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T.P. Kailasam has skillfully depicted the minor character of the Mahabharata as main character in his work The Purpose. Lets see how Eklavya emerges as a tragic hero at the end of the play purpose.


  • 1. M.K.BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITYName : Bhumi V Joshi.Roll No : 3Enrollment N0:PG 14101020Paper No :4 Indian Writing In EnglishTopic : Eklavya: as a tragic hero.Submitted To : Department Of English

2. What kind of character is tragic hero ?Aristotle agrees with the conditionof Rather Good Man as idealtragic hero who comes to bad endwith an ideal situations. 3. Nishadha boy who belongto Bhal community.Son of VyatrajHarinyadhary.Aimbition to be the bestarcher . 4. Guru Dronas refusal to Eklavya:1. Guru Drona teaches only to princes Indian caste & creed system where atalented person is not equally seen.2. Though he has impersonal Purpose tolearn archery & has also quality but hecant because of his belonging.3. Guru promise Arjuna that he becomes himthe best Archer of the world.( Partiality) 5. Fast learner than Arjuna. Even though ,he learns himself he embarkedupon a programme of self study in presenceof clay image of Guru Drona. He achieves a level of superiority in archerythan Arjuna. He has no hunger of fame but his aim was thewelfare of helpless fawns residing in forest.In short , he has noble purpose to learnarchery. 6. Seeing his Gurus dilemma,Eklavya willingly gives hisRight Hand Thumb as Daxinato Guru Drona.He has to pay fee because of hisaimbition to learn archery.He becomes a Scapegoat ofdominated of caste hierarchy. 7. Though he has quality he becomes helplesscharacter in whole play. Belonging to the lower class he becomesvictim of domain society. The loyal Eklavya cripples himself, and hehimself reducing his ability as in archer. Eklavya faces all the problems and comes outwith flying colors and emerge as the tragichero of the play The Purpose 8. Because of his own Error of judgement ,he becomes the tragic hero of the play.Because of hissacrificesArjunabecomes thebest archer ofthe world. 9. Only because of his own Error Of Judgment,he suffers a lot .Taking suddenly decision togive Daxina leads him his tragic end becauseno one can take his responsibilities to save hisinnocence animal niether Guru Drona norArjuna. 10. Being a common man Eklavyasuffers a lot . He faces all problemsand comes out with flying colorand emerges as the tragic hero ofthe play: The Purpose by T.P.Kailasam.


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