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2. We started our photo trip at our teachers house.She invited us to breakfast. The breakfast was delicious and we eat a lot before our long trip around Mudanya.We bought a gift to our teacher.It was a clock.You can see it in the Photo 3. Hotel Montania is an important place in Mudanya.It is located in Mudanya in a converted French train station, featuring guest rooms with original architectural details 4. In Mudanya there are a lot of olive orchards and many people make a living from olives.They produced olive oil and natural home made soaps. 5. This building was also a part of old railway.Now it was converted in to a restaurant. 6. The shortest and easiest way to get to Istanbul from Bursa is by a ferry from Mudanya.It takes about 2 hours. Dolphins are the symbol of Mudanya.You can see them in the sea from time to time. 7. Mudanya is a seaside town.Here you can see some beautiful seaside views from Mudanya. 8. There are many fish restaurants at the seaside of Mudanya.You can eat fresh fish in all seasons.The last photo is a fish restaurant,too.A ship was converted to a fish restaurant.It is a very popular restaurant in Mudanya. 9. This is a statue of Atatrk.This place is called Atatrk Park.There are trees and benches to sit and relax. This is Mudanyas band they sometimes parade and play their nstruments at the weekends. 10. Armistice house is important in Turkish history because Mudanya Armistice Agreement was signed in this house.At the end of this agreement the Allies left Turkish territory. 11. In the past,many Greek people used to live in Mudanya and many Turkish people in Greece.In 1923 there was an exchange of population.Turkish people transfered to Turkey and Greek people to Greece.Because of this there are many mansions and houses in old greek style in Mudanya.Here are some examples. 12. Although the weather was very cold, we cant help playing by the seaside. We threw stones to the sea and had our photos taken.Unfortunately at the end of this trip Our teachers daughter,Ceyda, got cold 13. The last stop is Star Hill.It is one of the highest point of Mudanya.The view is spectacular. 14. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE TRIP AROUND OUR BEAUTIFUL MUDANYA WITH US