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  • 1. Election Campaign - as a Cultural Event

2. Outline

  • Basic Information Japanese politics/ US politics
  • Hypothesis Our Purpose
  • Thecomparisonbetween US and Japan - the partysplatform(the policy) - politicians publicappearances
  • The conclusion

3. Japans basic data

  • Leader of the country is the prime minister
  • Voter can NOT choose him/her directly
  • We choose member of house by election, house majority party chooses PM
  • 2 parties / LDP & DPJ based on the same party has still similar policy

4. The USs basic data

  • Leader of the country is President.
  • We CAN choose him/her directly.
  • 2 parties Republican & Democrat has quite difference policy
  • 2 house Senate &House of Representatives

5. Japanese and US Voter Affiliation Public opinion poll in telephone (August 1 st&2 nd , 2009) by Kyodo News Service ( 6. US - Two parties system

  • Republican

Democrats Small gov. Big gov Conservative Liberal 7. Our Hypoth esis

  • Japan Election campaign reflected bygroup consciousness
  • USA
  • Election campaign reflects individualism


  • Case I:The Platform ( Manifesto )
  • United States vs. Japan

9. USAsplatform(2008) Show the individualism Obama (Democrat) McCain (Republic) Strong border regulation Immigration Strong border regulation Immediatelybegintroopwithdrawal . War in Iraq Opposestimetable forwithdrawal . Pro-choice Abortion Pro-Life Cut forthe middle class Taxes Cut forupper class Promote National Insurance Plan; thanks toGovernment support Health Care Promote lower costs; thanks tomarket mechanism 10. Manifesto Japan Lower House Election (August 30th, 2009) LDP DPJ Grantaid (3-5 years old) Children Childrenaid (-12 years old) about 250 $ /per month 2% growthin 2010 latter support small business by the gov support Economy Support small business by gov subsidy Rasing house income 10 thousand $/ year by the gov policy Wages Minimum Wages 10 $/ hour by the law 11. Manifesto Japan Lower House Election (August 30th, 2009) Amakudari ( = government employee leave to go work in the private sector. Showthe group consciousnessin Japan LDP DPJ Up increase tax (after recovery) prohibitAmakudari Financial ProhibitAmakudari 12. How politicians express themselves in public?

  • Case II: How To express themselves
  • United States vs. Japan

The way to Speak 13. American TV 14. Street Speeches (

  • Street Speech is the traditional way in Japan
  • The usually activities in the district for politicians
  • Especially, a lot of street speeches

15. What do you think?

  • Both movies are like atwin
  • Policy: Little difference
  • Speech Manner: Very serious
  • (strict face, policy-centered) -- the symbol of Group Consciousness



The US Election 17. What is debate? with subscript

  • McCain:That, to me, was so hurtful. Obama:Less interested in our hurt feelings... than addressing the issues
  • McCain:you didn't repudiate those remarks. Obama:And 100 percent, John, of your ads 100 percent of [McCain's Ads] have been negative ...
  • Negative Campaign >> Policy
  • How to control the images - in order to get better positions than others
  • The choosing of the WORDS - use criticized, negative phrases

18. Conclusion

  • Difference of Culture -> Difference of Election Campaign
  • Group Consciousness
  • Individualism

Japan United States Partys Platform Just the same Very different Politicans public appearnces Look seriously Look personality 19. Main Reference

  • Kamashima - Media and Politics (2007), YuhikakuWatanabe - Obama and US (2008) , Gentosha
  • and a lot of more in the activities in Japan
  • http://www.bostonherald.com/news/national/politics/2008/bios/view.bg?articleid=1063110 http://www.bostonherald.com/news/national/politics/2008/bios/view.bg?articleid=1063099 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:U.S._party_affiliation.png http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/10/16/politics/2008debates/main4525254.shtml and we check a lot of website and books in the activities in William andMary!!