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<ul><li> 1. EMERGING TRENDS AND ISSUES IN HRMby V.KAUMUDI (118W1E0020)A.SANDEEPYA (118W1E0045)V R SIDDHARTHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA</li></ul> <p> 2. INTRODUCTION The real wealth of the nation lies in its people. In the world of human resource CHANGE isconstant. The HR management can negotiate thecompetencies as per the emerging trends. All decisions that affect the workforce of theorganization concern the HRM function. The activities involved in HRM function are pervasive throughout the organization. 3. IMPORTANCE HRM policy enmeshes itself fully with those oforganizational goals. The practice of HRM needs to be integratedwith the overall strategy. It ensures effective use of people and providesbetter returns to the organization. 4. CHANGING SCENARIO HR DEPARTMENT YESTER YEARS:AT PRESENT The communication No more facilitatinglink between the employee appraisals &amp; drawing upand management. increment sheets. Planning employees Respected by the employeescareer, putting businessfor driving culture, learningcontinuity plan, building and development.cultures, systems. By management to reachtheir objective throughcommitted employees. 5. FUTURE SCENARIO HRM outsourcing: A pressure for thestandardization of the HRM practices. The talents are the best and the onlycompetitive advantage in the area of HumanCapital and the processes &amp; procedures aredone by the organization. As Globalization advances the organizationsneed to adapt changes in Technology &amp;changing issues in the management of people. CONTINUED. 6. CURRENT ISSUES EFFECTING ORGANIZATIONAL HR IN FUTURE:1. The corporations of tomorrow2. Information age3. Diversity4. Social ResponsibilityCONTINUED. 7. CORPORATIONS OF TOMORROW:Future is a two fold effect:Generation of employmentIndustrial restructuring A majority of people will be connected to the ITinfrastructure.A learning culture will be festered by the technologies thatserve, entertain and help people to do the work. 8. INFORMATION AGE: Information has heralded a new way ofdoing business. IT has the powerto change the well-trenched businessparadigms.to link and connect people and enable theexchange of products, services and capital. 9. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY1. Acquisition of technology2. Adaptation of technology3. Utilization of technology4. Improvement and development of technology 10. EMERGING TRENDS IN HRMBALANCE SCORE CARD A virtual representation of an organizationsstrategy.SIX SIGMAA project driven management approach toimprove the organizations product, services&amp; processes by continually reducing theDEFECTS in the organization. Emerging concept of 4 Rs among HR managers:Recruiting, Retaining, Retraining &amp; Restructuring 11. IMPACT ON ORGANIZATIONS AND HRM:Political: Increasing dispersal of national power &amp; narrowingof gaps between developed &amp; developing nations.Economic: Increasing gap between poor and richindividuals &amp; increase in state capitalismSocial: Population growth, urbanization &amp; increasingpower of women.Technological: Digitization of work life and lifestyles 12. EMERGING ISSUES IN HRM1. Open communication with employees2. Internal assessment : To communicate problems and issues with management team.3. External assessment : Personal relationship with other organizational members and employees.4. Projections : Economic development, demographic &amp; tends of biological &amp; physical resources are also helpful to managers.5. Improved training &amp; development programs6. Motivating through compensation &amp; benefit practices. 13. CONCLUSIONNew trends in the world of HRare emerging every now andthen and it is extremelyimportant for anybody remotelyassociated with the world ofbusiness to know about suchcontemporary emerging issues. 14. THANK YOU ALL! HAVE A GREAT DAY!! </p>