing social inuence wealth ofand opportunity, forinformation,better or worsecombined with the experiences ofSocial Proof friends and total strangers onlineFacebook LikesTweets & Re-TweetsReviews on Yelp, Google, & more 7. How YouRecruit, Write, & Speak must Adapt 8. One-Word Equity = Growth 9. One-WordEquityObama 08 Obama 12ChangeForward 10. Whats the Pointof Your Website? Dates & Rates 11% About Us 36% Why Us? 27% Misc Above the Fold Below the Fold 9%16% 89% of clicks above the fold 11. 6 Month Visitor Flow 12. Whats the Pointof Your Website? 1. To learn WHYyou exist 2. To gather information i.e. dates & rates3. To give you money 13. We are in theConnectionEconomy 14. We Needto CreateValuableContent 15. BloggingYou have the opportunity to share helpful, valuable information with thousands of people! 16. BloggingCreate EmailPromoteFollow Up 17. Blogging5 Reasons How or WhyWhat Were ReadingThe Secret to...Videos to Inspire YouHow I Learned to... Expert InterviewsWhat I Learned From...The Magic of...mattragland.com/uses/10-blog-post-frameworks 18. BloggingCreate EmailPromoteFollow Up 19. "You would be interested to know thatyour article Seven Critical CharacterTraits in Growing Children was verymoving to us. In fact, I sent it toseveral of my colleagues that havechildren, and we also discussed it asa family. What you do does make adifference!" - Alan K. 20. Why ThisMattersBecause camp playsa significant role in achilds development 21. Effective SocialMedia UseMost Popular FastestIts Google! GrowingAds & ImpactsPromotions Visual searchrankingEasy toSimple,Sharepushes to FB Links directly 22. Why Google+ Matters 23. WebinarsRecruiting & CommunityReach newLive Q&A sessionsfamilies acrossthe worldWalk parents through the packetDifferent times ofdayWhat to expect on Opening DayNo travelinvolved!Expert guests 24. Podcasts?Heres the bottom line: if you arepodcasting, you are a media outlet.You are a publisher. % of People who have listened to a podcast2012201120102009200820072006 07.5 1522.5 30 Source: Edison Research 25. Tupperware Parties?Moms buy &sell your campSO...Target, Train,Incentivize, &Customize 26. New AdvertisingThese methods are highly targeted, relatively cheap,and can be analyzed for conversions 27. Thanks forbeing here!TeamHouse.co [email protected] @MattRagland828.712.2524 teamhouse.co/aca-tri-state-resources