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<ul><li> 1. Michigan<br />Elsa<br />M.I.C.D.S.<br />3B<br />2009<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Lakes<br />Michigan is the home of three great lakes . LAKE HURON, LAKE SUPERIOR, AND LAKE MICHIGAN.<br /> 3. birds<br />My statebird is a robin. Robins rule! Robins are#1!Robinseata lotI think that robinsarethebest kindofbird.<br />http://www.50states.com/bird/robin.htm<br /> 4. Capital!<br />Michigans <br />Capital<br />Is<br />Lansing!<br />Lansing<br />Is<br />The<br />Best<br />If<br />You<br />Ask<br />Me!<br /> 5. Fun places to see!<br />In Michiganthere are so many funplacesto see likethe sports, sking, camping ,and fishing.<br /> 6. Famous people<br />Thomas Edison is a famous person from my state. Heinvented the lamp and the movie.<br /> 7. Important cities<br /> 8. michigan<br />This is michigan state mammal<br /> 9. reptile<br />This is michigans<br />State reptile.<br /> 10. gem<br />This is michigans state gem<br /> 11. http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/Michigan/MichiganSymbols.html<br />flower<br />This is michigansstate flower<br /> 12. quarter<br />http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/Michigan/MichiganSymbols.html<br />Michigan state quarter<br /> 13. 14. 15. Cool!<br /> 16. Landmarks<br />Michiganis<br />Full of<br />Theaters<br />And<br />Museums<br />With<br />Live<br />Music!<br /> 17. History <br />The British arrived.<br />They found Colonies along the Atlantic coast.<br /> 18. Important cities<br />Lansings biggestcity is Detroit<br />Grand Rapids<br />The capital is Lansing<br /> 19. STATE TREE<br />THE STATES TREE IS A WHITE PINE <br />The state tree is called the Eastern White Pine. <br />It has long pine cones.<br /> 20. WILDFLOWERS<br />The dwarf lake iris is the state wildflower.<br /> 21. Climate<br />The hottest temperature in Michigan was 112 degrees F on July 13, 1936. The lowest recorded was-51 degrees F at Vanderbilt on Feb. 9th 1934. But it is not usually that hot or that cold.<br />Precipitation is usually 26-36 inches a year. The wind blows across the Great Lakes and brings lots of snow to Michigan.<br />There are 57 ski resorts in Michigan.<br /> 22. 23. 24. 25. Native Americans<br /> 26. 27. All About The Author<br />My name is Elsa<br />I have a sister Sophia.<br />I have a brother Bjorn.<br /> I have amom Dee Anne.<br />I have a dad Torbjorn.<br /> 28. Michigan in brief <br />Michigan is cool! <br /></p>