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"Empower Your Personal Leadership" is an one-day program that focuses on understanding effective management & leadership; assessing own management & leadership style; and establishing SMART goals and plans to strengthen self-management & self-leadership. This is part of DPU's personal empowerment / effectiveness programs.


<ul><li> 1. 2 1 EMPOWER YOUR PERSONAL LEADERSHIP In Ken Blanchards book Leading At A Higher Level, he wrote If empowerment is to be successful, organizations and leaders must develop self-leaders in the workforce who have the skills to take initiative. An organization filled with selfleaders is an organization with an empowered workforce. Ken then reiterated the need to train people on self-leadership, which is about developing individuals to pick up the ball and run with it. He said that individual learning is a key element of highperforming organization and is essential to self-leadership (or as we call it here, personal leadership). People in high-performing organizations are regarded as appreciating assets who grow more valuable with knowledge and experience. They are developed by these organizations through formal training, mentoring and on-the-job support. Ken Blanchard then defined the three critical skills of a self-leader as follows: Challenging assumed constraints. An assumed constraint is a belief based on past experience that limits current and future experiences. Self-leadership teaches the person to let go of the assumed constraints. Celebrating your points of power. According to Ken, there are five sources of power: position, personal, task, relationship and knowledge. The key is to know your points of power, and then expand them. Collaborating for success. This is the time when self-leaders take the initiative to get the directions and support they need to successfully achieve their goals. It is important to maximize the power in you because you cannot lead a team or an organization unless you are able to develop and lead yourself first. To develop your strong leadership is to empower you to enable you to develop or grow the people under your care, who will then help you achieve set goals. Source: http://www.depowerinu.com/blog/2012/10/maximize-thepower-in-you/ </li> <li> 2. 2 1 I learned to identify what I need to improve on and which should I focus on more...I have a better understanding of myself and others. I learned how to build relationships with people that would help me meet my objectives. - AILEEN V, a senior conference producer Most of all, what makes the course really effective is that I see my mentor as a role model. Knowing her journey and relating to her experiences inspires me. I have not only gained new skill and knowledge from the course. Most of all, I found a mentor and sister friend in Elaine. - BERNADETH LUCANAS, former VP, Credit Suisse (Singapore) Why You Should Attend To be successful, you must not only be a manager, you must also be a leader. You have to demonstrate characteristics of both. For instance, managers are focused on operational excellence, while leaders are strategic. Managers manage the change, while leaders define &amp; drive the change. Managers are focused on doing things right while leaders are focused on doing the right things. To effectively manage and lead others, you must be able to manage and lead yourself first of all. This one-day program will help you answer questions like: What are the top qualities of a leader that will propel you to succeed? Why are these leadership qualities important? How can you improve to achieve the top leadership qualities critical to your situation? How can you inspire, influence, energize and lead others? How important is emotional intelligence in leading and how can you become more emotionally intelligent? 2 </li> <li> 3. EMPOWER YOUR PERSONAL LEADERSHIP Key Learning Outcomes Who Should Attend By the end of this one-day program, you will be able to: Leaders at all levels, including Understand the role of a manager and a leader Understand the top qualities of leaders from winning organizations o High-potential team members Come up with a personal action plan to improve on the leadership qualities critical to individual situations o Experienced managers Learn about the power of influencing, communicating and managing stakeholders, and apply in real-life situations Understand the 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence (EI) according to Daniel Goleman, and EIs strong linkage to leadership Assess own EI and come up with a personal action plan to become more emotionally intelligent o Individual contributors o First-time supervisors o Top /senior managers o Business owners Leaders managing or dealing with diverse teams Leaders from all companies and industries, be it SMEs or MNCs About Our Trainer ELAINE CERCADO has over 20 years of successful business, sales and people leadership in Asia-Pacific with top MNCs. Her most recent position was as GM, ASEAN for Eastman Kodak Health Group (now Carestream Health), where she led over 80 fulltime employees based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. She has managed complex businesses and covered dynamic industries including IT, financial, public, entertainment, healthcare, and most recently, management training and consulting. Elaine is ACTA-certified by Singapore WDA (national certification for trainers). She is also PMC (Practicing Management Consultant)-certified by Singapore Business Advisors &amp; Consultants Council. Elaine has MBA and BS Applied Economics degrees. Our programs offer highly interactive learning activities for the course participants to acquire relevant knowledge and skills. 3 </li> <li> 4. EMPOWER YOUR PERSONAL LEADERSHIP dePOWERinU Management Consultants LLP Registration No. T08LL0335D Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 30 Keppel Bay Drive #07-42 Singapore, 098650 Telephone +65 6271 0208 Website www.depowerinu.com Email your queries or feedback to depowerinu@me.com Attention to: Elaine Cercado, Managing Director </li> </ul>