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  • 1. Ancient legends tell that many years ago in the city could be seen a mysterious and unknown character.

2. On rainy days when the fog appeared, a silhouette could be seen under the arch of the dried leaves. 3. People who was passing by, heard a strange, sweet melody that accompanied the falling rain. 4. Years passed and people was accustomed to hear the sweet melody. It was part of their life. 5. Surprisingly, a night of full moon the familiar melody began to be heard. 6. To the astonishment of city residents they gathered at the arch of the dry leaves and there, amazed, in the light of the moon they beheld the mysterious figure playing a grand piano. 7. That was the last time they heard the melody. 8. Very sad, full of melancholy, they decided to remember the pianist forever. Next to the arc they built along a beautiful fountain where the water falling eternally sings the sweet melody ... 9. Since then, they often ask: Where will be the pianist? 10. The pianist Il pianista 11. Dopo cinque anni, improvvisamente, alcune persone sentono dire che il pianista stato avvistato in una citt italiana. Suddenly, after five years somebody hears that the pianist has been spotted in an Italian town. 12. Un piccolo gruppo di ammiratori decide di andare in Italia per trovare il misterioso pianista. A small group of enthusiasts decide to go to Italy in order to find the mysterious pianist. 13. Eventually after a long quest they find him in a Mediterranean island. He lives in a house overlooking the sea with a staircase shaped like a piano keyboard. Dopo numerose ricerche lo trovano in unisola del Mediterraneo. Vive in casa affacciata sul mare con una scala a forma di tastiera di pianoforte. 14. The pianist leads a solitary life, he doesnt play the piano anymore, and has become a fisherman. Il pianista conduce una vita solitaria, non suona pi il piano e invece fa il pescatore. 15. His friends decide to approach him and find out that the pianist, when was young, had been under a curse and for this reason obliged to play uninterruptedly for ten years. I suoi amici decidono di avvicinarlo e scoprono che il pianista, da giovane, era stato vittima di un sortilegio e costretto a suonare senza interruzione per dieci anni. 16. His fellow townsmen, before leaving, ask him to perform for the last time but the fisherman, in tears, reveals that he is no more able to play the piano. II I I suoi ammiratori gli chiedono, prima di partire,di fare unesibizione per lultima volta ma il pescatore piangendo confessa di non essere pi in grado di suonare il piano. 17. The End Fine