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  • 1. Electronic Writing Processes

2. Components of Writing O Composition O Transcription History Personal Computer (PC) 3. Use of computers in business writing O Identify, search, record, organize and modify relevant text. O Write, edit and revise the documents. O Used in writing assignments(thesis, proposals, feasibility study, or case study etc) OBut they can never replace poor writing skills 4. Uses: O Note-taking: Skeletonize the notes PC, Laptop or PDA Search and Replace features ( Eg. Replacing J. with Journal after the meeting) 5. Searching O Lengthy Research paper, Long-term project should be stored in database in order to use it in future use as reference. O Report Writing Software Search in the database Join data into one file Organize and Generate daily, weekly, monthly report automatically. 6. Word-Polishing Built in dictionary in word processor Wordhunter- helps you to find right word when you are stumped. founder + of + facebook = Mark Zuckerburg right + side + ship = Starboard Word pronunciation by computer Grammar checking Spelling Checking Spell Checkers 7. Outlining Part of word-processing package or a separate program Outline of thoughts quickly and rearrange the sections rapidly, change levels and so on Import text from other files to the outliner to other files vice versa 8. Changing defaults Word Processing software Enhance document appearance on screen as well as layout Templates Change margin width, heading text, headers and footers, page numbers, tables, font, Correct typing errors: don ; t dont teh the 9. Using multiscreens Split the screen multiple work place Outline in in one window And drafting in another window Searching and replacing Word search and replace Text search and replace 10. Linking Data stored in database shared with another program Statistical Analysis & Graphical Presentation linked to report generating software Adding Attribution Inserting footnote, endnote, superscript number Citation(short note) in picture, graph, text and renumber as well as reposition 11. Using e-mail Quicker to deliver, cheaper to send Instantaneous sending, but may not be instantaneous response Mass distribution of message quickly CC and BCC Recording of sending message Hey John, Do U know what d assignment is about? Can U help me? 12. Using e-mail ( contd.) O Guidelines: Avoid words all in capital letters. Proofread (read for errors) the mail before sending If your message is unusually long, warn your reader early so he or she can decide how to handle it. Use valuable and descriptive subject lines Relevant and valuable to the audience Tone 13. E-mail Use abbreviations such as LOL or smiley :P :D only with your close friends or family Do not forward chain letters or joke-of-the- day to a list of email recipients Keep signature lines brief; maximum four lines 14. Thank You Presented by, Rabin Bhandari


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