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Central OEA/NEA's Campaign 2012 Election Special Communique


  • Publication for Members of Central OEA/NEA Scott DiMauro, PresidentCampaign2012 Election Special


    I was sitting recently in a faculty meeting at my high school while the Hu-man Resources Director outlined plans for the pilot implementation of the new Ohio Teacher Evalua-tion System in our district. Many of my colleagues were understandably incredulous at the prospect of having to develop new tests for the purpose of rating teachers and the innumerable ways the new rating formula could be harmful to educators and students alike. I heard sev-eral ask the same question: Who in the world thought of this?

    The answer to the ques-tion is simple: politicians made this happen. Policy changes such as these that threaten to weaken our profession and harm our students are the product of decisions made by elected officials. As we know all too well from last years fight to defeat Senate Bill 5 and the devastating state budget cuts so many of us have felt, political decisions have enormous consequences on our lives as teachers and education support professionals.

    The Real Safeguard of Democracy is EducationScott DiMauro, Central OEA/NEA President

    The choices we make in this election will have far-reaching consequences. Like me, you will make your own decision on each race and ballot measure based on your own values, priorities and personal judg-ment. This special issue of Communiqu is provided to you as a service so that you can make well-informed decisions.

    Voting in support of public education means sup-porting candidates who believe in the transforma-tive power of educators to change students lives and opposing those who demonize us. We need public officials at all levels of government, from the White House to the State-house, who understand the challenges we face and are committed to fighting for policies that keep students

    at the center of reform and provide us with the tools and resources we need to be successful.

    While electing pro-public education candidates is important now, eliminating an unjust election system is also vital in the long run. Issue 2, the amendment to create an independent redistricting commission, is simple, fair, and helps us all. Its simple in that it takes away the line-drawing process from politicians to ensure that voters pick their representatives and not the other way around. Its fair because it requires districts to be compact and competi-tive, not gerrymandered to protect incumbents. And it helps all of us, particu-larly public educators, because

    Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.

    it makes it less likely for extremists from either party to gain control of the Legis-lature and pass misguided policies like SB 5 and bud-get cuts for schools. Please vote Yes on Issue 2.

    The words of President Franklin Roosevelt ring true now as much as they did when he spoke them 70 years ago: Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education. Thank you for your work in safeguarding our democra-cy, and thank you for choos-ing wisely in this election.

    President Franklin Roosevelt

  • Campaign 2012 Election Special


    Tanyce Addison

    Ohio Senate District 26OEA Recommended Candidate

    As a candidate for the Ohio Senate, I have re-ferred to this quote by JFK many times. Courage and efforts are not enough with-out purpose and direction. The purpose and direction of my campaign for the Ohio Senates 26th District is very clear. Its about in-vesting in people. Its about listening to all people. Its about opportunity for all with responsibility from all. I believe in fairness, broad-based prosperity, and mak-ing government work for the people. We need jobs with wages that can sustain a family. I value the impor-tance of affordable higher education and collective bargaining.

    Our forefathers of these United States said that All people are created equal and we should have the pursuit of happiness.

    Choose Wisely: The Ohio Senate

    They didnt want a coun-try with a life-style only for the wealthy or where the vast majority of our citi-zens are just getting by. To achieve this pursuit

    of happiness is through a quality education and health care for everyone.

    The America I know says no matter what color of their skin, socioeconomic situation, or challenges life has brought, every child de-serves a quality education. Quality education demands commitment from students, parents, teachers, adminis-trators, and state funding.The America I know wouldnt deny health care to people just because they could not pay. Health care should be a right, not a privi-lege, to every citizen. I have heard from citizens all over the 26th District and I have gotten the same message: they are tired of politicians who dont repre-sent the people who vote for them. They want a State Senator who will listen to their concerns and will work for them. I want to be their State Senator so we can roll up our sleeves and get to work on the issues impor-tant to Ohioans together; jobs with living wages, quality education and health care.

    In a recent interview for Communiqu, OEA members running for office in Central Ohio, Tanyce Addison, Donna OConnor, Maureen Reedy, and Teresa Scarmack were asked to introduce themselves, describe why they are running for Ohios General Assembly, and discuss their priorities for Ohios public schools.

    Teresa Scarmack Ohio Senate District 20OEA Recommended Candidate

    Students come first and I believe access to an eq-uitable, high-quality public education is the most im-portant step toward ensur-ing a high-quality standard of living for every child in our district. I am a master kindergarten teacher in the Logan-Hock-ing School District who is working to become the new senator in District 20, which includes Fairfield, Guernsey, Hocking, Morgan, Musk-ingum and parts of Athens and Pickaway counties. Ohios elected officials have a constitutional responsibil-ity to provide a high-qual-ity public education for all Ohios students regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status.My aim is to be instru-mental in seeing that such quality public education is guaranteed in our state. Fair funding across the state will allow our teachers and

    schools to pro-vide meaningful education that will lead to safe, good-paying, long-term jobs.

    Furthermore, we must allow Ohio school districts to keep qualified, experienced and

    caring teachers and invest in the classroom so that children have the programs and materials they need to perform well as they con-tinue their education year after year. Leading the way for col-leges to prepare teachers for school assignments and encouraging teachers to excel in their training and professional development, public schools must use re-search to develop excellent programs and opportunities for students.

    As the next state senator for District 20, I will remain a vigorous advocate for quality public education that affords every child ongoing opportunities to create and fully develop their own skills and achieve their potential based on their individual interests and aptitudes. I will stand up for all children, fellow teachers and every public worker in our great state of Ohio.

  • Campaign 2012 Election Special


    Donna OConnor

    Ohio House District 21OEA Recommended Candidate

    Im a Special Education teacher at Dublin Coffman High School, I love the kids that I teach, and I never dreamed Id leave the job I love for politics.

    Im running because we need someone to protect and improve public educa-tion. We need someone who approaches challeng-es as a community leader and will work to put the people of the district first and not political parties. We need someone who is willing to work with others to solve problems.

    We need a school fund-ing formula in this state that is constitutional, fair, and stable. We need a formula that doesnt put more burdens on local property owners. We need a school funding formula that doesnt change every time our elected leader-ship changes. Balancing a budget on the shoulders of

    Choose Wisely: The Ohio House of Representatives

    our students is not what we need in Ohio.

    The financial health of our state is only as strong as our communities and schools. Thats why solv-ing one financial problem only to create another wont protect our schools or improve our economy. We need to keep invest-ing in our kids so they can still ask the questions of How come? What if? and Why not?

    Many elected leaders talk about change- they dont change the world around them- innovation and cre-ators change the world. If we lose out on the opportunities to educate the next generation of innovators, we will lose out on our competitive advantage in this global economy. We need to create an environment for good-paying jobs of the future, and we dont get there by attacking the people who provide the core public services that businesses depend on and look to when decid-ing to invest in a com-munity.

    Who better to make sure we continue to invest in our kids and invest in our future than someone who has been doing that her entire career- a teacher.

    Maureen Reedy

    Ohio House District 24OEA Recommended Candidate

    I am an educator who never would have guessed when I set up my very first 4th grade classroom that I would be running for state office.

    My passion for the past 29 years has been to take the children in my care and work with them to build on their strengths to become the best students and human beings they can pos-sibly be.

    This August, instead of greeting my students on t