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Aristotle’s Tragic Hero . Brief Background on Aristotle. 384 BC-332 BC Greek Philosopher Wrote Poetics Analyzed Greek Tragedies Came up with the classification of the “Tragic Hero”. Tragic Hero Element #1. Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises . Must be of noble birth. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aristotles Tragic Hero

Aristotles Tragic Hero

1Brief Background on Aristotle384 BC-332 BCGreek PhilosopherWrote Poetics Analyzed Greek TragediesCame up with the classification of the Tragic Hero

Tragic Hero Element #1Must be of noble birth

Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises With great power there must also comegreat responsibility!-Stan Lee

Tragic Hero Element #2Not perfect! Must have a tragic flawHubris too much pride or arroganceHamartia too much of a defect that can lead to a downfall. Iron Man Hubris

Captain America Hamaritia

If youre writing about a character, if hes a powerful character, unless you give him vulnerability I dont think hell be interesting to the reader. -Stan Lee

Consider: What is Romeos Kyptonite?Tragic Hero Element #3Peripeteria- A reversal of fortune brought about by the heros tragic flaw. Downfall is his/her own faultUsually triggered by some error of judgment

Tragic Hero Element #4Actions result in an increase of self-awareness and self-knowledge.Or discovery must happen for someone else because of the tragic heros fall.

Tragic Hero Element #5The audience must feel pity and/or fear for this character.

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