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    c u r r i c u l u m v i t a e | a r c h i t e c t u r a l a c a d e m i c w o r k s | t h e s i s | d r a w i n g s | p a i n t i n g s eleonora_troiani

  • contents

    synthetic curr iculum vitae

    masters degree thesis zooprophylactic inst i tute in Rome| sustainabi l i ty | new mater ials and technologies | bamboo

    architectural academic works church to Pope John XXII I in Mezzocammino | sanctuary | par ish | integrat ion | suburb

    bramantesque nymphaeum in Genazzano | restorat ion project |natural mater ials |access ibi l i ty mult i functional center in Montesacro | executive project | detai ls | construct ion

    mult i functional center near Teano metro stat ion | services | meeting point | suburbsustainable urban planning in Valencia | ecology | reduce | reuse | recycle |recover

    museum of house and design in Via Giul ia | urban void | urban context | history social housing in Viale Trastevere | housing types | current society | services

    drawings and paint ings watercolor penci ls | watercolors | pastel penci ls | tempera | oi l

  • Eleonora Troiani | synthetic curriculum vitae

    email | ele.troiani@gmail.commobile phone | +39 3282041675address | via di Settecamini 35, 00131, Rome, Italynationality | italiandate of birth | 19/11/1989

    11_2014 | licensed to practice architecture | Romeobjective | find a position as an Architect

    work experience 09/2012 06/2013 | external collaborator at Arch. Eugenio Mancuso |Rome 2013 - 2014 | preliminary renovation project for Domus S. Giovanni B&B | Via G. B. Piatti, 25 | Rome

    educational background2008 - 2014 | La Sapienza Universit di Roma | master degree in architecture_110/110 cum laude | GPA 29,2/30 2011 - 2012 | erasmus at Escuela Tcnica Superior de Arquitectura UPV | Valencia2008 | admission to the faculty of Architecture: second place among more than 700 candidates 2003 - 2008 | high school | liceo scientifico PNI Tullio Levi Civita | Rome | 100/100

    awards 2008 - 2014 | Impresa x1000 Ambrosetti | The European House Ambrosetti and the Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri

    del Lavoro. I was chosen as one of the 1000 best students of Italy from secondary school to the end of my university studies. This selection was made to create a network among the most brilliant students of the country, in order to promote ideas and initiatives that can be developed with the cooperation of the European House Ambrosetti.

  • skills computer skills | Microsoft Office | Windows OS | MAC OS computer aided design | Autodesk Autocad 2D-3Dbuilding information modeling | Autodesk Revit Architecture | Graphisoft ArchiCADmodeling and rendering | Rhinoceros | Blender | Artlantis Studio computer graphics | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Indesign

    certifications | certificate of completion - Revit Architecture 2014 - basic course - Autodesk, license 16DEUKT348 | certificate of completion - Revit Architecture 2014 - advanced course - Autodesk, license 1160491374

    languages |italian | native language |english | speak / read / write with good proficiency |spanish | speak / read / write with high proficiency

    volunteer experiences | blood donor at Policlinico Casilino | Retake Roma_non-profit movement that aims to eliminate vandalism, in the form of tagging, stickers and litter, that plagues the city of Rome

    european driving license | B

    other | rhythmic gymnastic | drawing | travelling | skiing | cooking |

  • masters degree thesis

  • Zooprophylactic Inst i tute of Lazio and Tuscany|Rome

    This project comes from many studies and analysis at different scales: from the international rediscovery of poor and natural materials to the urban program and the needs of the population. The research led to this design, conceived with plan shapes typical of the italian tradition and the elevation that discovers curves and features of bamboo structures. With the least possible use of concrete, main cause of the pollu-tion coming from the building sector, pillars and beams are made of culms of bamboo bound together with steel connections, a developed worlds new interpretation of the typical bam-boo connec-tion made of strips of rattan.

  • architectural academic works

  • Church to Pope J o hn X X I I I | M e z z o c a m m i n o | R o m eThis ecclesiastical complex dedi-

    cated to Pope John XXIII is the result of the union of a sanctu-

    ary and a parish. The area is located in a suburb of new

    construction of Rome, where the services are

    very few and ineffi-cient. The objective,

    with the sanctuary, is to bring religious

    tourism to Mezzo-cammino, while

    the parish cre-ates a local

    identity in the neigh-


  • Bramantesque Nymphaeum|Restorat ion project|Genazzano

  • The restoration project of the Braman-tesque Nymphaeum of Genazzano wants to give back its original func-tion to the monument: hosting events. The intervention is made with natural materials, according to the context, and recreates the volumes that have gone lost during the centuries. A ramp allows wheelchair acces to the area, and a platform can be used as a par-terre when theater performances take

    place, or as exhibition space.

  • Mult i functional center in Montesacro|Executive project|Rome

    The executive plan and the sections point out materials, functions, measures, technical systems, equipments and the codes of the technical elements according to UNI8290. The axonometry on the background shows the relative position of those elements in the tridimensional space, to clearly understand the connections and the final result.

  • Mult i functional center | L ine C Metro Stat ion Teano|Roma

    The project is

    a requalification of an abandoned area in the east of Rome. Some services are provided to make the square and the gar-den places of meet-ing and sharing, not just crossing points. The buildings are like urban wings, placed

    there to separate different parts of

    the public space.

  • Sustainable Urban Planning|Valencia

  • Nowadays the uncontrolled growth of the cities

    is strictly related with pollution. A sustainable ap-

    proach is the only pos-sible solution, so urban

    planning has to start from detailed

    analysis. The use

    of water, of energy

    for horizontal and vertical trans-

    port and waste recycling are some of the

    aspects which define our eco-logical footprint. This ap-

    proach, related with a careful study of

    the shape, the height, the green

    areas around the buildings, leads to

    a sustainable urban planning.

  • Museum of House and Design|Via Giul ia|RomaThe project comes from some suggestion of the urban context:

    the axis of Ponte Mazzini and the one of Via Giulia, the network of alleys and the need to fill the urban void

    left by the urban demolitions of the 30s. The side on Via Giulia is the most symbolic

    one, because of the museums plan that keeps an accurate alignment to the axis, while the el-evation proposes the story of the area, with a se-quence of solid-void-solid, adopting the logic of the archeological stratification, typical of Rome.

  • Social housing|Viale Trastevere|Roma

    This project was elaborated to relate with the problem of emergency housing. One of the most important as-pects of the project was to give answers to the needs of different people: families with children, single people, young and elderly couples living together... The solution was introducing different flats, simplex or duplex, lofts and apartments with garden in the complex, according to the same structural module.

  • drawings and paint ings

  • Watercolor and pastel pencils on paper

    Watercolor pastels on paper

    Watercolor and pastel pencils on paper

    Watercolor pastels on paper

    Watercolor and pastel pencils on paper

  • Oil on canvas

    Tempera on canvas

    Watercolors on paper

    Watercolor and pastel pencils on