macbeth: tragic hero or villain?

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Allison Sutton Sami Thomas Tommy Farrell Period 5, Group #3 Jake Ackerman & Ben Russell. Macbeth: Tragic Hero Or Villain?. What Makes Macbeth A Hero?. Won the battle; has military skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Allison SuttonSami ThomasTommy Farrell Period 5, Group #3Jake Ackerman& Ben Russell

  • What Makes Macbeth A Hero?

    Won the battle; has military skillsWe wonder what happens to him and he has the tragic flaw which in his case is ambition Had extreme pride, and when his manhood was being questioned he committed evil actsInherently evilHas great guiltHad to be influenced by 3 things to change his original noble character

  • What Makes Macbeth A Hero?Was named Thane of Cawdor so he embodies nobility and virtueWe can identify with him because his flaws are shared by manyDoomed from the start because of his ambitionFollows the sequence: great, good, flaw, recognition, and downfall

  • What Makes Macbeth a Villain?The influences of the witches and his wife did not instigate his ambition, it had already corrupted his heart from the beginning Doesnt ever right the wrong Took what the witches said too seriousThe witches did not tell him to kill his king that praised him, he made the ultimate decision to commit the evil actWilling to do anything he needs to in order to get to the top (greed)Easily manipulated by things around him and mentally weak because he does not stick to his morals

  • Physiological Reasons Driving MacbethMacbeth was trying to fill a void in his life. He had no compassion from his wife, childless, and only had war to look at or really be involved withFeels like he is above society because of all the praise for his military victory and feels as if he is above society and cannot just be a common person nowHis moral side (super ego) was crippled by his desire to be king His id, which drives him to satisfy his own needs, allows him to murder and commit evil acts

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