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2. Firstworld: France and New ZealandSecond world: China and ThailandThird world: Brazil and Kenya 3. Location: southeast Asia Capital city: Bangkok Currency: Thai baht (THB) Exchange rate: 1.00 EUR=39.7428 THB Languages: Thai Religions: Theravada Buddhism Government: constitutional monarchy King: Bhumibol Adulyadej, known as Rama IX 4. Getting to Thailand- Ticket price:522.01DepartureEKThu, 1-Nov-1212:55 Dublin (DUB)18:40 (+ 1) Bangkok (BKK)1 Stop 5. Link Corner Hostel BangkokiRestCheck-in: Check-in:01/11/1230/11/12Check-out:Check-out:29/11/1227/12/12Number of nights: Number of nights:2827Price: 260.40Price: 369.87/THB14,850Address: 86/7 RatchapraropAddress:155/8-12 Moo.3,rd., 86/7 Ratchaprarop rd.,Aonang, 81000 AonangBangkok, Thailand. Beach, thailand 6. 1.Visit Wat Arun2. Visit Kok Chang (Temple of Dawn)Safari Elephant Trekking, Kata Beach3. Visit Xtrem 4. Visit Koh Tao5. Visit phang ngaAventures, Chalong bay 7. Thenational dish of thailand is Pad Thai Modern Thai pop music, or string pop, is influenced by Britpop and the popular movements of other Asian nations. The wai is the common form of greeting and adheres to strict rules of protocol: Raising both hands, palms joined with the fingerspointing upwards as if in prayer, lightlytouching the body somewhere between thechest and the forehead, is the standardform. 8. Location: east Asia Capital city: Beijing Currency: Chinese Yuan reminbi Exchange rate:1.00 EUR=8.10113 CNY Languages: mandarin Chinese Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese folk religions. Government: single party state 9. Outbound Tuesday, 1 January 2013 FlightPhuketBeijing NoPhuket (HKT)Capital Airport (PEK)17h 55min MU 2592 15:45 10:40Stops: 1Details HKT 15:45KMG 19:30 Boeing 737 Phuket (HKT) Kunming - Kunming Airport (KMG) Economy Standard (X) MU 2592 Aircraft type: Boeing 737 Seat Distance: 81 cm Airline TermsConnection duration: 12:00KMG 07:30PEK 10:40 Boeing 737 Kunming - Kunming Airport (KMG)Beijing - Capital Airport (PEK) Economy Standard (K)Price: 244.57 MU 5701 Aircraft type: Boeing 737 Seat Distance: 81 cm Airline Terms 10. Hai Inn Shanghai Le Tour TravelersCheck-in: Rest Youth Hostel02/01/13 Check-in:Check-out: 31/01/1330/01/13 Check-out:Number of nights:28/02/1328 Number of nights:Address:No.31 Beixin Alley,28Yonghegong Street, Address:No.36, Lane 319,Dongcheng District, Beijing,Jiaozhou Road, Jinan100007 ChinaDistrict, Shanghai 200040,Price: 255.08 euroChina Price: 178.50 11. 2. Visit the1. Visit Yangtze river terracotta army3. Visit The 4. Visit The Great 5. Visit Panda zooForbidden City wall of China 12. Chinese is the worlds longest continuouslyused written language. Chinese Opera has been popular forgenerations. The music includes stringinstruments and high-pitched vocal stylings. China has one of the oldest sporting cultures in the world. There is evidence that a form of association football was played in China around 1000 AD. 13. Location: south western pacific ocean. Capital city: wellington Currency: new Zealand dollar Exchange rate: 1.00 EUR=1.56837 NZD Languages: mainly English Religion: mainly Christianity Government: constitutional monarchy Monarch: Elizabeth II 14. Outbound Friday, 1 March 508.69Total price +2013 VATServicePassengers Net price TaxDiscount Total pricefee1 x Adult 378.00127.19 3.500.00 508.69Total 378.00127.19 3.500.00 508.69Bangkok WellingtonFlight NoBangkok (BKK) Wellington (WLG)QF 24 21:30 19h 45min 23:15 Stops: 1Details BKK 21:30SYD 10:50 Airbus A330-300 Economy Standard (L) Bangkok (BKK)Sydney (SYD)QF 24 Aircraft type: Airbus A330-300 Seat Distance: 79 cmConnection duration: 07:15 SYD 18:05WLG 23:15Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Sydney (SYD) Wellington (WLG) Economy Standard (L)QF 117 Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Seat Distance: 79 cm 15. Base Wellington Empire ApartmentCheck-in: Check-in:02/03/1331/03/13Check-out:Check-out:31/03/1314/04/13Number of nights: Number of nights:2914Address: 21-23 CambridgeAddress: 21 Whitaker Place, Terrace, Wellington, NewGrafton, 1010 Auckland ZealandPrice: 394.86Price: 502.36 16. Flight from auckland to YMCA Christchurch christchurch Check-in:Departure 14/04/13JQCheck-in:Sun, 14-Apr-1328/04/1212:25 Number of nights:Auckland (AKL)1413:45 Address:12 Hereford StreetChristchurch (CHC) Christchurch 8011, P O Box 2004 ChristchurchPrice: 25.368140, Christchurch, New ZealandPrice:263.22 17. 1. Maunganui2. AJ HackettBeach, MountBungy NewMaunganui Zealand3. Visit Cape4. Visit Mount 5. Visit MilfordReinga Cook sound 18. Greetings are casual, often consisting simplyof a handshake and a smile. The All Blacks are New Zealands most worldrecognised national rugby team. New Zealand music has been influenced by blues, jazz, country, rock and roll and hiphop, with many of these genres given aunique New Zealand interpretation. 19. location: western edge of Europe. capital city: Paris currency: euro languages: French religion: mainly Christianity, however religions such as Islam are beginning togrow in France. Government: constitutional republic. President: The president of France isFranois Hollande. 20. Date: 28/04/13CHC 13:30 Christchurch (CHC) AKL 14:50 Auckland (AKL) Connection duration: 04:25AKL 19:15 Auckland (AKL) SFO 12:30 San Francisco (SFO) Connection duration: 03:15SFO 15:45 San Francisco (SFO) CDG 11:10Paris - CharlesDegaulle (CDG)Price: 788.83 21. Grand Hotel Hostel Villa Saint ExuperyCheck-in:Garden30/04/13Check-in:Check-out:07/05/1307/05/13Check-out:Number of nights: 21/05/137 Number of nights:Address:36 Boulevard Jean 14Jaures, 92110 ClichyAddress:22 Avenue Gravier,Price: 30806100 NicePrice:336 22. Htel Balladins CalaisLesconil, BrittanyCheck-in: One month stay with family21/05/13friends.Check-out:Dates:31/05/131/06/13- 30/06/13Number of nights:10Address: Zup Du BeauMarais, Angle Rue Greuze EtRue Salvador Allende, 62100CalaisPrice: 410 23. 1. St Tropez 2. Gorge du Verdon3. Eiffel tower 4.Musee du 5. Visit palaceLouvre of versaille 24. Thenational sport of France is soccer. Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World The French rarely admit mistakes, as theythink its a sign of weakness. 25. Location: Eastern south America Capital city: Brasilia Currency: Brazilian Real Exchange rate: 1.00 EUR=2.62027 BRL Language: Portuguese Religion: roman Catholicism and Protestantism Government: presidential democraticrepublic 26. OUTBOUND - 30 June 201312:10 BOD Bordeaux TAP TP46913:10 LIS Lisbon 2h Overnight stay required 20h 2509:35 (+1) LIS Lisbon TAP TP5915:15 BSB Brasilia 9h 40Price: 731 27. Contemporneo Hostel Pousada MicheleCheck-in:Check-in:01/07/13 15/07/13Check-out: Check-out:15/07/13 31/07/13Number of nights:Number of nights:14 16Address:Rua Bambina, 158,Address:Rua PequenasRio de Janeiro, CEP 22251- Pousadas, Morro de So050, BrazilPaulo, CEP 45420-000, BrazilPrice: 362.60 Price: 487.53 28. Manaira HostelCheck-in:01/08/13Check-out:31/08/13Number of nights:30Address:Rua Major Ciraulo, 380, Joo Pessoa, CEP 58038-290,BrazilPrice: 342.79 29. 1. Sugarloaf2. Iguazu Fallsmountain3. Statue of5. AmazonChrist the 4. Fernando deriverRedeemer Noronha 30. Brazil Nuts are one of the most popular nuts that are eaten all over the world and areproduced by a South American tree. The Brazil soccer team is considered one ofthe best in the world and is continuouslydeveloping the team to ensure that they remain with that status. Brazilian samba is the most famous dance in Brazil. 31. Location: east Africa Capital city: Nairobi Currency: Kenyan shilling Exchange rate: 1.00 EUR=110.128 KES Languages: Swahili and English Religion: protestant and roman catholic Government: presidential democratic republic 32. 19:20-Rio de Janeiro Intl airport (GIG) 10.15-Barajas airport,Madrid Connection duration:10 hr 35 min20.50-Barajas airport, Madrid 22.10- Heathrow airport, LondonConnection duration:12hr 15min10.25-Heathrow airport, London 21:00 Nairobi , Kenya ,JomoKenyatta Intl.Price: 983.81 33. Oryx Hotel chamiachi luxuryCheck-in: apartments ltd02/09/13 Check-in:Check-out: 16/09/1316/09/13 Check-out:Number of nights:30/09/1314 Number of nights:Address: Jogoo Road, 00100 14 Nairobi Address: links road nyali,Price: 453.7688984 Mombasa Price: 540.19 34. New Palm Tree HotelHotel KipepeoCheck-in:Check-in:30/09/13 14/10/13Check-out: Check-out:14/10/13 31/10/13Number of nights:Number of nights:14 17Address: Nkrumah Road, Address: River Road, 80100 MombasaNairobiPrice:403 Price:573 35. 1. Samburu 2. MalindiNational Reserve5. Mount3. Hells Gate4. Lamu IslandKenyaNational Park 36. Thenational dish of Kenya in ugali. Kenya is Africas most popular safaridestination. Kenya is home to a diverse range of musicstyles, ranging from imported popular music,afro-fusion and benga music to traditionalfolk songs. The guitar is the most popularinstrument in Kenyan music, and songs often feature intricate guitar rhythms.