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M. aatay TAYREK. Electronic Public Procurement in Turkish Public Procurement System. cagataytasyurek@kik.gov.tr Public Procurement Specialist Public Procurement Authority. Agenda. Turkish Public Procurement System (TPPS). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Electronic Public Procurement in Turkish Public Procurement System

    M. aatay TAYREK

    cagataytasyurek@kik.gov.tr Public Procurement Specialist Public Procurement Authority

  • Agenda

  • Turkish Public Procurement System (TPPS) Turkish Public Procurement Sytem has four historical background dates:1) Auction, Contest and Tender Law no 661 dated 22 April 19252) Auction and Tender Act no 2490 dated 10 December 19343) State Tender Law no 2886 dated 08 September 19834) Public Procurement Law (PPL) no 4734 dated 04 January 2002

    PPL has created an advanced model of international procurement regulations.

  • Turkish Public Procurement System (TPPS) Currently, Public procurement is regulated by Public Procurement Law No. 4734 which entered into force on January 1, 2003.

    One of the objectives of preparing a new law on public procurement was adaptation to international instruments on public procurement (EU Procurement Directives, UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement, World Bank Procurement Guidelines, etc.).

    Public Procurement Law no. 4734

  • Turkish Public Procurement System (TPPS)Main Principles of PPL are;

    Efficient Use of ResourcesTaxpayers Expectations

  • Public Procurement Authority (PPA)

    Public Procurement Authority which is administratively and financially autonomous was established in 2002.The main duties of the PPA are;

    RegulationDispute ResolutionTrainingE-ProcurementGathering Information and StatististicsInternational Relations

  • E-Procurement

    Therefore, E-Procurement has a crucial role in procurement systemSustainabilityEffective Procurement System

  • E-Procurement in Turkey: Electronic Public Procurement Platform (EPPP)Operations that can be performed in EPPP, include publication of contract notices, preparation of contract document by the contracting authorities, downloading of the contract document by economic operators, verification of tax liability, balance sheet and income statement information, social security premium debt information of the economic operators.Electronic Public Procurement Platform (EPPP) became operational on 1 September 2010.EPPP which is one of the most important e-government applications with over 30.000 registered economic operators, 25.000 registered contracting authorities and 400.000 registered users is being continuously improved.

  • Electronic Public Procurement Platform Legal and Administrative Background

  • Electronic Public Procurement PlatformDevelopment Stages

  • EPPP by Numbers

    01 September 2010 31 December 2012EKAPRegistered Economic Operators (EO) + 30.000Registered Contracting Authorities (CE)+ 25.000Registered Users+ 400.000Registered Tenders+ 500.000Contract Notices Published+ 250.000Black List Confirmations+ 1.400.000Contract Award Notices+ 500.000Daily Hit of EPPP90.000Total Number of Visitors+ 40.000.000


  • e-Signature / Encryption / Digitalization

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    Preparation of tender documents:Contracting authorities that are registered on the system started to prepare the tender documents (pre-qualification documents, administrative and technical specifications, the draft contract, framework agreement, individual contract, standard forms) through EPPP. Errors are reduced to a minimum level in the tender documents through automatic checks by EPPP for compliance with legislation.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    Preparation of contract notices:Contract notices beganto be created automatically by the system when the tender documents are prepared by the contractingauthorities.Economic operators have access to contract notice and documentation in electronic environment.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    Downloading of of tender documents using e-signatures/m-signatures:The tender document can be downloaded free of charge via EPPP by using e-signatures or m-signatures,which eliminates the need for economic operators to go to the contracting authorities to purchase thetender document.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    Tender Search Mechanisms:Real and legal persons who wish to participate in tenders may search for tender notices by settingcertain criteria (sector, province, remaining period of tender date and tender type). Also they can be notified instantly via e-mail, about tender opportunities they may be interested in. Citizens can also search for tenders by three different ways according to their needs: Fast Search, Detailed Search and Sectoral Search.They can see tender notices and contract award information of the tender.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    Tender At a Single Glance:Every detail of all public tenders carried out within the scope of Public Procurement Law, such as contract notice, contract document, information about the contracting authority, contract award notice, complaints by dissatisfied tenderers, black list confirmation, contract price and contract lots, can be seen in Tender at a Single Glance webpage within the EPPP.

    Thanks to this, public supervision is ensured in the public procurement system.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    Tender Evaluation Records:Tender evaluation records are preparedby the contracting authorities by using EPPP.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPP

    For Procurement of medical devices, which has been identified as a pilot sector, all procurement procedures including the electronic submission and electronic evaluation stages, can be done in paperless electronic environment.

    Electronic submission of tenders in the pilot sector:

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPPInquiries from related systems:

    Contracting authorities can query tax liability, balance sheet and income statement information of economic operators over the Revenue Administrations system and social security premium debt information over Social Security Institutions system.

  • Electronic Public Procurement Platform Integration of EPPP with Other Institutions:

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPPBlacklist Confirmation and PPA Decisions:Contracting Authorities and citizens Can access to the black list of economic operators and decisions taken by the Public Procurement Board upon complaint applications.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPPSubmission of contract award information:Contract award notices are prepared, published and can be viewed by using EPPP.All notifications can be sent to economic operators through EPPP.

  • Procurement Procedures on the EPPPContract ManagementApplications in EPPP were put intouse regarding contract management issues, such as additional works or services, price adjustment (escalation),termination of contract, issuing certificates of satisfactory performance of the contract in order to collect data on signed public contracts, to do analysis on a sound basis and to digitize contract management process.

  • Benefits (Realized)-1

    Contracting AuthoritiesSavings due to printing of tender documents (yearly)(350.000 tender documents, avg. 50 pages, cost per page0,2 TL)3,5 million TL(1,5 million )Time savings (yearly)(11 person/day, daily cost 50TL, 150.000 tenders annually)82,5 million TL(37 million )

    Contract Value Savings (Contract Value/Estimated Cost Ratio decreased from 81% to 74%, average number of tenders submitted increased from 3.3 to 5.6)Approximately 1,3 billion TL annuallyTOTAL REALIZED SAVINGS (yearly)1,4 billion TL(600 million )

  • Benefits (Realized)-2

    Economic OperatorsSavings due to tender document acquisition (yearly)(350.000 tender documents* document price)54 million TL(24 million )Transportation savings (yearly)(350.000 tender documents* 10 TL/tender document)3,5 million TL(1,5 million )Time Savings (yearly)(350.000 tender documents* 1 man/day*35 TL daily)12,2 million TL(5,5 million )TOTAL REALIZED SAVINGS (yearly)69,7 million TL(31 million )

  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence within the EPPP was put into use in 2013 and instantaneous access to a huge amount of data was achieved. Objectives of the business intelligence are as follows:To gather statistical data about public procurements for the analysis of business processes,To standardize analysis of public procurement data and development of public procurement reports,To retrieve statistical data faster, instantly and up-to-date,To provide procurement data to the other units of PPA in a more efficient way, To provide statistical information within the scope of The Right to Information Law No. 4982 to the applicants,To provide information about procurements to contracting entities, economic operators and public in a visually rich and dynamic way,To improve public procurement processes by employing data mining,

  • Business Intelligence

  • Future DevelopmentsE-Procurement in goods and call-off stages of framework agreements

    E-catalogs and digitalization of procurement items

    E-Contract Management


  • Future DevelopmentsCertification/Registration SystemsSecondary LegislationCertification UnitsAudit MechanismsOther Integrations (such as judicial records)Business Continuity Center/Disaster Recovery Center

  • Integrated Appeal, Review and Board ProjectAppeals will be submitted over EPPP with the e-signatures of the related party.All necessary information rel


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